6 Aplicaciones to keep track of expenses

6 Aplicaciones to keep track of expenses

Use aplicaciones to gorcExpense control is a very smart measure if you want to improve your relationship with money, avoid financial out of control, or save.

Technology advances at a dizzying pace and the ideal is that you use it at your convenience, especially in financial matters.

Today you perro manage your personal economy from the palm of your hand, just by downloading applications on your móvil, which is functional, practical and efficient.

Importance of managing your finances intelligently:

Avoid ant expensesdiversify your sources of income, or be more and more thrifty is not an impossible mission.

Especially if you rely on advanced technological solutions that are designed to make your life easier.

This would be the case of aplicaciones forizar control of expenses that you perro use on the electronic device of your choice (iPad, móvil inteligenteetcétera.)

Below we will list six applications that you cánido use to control your personal finances in a fácil, automated and consistent way:


This is one of the aplicaciónps for himtake cost control more recommended for beginners in the field.

In other words, if you have never used applications of this type, and you simply don’t know where to start, you could take great advantage of Goodbudget.

It focuses on the famous “envelope method”, and therefore, its operation lies in creating virtual envelopes in which you figuratively deposit the money you plan to spend per month.

It is easy to use.

It is enough to define the categories that compete financially, such as shopping, services, entertainment, etcétera.

Once you know what you will spend the money on, you will have to write down your expenses manually, which will raise your level of awareness regarding your expenses or money outflows.

It also allows you to manage your income efficiently, which will help you perfect your accounting management successfully.

Advantages of this application:

– It’s easy to use.

It really is very friendly and intuitive.

– After loading the information of your income and expenses, it creates automatic graphs, and categorizes the information professionally.

– It has functionalities based on your location, common expenses, etcétera.

– The information is synchronized in all your electronic equipment.

– You cánido export your data and transactions without problems (in CSV format).


It is considered as one of the best aplicaciones for take awayr controll of expenses and improve the performance of your accounts.

In fact, it is so powerful and effective that large companies, such as Amazonhave established alliances with her.

It is free and offers you very useful services to fully control all your expenses for the month.

One of its most attractive features is that you perro make budgets per project, both in the medium and long term.

Even if you don’t think it’s feasible, this option offers you a broader and more comprehensive perspective of managing your money.

It works as an aggregator of financial information.

In other words, you only have to add your bank accounts, products, expenses or expenses, so that the aplicación perro do its magic later.

fintonic emplees the information that you provide digitally to unify your money inputs and outputs.

Then it categorizes and organizes them, and as if that were not enough, it is capable of offering you recommendations that could successfully bring you closer to your financial goals.

Advantages of this application:

– Customize your financial goals.

– Expense control is precise, deep, detailed and exhaustive.

– Define well your expenses and their possible associated commissions.

– Highlight your duplicate receipts.

– Graph your financial data.

It offers consejos that encourage saving.

One of them is to avoid those “minimum” expenses that silently impoverish you, as would be the case with subscriptions and memberships.


Monefy is another of the takeaway aplicaciones d-controly también expenses you should know about and take advantage of in 2022.

Especially if you want to save more, spend less, or cultivate your financial intelligence with greater certainty.

It is very useful to centralize the information of your frequent expenses.

In addition, it has gained a lot of market penetration thanks to its interesting privacy policy.

Basically, it is characterized by not requesting the linking of your bank accounts, which increases the degree of reliability in users.

Like the previous aplicaciones, you’ll need to upload and categorize your expenses manually.

Therefore, it works as a financial “diary” that will help you be more aware of your recurring expenses.

Advantages of the application:

– It is designed to increase your productivity levels economic.

– Facilitates the management of your personal accounting.

– You perro make money management plans, as well as create budgets, through the aplicación.

– Helps you organize your income and expenses easily and quickly.

– Minimizes your chances of incurring debts because it offers you a panoramic view of managing your money.


If you are looking for aplicaciones to goar withexpense trackers that are effective and powerful, then you should use 1Money sooner.

Simply backlink your bank accounts to start taking advantage of all its services and technological features.

Start by adding your income and expenses, and from that data, the application will create automatic reports with which you will perfectly understand how and what you are spending your money on.

Advantages of this application:

– Its graphs are very informative and easy to understand.

– You have the option to record transactions in multiple currencies.

– Incentive your saving capacity.

– You cánido use it on several devices simultaneously, which makes it a very versatile application.


If you want to improve the management of your finances in an entertaining, fun and fácil way, you should familiarize yourself with Bluecoins.

So far it has helped thousands of people achieve their financial goals successfully, and without incurring in tedious or exhaustive practices.

Therefore, it is one of the friendliest spending tracking aplicaciones you cánido get on the market today (both on the Aplicación Store and on Google plus Play).

Specifically, this finance manager offers you a large amount of financial information that will allow you to manage your money intelligently.

Advantages of this application:

– Presents you with a daily summary of your financial operations.

Either from your accounts or from your associated cards in the aplicación.

– You perro consult the data through graphs.

This option is more visually appealing.

– Provide information about your net worth.

– Helps you understand the concept of cash flow.

– Synchronize information in the cloud.

That way you cánido access it from wherever you are.

Recommended books:


Personnel Capital

Without a doubt, this is one of the most promising spending control aplicaciones of 2022.

So much so that it leads the list of Forbes about the “best financial aplicaciones” of this year.

It is characterized by offering you advanced reports on your income and expenses, as well as offering you a wide range of investment options.

The more you use it, the more chances you’ll have to polish your financial portfolio, and to understand for sure how you spend, or save your money, regularly.

Advantages of this application:

– It has tools that will help you save money in the long run.

– Allows you to create payment plans for settle debts.

– You perro use its investment analyzer without problems.

– It is used to manage and control your flow of cash.

– It offers you real and updated information with which you cánido create an emergency fund.

Manage your money efficiently:

If you dare to use aplicaciones to keep track of expenses, you could notice big financial changes in the short, medium and long term.

Keep in mind that many of these options are free and you perro have them at your fingertips (literally).

In summary, these applications cánido become great allies when it comes to optimizing your income, eliminating unnecessary expenses, saving more money, or settling debts.

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 6 Aplicaciones to keep track of expenses
  6 Aplicaciones to keep track of expenses
  6 Aplicaciones to keep track of expenses

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