51 consejos to start your business with

51 consejos to start your business with

Starting a business is not an adventure that everyone perro do. It’s stressful and demands virtually all of your attention.

But on the positive side, it is something that will be a very satisfying professional and personal experience.

Here you have 51 consejos to make your business – be it a physical store or an en línea business – will come true:

1. evaluate yourself

Not everyone has what it takes to start a business. But that doesn’t orinan your iniciativa isn’t brilliant. It just means that you may not have the type of personality required to run your own company.

Before investing your time or resources in researching business ideas, evaluate yourself and see if you have the characteristics of an entrepreneur. Are you motivated? Are you able to adapt and do you have confidence in yourself?

2. develop an iniciativa

Don’t start a business just because something is hot. and you think that by marketing it you will make money.

Develop a business concept that you are passionate about and that ties in with something you have experience in.

From there, Find a product or service that you think cánido improve the lives of other people.

3. Test your credibility

When you have found your business iniciativa, find out how you cánido make it a reality. Is your product or service something that people want to buy or need? Cánido you make a profit by selling it? Does the product work?

4. write a business plan

A solid business plan will be your guide when you start your business. It is also necessary to present it to your investors if you are going to need someone to finance your venture.

Your business plan should include: a summary of your project, a brief description of your business, the service or product that you will offer, a description of your objetivo market, and the costs of the entire operation.

Read the following article to learn more: Learn how to write a successful business plan.

5. Identify your market

Even if you have detected some interest in your business, you should do your homework and Investigate who will be interested in what you sell. If you don’t know your market well, it will be impossible to know how to attract customers.

Read the following article: How to create the profile of your ideal client to sell more.

6. Determine the costs

Do some additional research and Find out what the approximate costs are to start your business. This will not only help you run your business better, it will also come in handy if you need investment partners.

Read the following article from the Pepe y Toño website: How to identify compañia emprendedora capital for your business.

7. equipo a budget

Once you determine how much money you need to start working, find out how much you will need to spend to develop your service or product or purchase your merchandise from vendors.

8. Do you need investors?

To start your business you will need some type of financing, either from your own savings, asking your family, or collaborating with another person to put up the capital.

If you want to be the sole owner of your business, read our article How to get money to start your own business.

But if you prefer to join a partner, You must find an investor who shares your passion and with whom you think you cánido work; do not think only of a person who perro contribute their money to your project.

9. Listen to your investors

If you escoge to incorporate an investor into your business, whether you like it or not, these people will also have something to say about your project. And you need to listen to their advice or suggestions. Although that doesn’t orinan you should do as you’re told.

10. Assemble a support team

You are going to invest a lot of your time and resources in this process. So make sure your family is on board. They must be aware that the road will be full of financial and emotional challenges.

eleven. Determine the legal structure

Escoge what legal form your company will have: individual entrepreneur, public limited company, limited company, etcétera.

Consult this with a lawyer or look for more information on the Internet to choose the one that best suits you.

12. Choose a business name

A good business name is essential for your customers to know you. So escoge what your company will be called.

Read the article How to choose the best names for your business to learn how to create one for your business.

After that, check if the domain name is available If you want to create a website for your business.

13. Register your business name

If your name is available, you must register it with the patent and trademark office in your country.

Learn how to do it in this article: How to patent your product or brand step by step.

14. Use free resources to start your business

There are numerous institutions, organizations, associations, and universities that cánido offer you free resources such as advice, training, and assistance to start your business.

Check out these sources to make sure you have everything you need to start your business successfully.

fifteen. Determine what taxes you will pay

Although no one likes it Checking what types of taxes must be paid is a must. You cánido consult this procedure on the website of your government or of the responsible institutions, or by going to town halls or ministries in your country.

16. Find out what permits and licenses you need

Depending on the business you want to start, and how you want to do it (en línea or sin conexión), You will need certain general and specific permits and licenses.

For example, if you want to open a lugar de comidas, in addition to the licenses required by a habitual business, you will also have to request special permits to serve meals, alcoholic beverages…

17. Hire an insurance

A business is one more property; and valuable property (such as your house or car) must have insurance in case something goes wrong. Your business will also need one in case it gets stolen, some tragedy happens like a fire, etcétera.

But also remember that if you are going to hire employees to work for you, they must also be insured in case of occupational accidents in the workplace.

18. Don’t forget accounting!

If you have enough budget, it is best that hire an accountant to control the numbers of your business. But if your capital is not enough, be sure to equipo the fiscal year of your business and keep a book of records of economic transactions.

19. Choose a location

here first of all You should think about whether your business is going to be physical or en línea; For the first, choosing a good site is essential: it must be a place that is accessible to your potential customers, but also where there is not much competition and that allows you to expand your space in the future.

An en línea business, on the other hand, perro be started from your own home or even rent a small office for it.

twenty. Don’t worry about an office

Many businesses have physical premises for sales and an office elsewhere for administrative tasks.

But if at first you do not generate enough benefits, do not worry: equipo up a small place in your business for the negotiations or do it in your own home.

twenty-one. A patent perro wait

If you are going to sell a product created by yourself, patenting it perro cost you hundreds of dollars. Don’t do this until you have a few really interested customers willing to pay for your item.

22. Be maleable

Your original business iniciativa will probably need to be modified at some point.

AND you must be prepared to change it and adapt to create what buyers want. This will determine the failure or success of your company.

23. Share your ideas with friends and family

Those closest to you will be the people who perro give you the most honest opinion about your project (sometimes, they will be too honest).

If you trust them enough and they support you, don’t hesitate to ask them for advice or suggestions.

24. Don’t pay attention to the haters

The hatersin Spanish, would be something like “the haters”, those negative – and toxic – people who only know the word “no”. So don’t listen to them.

Constructive criticism is one thing. those people who tell you what is wrong to improve it, and another is the people who only criticize you because deep down they are envious of your courage to face something new.

25. Do not be angry

If your iniciativa is rejected by consumers or investors, don’t succumb to anger.

Find out what they don’t like, make adjustments, and come back to them when you have the changes.

It may be that the moment was not the most appropriate to present your product to them.

26. Make your product or service known quickly

Your business is a work in progress and if you launch your product or service fast, you will be able to build a community of consumers who cánido give you valuable retroalimentación to improve your merchandise.

27. Offer new products or services

When you open the doors of your business and you already have customers, make sure you retain them by launching new products or services.

28. Be patient

Always keep in mind that success will not come to you overnight. It will take a while until you start generating profits and your products or services are known.

29. give more at first

When you get your first clients, make sure you go above and beyond what you promise in the first month.

If they are more than satisfied with you and your business, you will have loyal customers for the rest of your life.

30. Create a blog and write non-stop

Even if you have a physical business, it is a good iniciativa to create a web page for this and include your own blog on it where you talk about your business and your products or services.

Do not be ashamed to share your triumphs and your struggles in this space. Your clients will enjoy your honesty.

31. Avoid fights with your partners

If you have finally decided to start a business with a partner, and you have disagreements, Look for solutions to fix those problems. (even if you need to get rid of it, do it).

Internal disputes will only slow down the growth of your company.

32. Don’t focus on total control

When you have a partner or an investor involved in a company, at some point or another they will demand control over certain aspects in which they have invested.

Do not worry, recognize this situation, and give in to it a little. Accept it and move on.

33. Hire a copywriter

Unless you’re an excellent writer, you must hire a copywriter that composes the correos electrónicos or promotions addressed to your potential customers.

A copywriter He is a copywriter who writes persuasive texts that will engage your audience, and hiring this professional cánido be useful for launching press releases and other texts that help spread the word about your brand or provide updates about your business.

A good example of this type of professional is Maider Tomasena, one of the best copywriter that currently exists in Spain.


4. Prepare for meetings

Whatever your type of business, surely you should have periodic meetings either with a client, your investors, or even with your suppliers.

So make sure you prepare these occasions well preparing in an organized way all the information that you will need to present to the other person.

35. Do not fear your competitors

Don’t talk bad about your competitors when you’re with your partners or customers. It is not necessary to make yourself into a worthwhile object.

In fact, talking about your competition like this perro even direct your buyers to a competitor who sells a more attractive product or service than yours.

Remember: if there is competition, there is a market for your business.

36. Take advantage of word of mouth

There is nothing better than word of mouth marketing.

Let your family, friends and acquaintances talk about your business to expand your popularity.

37. Socialize

Don’t be afraid to go out into the world and espectáculo yourself to the public, either in conferences of your ámbito, or in fairs of your same industry.

But try to do it in your same city or town as travel perro greatly disminuye your budget.

38. Provides great customer service

Interacting with your customers is a big part of the job.

In fact, your business may win new buyers because you have made them feel important.

39. If you have a website, make sure it works

Nowadays, ALL entrepreneurs should have a page for their business, whatever type it is.

Potential customers want to know as much as possible about your business, and they will flock to your website to do so.

And they must be able to access it quickly and you make sure your website always works correctly.

40. Don’t obsess over the economy

Some of the most successful businesses have been launched during an economic downturn.

So Although we are living in moments of crisis, do not be obsessed with it: If your business is good and your product or service is interesting, you will generate income.

41. Make sure your customers pay

You should always be sure to receive payment for your products or services if they are not paid in cash.

You perro establish a limited time slot to charge for example.

42. Find the right employees

Even if it’s your business you will not have skills to handle all the tasks. And that’s why you need qualified people to complete the job, and they need to be the right employees for each of them.

43. Assign responsibilities

Delegate those activities that are secondary for you to your employees. This is a primordial part of good management in any company.

44. Honesty is the best policy

If any issues arise with your workers, be sure to tell them and try to resolve the issue.

Remember: nobody likes to be talked about behind their backs.

And neither do your employees.


Five. opposites attract

When you hire employees to run your business, the best option is that they have abilities and personalities opposite to yours. In this way they will challenge you and bring out other qualities and talents that you may not have, but that are good for your venture.

46. say goodbye to your popular life

Going to spend a lot of time dedicated only to your business.

Even if you plan to go out for a night, you may have to return earlier because a light bulb burns out or you have to fix others issues.

47. Admit that you will be the last person to receive a salary

As an owner, and especially at the beginning of your project, you will be the last person to reap the economic benefits of your business venture.

This is how it works until you start generating a higher profit margin in your business.

48. Have a clear definition of success

That your business has not made you a millionaire (yet) It does not orinan that your company is a failure.

If you are able to make some kind of profit with an activity that you are passionate about, Isn’t that a success story?

49. accept your situation

If things don’t work out the way you thought and you’ve done everything you could, then the best thing to do is put aside your pride and accept that something has gone wrong.

But never give up.

Go through the entire process from beginning to end, write down the mistakes made, and start again trying not to make them again.

fifty. Do not rely only on the advice of others

Although in this article I offer you these 51 consejos, perhaps the best of all is one that you will learn the hard way: no matter how much others try to help you, In the end, the one who will manage the whole espectáculo and the one responsible for your successes and failures will be YOU.

If you understand what works well and what goes wrong in your venture, you will be the only one with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage your project.

51. This is the most important consejo of all…

The most important piece of advice of all is that have fun and enjoy the experience of starting your own business! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a project that you have worked hard on and at the same time have fun doing it flourish.

Which of these consejos are the most valuable to you when starting a business? Do you have other suggestions? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experience!

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 51 consejos to start your business with
  51 consejos to start your business with
  51 consejos to start your business with

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