52 best Digital Marketing books and

52 best Digital Marketing books and

Do you want to know which are the best? books for entrepreneurs, business and digital marketing From the market?

Today I bring you a selection focused on people who want to grow and learn.

Like you.

Read books on those topics that attract and excite you It is a fantastic habit that will make you a better person and best professional.

If you like to read, you will understand what I say.

Much of the knowledge we acquired from childhood and we manifest later when we become adults, we acquire them precisely there: in books.

Since I started to undertake on the Internet, I started reading some of the books for entrepreneurs that you cánido see below.


Is reading marketing and business books a good way to train?

Of course.

Sometimes understanding little or nothing of what was said there and other times simply reading and besieging my mind to surround myself with all the language of the professionals who work every day in one of the best inventions of the 20th century: Internet.

Today I wanted to bring you a list of more than 50 marketing books.

They are some of the many that I have read and where you will be able to learn from the experiences, mistakes and successes of their authors.

And within marketing and en línea business, there are different disciplines (SEO, SEM, Analytics, Popular Media, etcétera.).

7 best leadership and entrepreneurship books

Among the skills that are assumed for a good entrepreneur are those of being an effective leader and capable of making the right decisions.

All this, from the point of view that most favors its corporate economy and the business strategy in general:

> Rich father poor father

Without a doubt, this book is my weakness, since It has completely changed my mentality and my mental predisposition regarding money.

And I’m not saying it, but more than 1 million people around the world, who have already read this #1 best-selling book in the personal finance category.

robert kiyosaki tells you in this book his own personal story, in which, through the teachings of his “rich dad”, he learns everything he needs to know about financial educationa subject that, incredible as it may seem, is still not taught in schools.

› Mapmakers

Another of those essential books for every entrepreneur… or not, whoever you are, or whatever you do, you must be convinced that the only impossible thing is what you don’t try.

According to the philosophy that Isra tries to instill in us in this book, we are the only creators of our own map to follow in life, since in this era in which we live there is no map to follow.

If you live in a world of excuses and keep putting off your dreams and projects, this should be the book that encourages you to create your own personal and professional map.

> Live without fears

I wanted to include a personal development book among this list of books on marketing, popular media, and entrepreneurs, because I think that one of the factors that hold us all back when it comes to getting everything we equipo out to do is fear.

The fear of making mistakes, fear of not being up to the task, fear of what they will say, fear that it is too late,…

In short, the fear that opposes the other great feeling of every human being: love.

Since I read it several years ago, I have understood through its practical and real assumptions of daily life, that as long as we make decisions based on fear, we will not achieve anything that makes us happy.

› Living without a Boss

How nice the title of this book sounds, right? What if you could finally make it come true?

That great challenge is the one that Sergio Fernández proposes to us again, is that, if you want to be your own boss and never depend on anyone again to tell you what to do, you have to learn the techniques he proposes in this book.

The most curious thing of all is that you will learn from the most frequent mistakes made by all entrepreneurs who begin to develop their own life plan.

› The Soul of Leadership: Discover Your Potential Greatness

It could not be missing among the leadership books Deepak Chopraone of the greatest gurus of personal and professional development in the entire world, who helps to improve the lives of millions of people every day.

In book, it focuses from the professional and work point of view, What techniques to carry out to be a leader total:

  • First of your own soul, after your decisions and finally the leader of your environment.
  • All this without ever losing integrity, the values ​​that made you the reference to follow for other people and also achieving make other people leaders too.

› In a hundred years all dead: Guide to undertake or die… without having done it

If you are thinking of buying a book on marketing and entrepreneurs, but nevertheless you are comfortable with the life you lead and with your typical Spanish schedule as an employee, I do not advise you to read this book.

Its author reviews in this book all those valuable consejos that you will need if you want to equipo up a business for someone else, either because you have a groundbreaking iniciativa or because you want to break with the professional life you lead obey a boss and meet schedules.

From the feeling of fear of failure, to how to reconcile family with your own business, you will be able to see all of this in a practical way in this book.

› Ride it en línea

What many call “the American dream«, is what the author of this marketing and lifestyle book wanted to reflect, but in the Spanish way.

Undoubtedly a revealing book of the secrets you need to know to live the life you want.

But since nobody said it was easy, in the book you perro see the evolution and hard work that you must have in terms of mentality and way of doing things, so that in the end you perro live on passive income and how to earn money through the Internet.

4 best books on Content Marketing

As you know, Blogging and content marketing in general is my specialty, where I feel most comfortable and which I practice in my day to day as a specialist in corporate blog management.

For this reason, I have put together these true “gems” for you, which I hope you enjoy as much as I did when I read them:

› Epic Content Marketing

In the times we are living in, content marketing is becoming a professional specialty where we talk less about commercial content and more about content of value to the usuario.

Telling stories of interest to the objetivo audience has become a more than recommended practice for connect the brand with the consumer potential.

It is about provoking engagement through empathy, humanizing the brand and bringing it closer to the public.

› The Long Tail Economy

Surely if you have a Blog and have been with it for a long time, you know that part of the secret to positioning your content is not so much in targeting high-volume search intentions, but in Long-tail palabras clave.

For this reason, he recommends this reading, which introduces you in a strategic, global and business way, within this business model that, without going any further, is the one with which Amazon itself triumphs.

› Strategies and Content Marketing

Thanks to this recent work by Clara Ávila, you will understand that all the inputs we receive in our day to day, from the time we get up to the time we go to bed are “Content Marketing”.

And when applying it to a business strategy, all the examples of content that the author proposes will give you a much more complete visión of what and how to add value to your audience.

› Content Marketing: Strategies to attract customers to your company

This book of Eva Sanagustin perfectly answers all the questions of those who intend to create a professional Blog and dedicate themselves to what they are passionate about, such as:

  • How to know what, where and when to publish content that makes my audience fall in love to get my goals?
  • How to write content with hook?

9 best books to be a Community Manager

Popular interaction platforms are increasingly present in the day-to-day of companies.

For this reason, with each passing day the figure of a professional Community Manager, who manages the presence of Brands in these channels and manages to attract potential customers, becomes more necessary.

› The Community Manager’s Guide.

Strategy, Tactics and Tools

In this fantastic guide for companies and professionals, its author Juan Carlos Mejía gives you the reasons why you as a professional and your company should have a presence on popular networks.

It is a marketing and popular media book for those who want to start training in Community Management and learn how popular networks work at a professional level.

In turn, it also contains strategies and tactics that you cánido carry out to know how to grow in popular networks and what tools to use to boost that growth.

› The Big Book of the Community Manager

Surely this complete guide from the creator of the trecebits.com portal will be of great help if you want to create a community around your brand.

In addition, in this book you perro find a multitude of resources and techniques used by its author, which will allow you to optimize all your daily tasks of managing your popular channels.

If you also need to give your audience an additional plus, you will learn how to run contests and special promotions on your popular networks.

› The Advanced Community Manager Guide

Almost as a continuation of the knowledge that Juan Carlos shares in his first Community Manager guide for beginners, this book is born with even more advanced techniques and tactics.

A whole manual that I think every popular media professional should have as header marketing bookto consult from time to time.

If you use Fb and Twitter to manage your own personal brand or your business, you will find very powerful strategies that you perro apply starting today.

What are you waiting for to let yourself be advised by an expert like him?

› How to prepare a Popular Media Marketing Plan

Popular Media plan? Almost certainly, despite the fact that most companies today have heard that they should take popular networks into account as one of their main channels of visibility and marketing, surely very few have considered implementing a popular plan. half.

And it is that the authors of this interesting book, make us see the importance of every business having implanted popular media in their DNA.

After reading it, I am sure that your philosophy regarding the world 2.0 with respect to your company will change radically.

› How to succeed in popular networks

If you read “The Community Manager’s Book” and you are convinced of the power of popular networks when it comes to working on your brand and achieving all your goals at a professional level, you cannot stop reading it.

Unlike the previous one, this book focuses more on getting the reader the techniques to follow to get the most out of your popular networks and get quality followers by providing just that: quality.

It is quite incisive and, through a multitude of examples well explained by its author, you will be able to get where you want to be in the en línea world.

› How to monetize popular networks

Generating income and earning money on the internet with popular networks is, without a doubt, one of the objectives of any company that is encouraged to finally have a presence on popular networks.

This popular media book is an interesting guide to avoid making the typical mistakes that every business usually falls into when embarking on 2.0.

In this way you will achieve get the most out of it to them and at the end of that path, monetize them. and achieve all your goals.

› Marketing in popular networks

This complete manual was born with the main objective of being point of reference for small and medium-sized companieswho see it as a first necessity to finally make the leap to the Internet.

It teaches you how to draw up a digital marketing plan from start to finish, carry it out efficiently, with practical examples and the help of the best existing tools.

› Keys to connect with your clients: Fall in love with your clients with the blog and popular networks

This book highlights the importance of having a content strategy that makes you connect with your potential customersgiving them a more professional and close service.

If you are looking for marketing techniques that offer solutions that make your customers sell more, this is your book.

Without a doubt, a digital marketing guide that will get you started from the first moment, with practical examples to apply from today same.

› How to have a Profile 10 on LinkedIn

I’m sure that if you’ve been involved in the en línea and popular media world for a while, you already have a well-optimized LinkedIn profile, but are you sure you’re getting the most out of it?

LinkedIn is a very complex and exciting popular network, in which you perro achieve many of your professional goals, such as connecting and networking with other professionals in your campo and of interest to you.

7 SEO and SEM Positioning books


The essential keys

Due to the boom in the presence of brands, companies and businesses of all kinds on the Internet, the fight to be the best positioned in search engines like Google plus is fierce.

This book espectáculos you what are the basic guidelines and main criteria that Google plus takes to escoge the positioning that it grants to each one of them.

An ideal guide for those who are new to the world of SEO Positioning.

› Advanced SEO.

Almost everything I know about web positioning

If you want to generate and attract traffic to your website, the best way to achieve it is by knowing the main techniques that search engines use to escoge your positioning and that of your competitors.

A good connoisseur of this is the author of this book on SEO, Fernando Maciá, who tells you a multitude of practical SEO techniques so that you cánido apply from today to your en línea project.

› The keys to mastering SEO: Everything you need to know to position a website in Google plus

For those of you who always thought you had to be a computer programmer to control SEO, José has created this complete guide, where he espectáculos you very practical and applicable techniques for everyone.

From web analytics to backlink building, in this book you will find many easily explained consejos on how Google plus works.

Without a doubt, a very entertaining guide if you want to spend part of your free time learning SEO in a fun and entertaining way.

› En línea Visibility: 6 phases for the digital success of your business

Although, as you cánido imagine, appearing first on Google plus is not an easy task for any of the professionals and companies that work on their Brand on the Internet, this book will help you a lot.

Above all, it will help you understand the guidelines and techniques for get en línea visibility and, over time, position yourself in the minds of your objetivo audience, for when they look for products like the ones you offer.

› Position yourself in Google plus (no nonsense): Basic and complete SEO guide

Sometimes, it is convenient for someone to explain things to us with words “for all audiences”, avoiding so many technicalities, especially when we start.

This is exactly what you are trying to do. pau ninjaits author, with this casual book, with plain and fácil language, where he explains how the main factors that help to position en línea projects work.

› Learn Adwords: Put your website to work

Through this digital marketing book you will be able to carry out your first Google plus Adwords campaign for your business.

It is ideal for those entrepreneurs and businessmen who, instead of hiring a trabajo independiente professional or marketing agency, prefer to do the job themselves. management of paid search engine advertising.

If this is your case, you should have it very close at hand, as it will help you throughout the learning process to publicize your products and services.

› Google plus AdWords certification.

AdWords Basics

For those who are preparing to remove the official Google plus Adwords certificationsthis book will come to you like spring water.

It is an extensive guide with all the most typical questions that are usually included in the official exams, so that you cánido practice and pass the first time when you espectáculo up on the day of the exam.

You perro have it as a reference book, if you later manage Adwords campaigns for clients or those of your own company.

16 Best Marketing and Strategy Books

If yours is the strategy and the elaboration of a Digital Marketing Plan or popular media strategy, some of these works will surely awaken your creativity:

› We are all a Little Weird

Is about one of the most classic and best-selling books in recent years, among marketing entusiastas and professionals.

Its author, the well-known Seth Godinwhich tells us how the way brands should do marketing has changed.

Already the mass market does not succeed so general, but the most individual market, where it is intended to reach each individual, with their hobbies, hobbies, passions,… and even rarities.

› Permission Marketing

Again I wanted to bring you another classic among the classics in the world of marketing.

In this 2014 edition of this book by Seth Godin, nothing better summarizes the philosophy that its author tries to instill than this great phrase:

“Turn strangers into friends and friends into customers”

There are great phrases from marketing geniuses, but perhaps this is one of the ones that says the most in fewer words, about the spirit that we must have when it comes to retaining our audience.

› Popular Selling: The new sales tool

The new times inevitably bring with them changes, which make us change our way of doing things.

And the marketing and sales ámbito was not going to be less.

Through this marketing 2.0 book, you will be able to learn all the Popular Selling techniques to attract your customers, when you know that it is on the Internet and makes use of digital channels, such as popular networks and dirección de correo electrónico.

Without a doubt, today you have to be wherever your potential client is.

› Growth Pirata informático Marketing, the Future of Popular Media and Advertising

Many of the stunning and gigantic companies that succeed today in their respective niches, were born one day as a fácil compañia emprendedora made up of several motivated entrepreneurs with excessive enthusiasm.

Examples as well known as Fb, Twitter, Dropbox or Evernote applied several of the Growth Hacking techniques that are exposed in this complete book on marketing and finance.

All of them are summarized in this Growth Hacking guide to “achieve more with fewer resources”.

› Neuromarketing: Why do your clients sleep with others if they say they like you?

When you make a marketing strategy for a clientyou are often sure to wonder if the actions you have planned to carry out will have the greatest impact on consumers.

In order to understand how they think and what needs and desires they have, there is Neuromarketing, a discipline that manages to explain and intuit everything related to the psychology of the potential client we want to reach.

And for this, this book perro be of great help.

› Marketing Management – ​​The Fundamentals of Marketing: Marketing Plan and Strategy

Surely if this book did not provide incalculable value to all the passionate and professional who are dedicated to marketing, it would not be one of the best sellers on the market among directors and managers of companies.

This marketing management book tries to bring us closer his philosophy and way of seeing marketingin a fácil, close way and without excessive technicalities.

We cánido see how to assimilate the essential fundamentals of modern marketing from the point of view of closeness with the client and offering value in all the actions we carry out.

› Succeed with your ebook: How to write, publish and sell your book successfully

In this book, its author Ana Nieto, directivo of the Webempresa 2.0 marketing agency, espectáculos us the complete procedure, from beginning to end, that you must follow in order to sell your own eBook.

All digital entrepreneurs know that, if you want make a living en líneayou must start by creating your own Personal Brand, and then create a community around your brand.

And, finally, retain them with an infoproduct that builds their loyalty.

With this entertaining book you will be able to know, step by step, all the keys and hand tricks of someone who has already gone through that experience of creating and promoting their content, to later sell it.

› Human Media, People in the Internet Age

In this book you will understand and discover the most human part of business. isra garcia It makes you see at all times that business is done between people and not between companies.

If you manage to keep the focus on it, you will be able to succeed both on the Internet and in non-digital businesses.

Besides, has the motivating and disruptive aspecto that its author prints to all his works, something that personally made me read it without hesitation.

› Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Popular World

This is a rather curious book, as it compares the strategy of passionately making your audience and potential clients fall in love with boxing.

As if it were a fight, its author proposes strategies that will make you hit your audience over and over again.

All this so that when they are “cornered”, you deal them the final right hand blow, asking them to leave you a lead on your website, getting them to subscribe, buy from you, or ultimately, achieve conversion.

› Guerrilla Marketing for Courageous Entrepreneurs

In Guerrilla Marketing you will learn, among many other things, that traditional marketing and the tools that were used until a few years ago are not at odds with the new tools 2.0 and up to 3.0 that we handle the new marketers.

Both cánido be integrated to develop a strong work plan and strategy equipped with solid weapons to destroy any competing company, in terms of advertising and visibility.

› Knowmads, the Workers of the Future

Surely you will have been hearing for a long time that digital transformation is changing, albeit very little by little, the mentality of organizations.

To understand this transformation, this book tells you about the changes that are taking place in the tarea landscape, due to the “digital revolution” that we are experiencing in our time.

Undoubtedly, things as everyday as going out to look for work in companies in your ámbito will no longer be done in the same way as before.

› The Art of Getting Started 2.0

If you are thinking of launching your first product or service for sale and you want (obviously yes) to make it a success, you should not overlook one of the best marketing and strategy books in the world. Guy Kawasaki.

In this new 2016 edition of this 21st century classic, you are presented with all the tools you need to undertake in this digital age, turning all your revolutionary ideas into reality.

› Learning from the Best

I have always thought that if you have a project or iniciativa in mind, no matter how crazy or revolutionary it may seem, it does not have to be impossible.

And for this, I have always been inspired by people who have succeeded with things that, at first, also seemed impossible to achieve.

This technique is undoubtedly a good way to awaken your creativity.

It is the philosophy of the author of this book, which contains the story of many of the great entrepreneurs of our time, who with passion and turned their initial iniciativa into a reality that has been able to change many lives.

› Designing the Value Proposition

In this book you will find answers to your eternal question of how to create a value proposition for your customers, that provides them precisely that: value

It teaches you that these must be tangible and quantifiable over time, making them more understandable to them and containing all the tools to achieve the objectives equipo out in this proposal.

› The Lean Startup method: How to create successful companies using continuous innovation

Starting your own business iniciativa and carrying it out from scratch is not an easy task, as you perro imagine.

And it is that the launch of a compañia emprendedora requires strategy, investment and a lot of work.

If you read this book as I did at the time, you will completely change your mentality regarding the business rigidity that we have always seen in all companies.

Carrying out a continuous analysis of the state and evolution of all the factors that intervene in the good (or bad) progress of your business will increase your reflexes and you will be able to apply continuous improvement on time, so that the ship always follows the correct course.

4 Best Web Analytics Books You Should Read

There is no doubt that, within any entrepreneurial, innovative and disruptive project, the analysis of the results and main KPI’s play an essential role.

These works will help you know which are the most relevant metrics according to your objectives and interpret them as a true professional:

› Web 2.0 Analytics: the art of analyzing results and the science of customer centricity

When you carry out certain actions with your company, whether marketing or otherwise, you must bear in mind that all those actions or decisions that you put into practice must be measured.

Measurements will always give you the answer to almost all questions that you consider their effectiveness and which path to take at all times.

Its author is undoubtedly one of the world’s largest specialists in web analyticswith which they make this book a reference manual regarding everything measurable in the field 2.0.

› Marketing Analytics

Strategy and decision making These are two of the handicaps that companies and marketing agencies encounter when carrying out their marketing actions.

For this, this book will be able to give you all the guidelines, advice and procedures to carry out, since Tristán Elósegui has many years of experience in these areas.

you will know all the decision stages your client goes through and you will learn to measure each of them properly.

› The Art of Measuring

Knowing the behavior and knowing how our users navigate within our website is something decisive in order to draw conclusions.

From there, you cánido act accordingly and be able to offer them what best suits their needs.

Through this book you will learn to become aware that web analytics gives you all the keys to be able to get the most out of all your projects, both your own and those of your clients.

› Predictive Analytics

The data and the fact know how to extract insights and analyze them Properly, it is nowadays one of the keys to knowing how to predict the behavior of your users and potential customers.

It is undoubtedly an interesting manual that will help you improve your business decisionswith an advanced level of web analytics focused on winning businesses.

This book is in English, so you cánido also practice your skills in this language.

6 recommended books on Branding and Personal Brand

Working on your own Brand and Networking to create and/or expand your list of professional contacts is essential for any entrepreneur.

And in the same way, enhance the Brand Positioning of your company in order to improve business visibilityis another negotiable aspecto and a ‘must’ on your part:

› Brand You Are

Are you today aware that you are also a brand?

It is one of the questions that you will be able to answer if you read this wonderful book, created from the extensive experience of Eva Collado, an excellent professional in Human Memories, Marketing… and with a great Personal Brand.

Based on her experiences, Eva tells us that each one of us has our own brand and that, working on it conscientiously and always being faithful to your values, you cánido create a solid Personal Brandauthentic and be a recognized professional within your campo.

› Personal Brand (For Dummies)

Without a doubt, if I had to define this book in one sentence, this would be the one that appears on the back cover of it:

“Since they are going to talk about you anyway, at least let them say what you want”

And it is that if you want to create a Personal Brand according to your skills, qualities and talents, you need consejos from other professionals like him, who have created a solid brand after many years of hard work and research on this subject.

With this book you will acquire the tools you need to build a good reputation and avoid typical mistakes.

› 100 things you perro do to improve your personal brand

As its title suggests, in this book you will find 100 things you cánido do to stop making excuses and start working on your own Brand today.

This personal marketing book teaches you that The best investment you perro make is in yourself.analyzing in detail all the actions we carry out during the day.

Without a doubt, everything we do bears our seal and our footprint.

So, wouldn’t it be better to put the 5 senses on it?

> Personal brand.

How to become the first choice

Without a doubt, Andrés takes the concept of Personal Branding to another dimension in this book, which cannot be missing from the library of every professional who intends to work on their Personal Branding and leave their mark wherever they go.

precisely the concept of power leave an indelible mark on people It is what is developed in this book.

A mark that makes you stand out from the rest of the professionals in your ámbito.

As the author himself states, we live in a world that is too homogeneous, in which, if you do not differentiate yourself and contribute something different and innovative, you will be “one more”.

› Expertology: The science of becoming a reference professional

Continuing with the intention of the author that he reflects in his other marketing and personal branding books exposed here, this book was born with the firm conviction that you increase your value as a reference professional.

Precisely being the reference is what you will achieve, through the practical exercises and reflections that its author proposes to us.

After reading it, it will be clear to you what actions you will have to carry out to be the first professional they think of when they want to hire someone with your same qualities.

› BrandOffOn

This book on the behavior and evolution of brands in the modern world, its author andy stalman warns us that in this world of continuous change and evolution, brands must offer something more.

Something that makes brands not only fulfill their classic task of selling their products and services, but rather resolve the problems and doubts of their potential customers and thus make their lives easier.

Undoubtedly, a reading that alerts us to the qualities that a brand must meet to be a benchmark in its ámbito in the very near future.

Information is POWER, become powerful with these books for entrepreneurs!

After having made a complete review of what, in my personal opinion, are the best books on marketing, popular media, entrepreneurs and personal branding, I would like to send you a very personal reflection:

You will be very wrong if you think that if you manage to read several of these marketing books you will have learned everything about all these disciplines.

You will learn all the theories and practices that other successful professionals have carried out, which as benchmarks in their respective sectors, you must take into account when drawing conclusions.

However, my advice is to believe everything and at the same time do not believe anything.

That you experiment, make mistakes, try again in a different way and in the end take the path that works for you (and only you).

And after knowing this list of 50 super books:

Do you think I should include any other marketing books that have liked and is not yet on this list?

I await your recommendation in the comments!

Images (Books) owned by Shutterstock.

Let’s complete the list together, since whoever says 52 says 53… or even 100.

The finality, whatever the number, is in help as many people as possible possible.

That is why I will ask you that if you think that any of these books perro help a friend or family member, share this articulo with them and let us always continue to be learners.

We hope you liked our article 52 best Digital Marketing books and
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 52 best Digital Marketing books and
  52 best Digital Marketing books and
  52 best Digital Marketing books and

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