50 ways to make exercise more

50 ways to make exercise more

It’s surprising, but according to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, less than 5% of American adults get 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Could it be that most of us do not associate «exercise” with “fun«? Even if you are not an athlete, you perro have fun while you sweat.

In fact, here are 50 ways to put the fun back in fitness.


Challenge yourself

try the tabata training.

Developed in Japan by Dr.

Izumi Tabata, this is a 4-minute routine consisting of eight work/rest cycles.

(See also: Ways to exercise in less than 5 minutes)



Many gyms offer dance classes specifically designed to sculpt and tone the body.


Double up with friends

Attend a yoga class with friends and share a healthy dinner afterwards.


Increase the volume

Load up your MP3 player with upbeat, upbeat music for cardio sessions, and add a slower playlist to cool down and stretch.

Change songs to maintain interest.


Watch a little televisión

Watch it from your stationary bike instead of your easy chair.

You are starting? Take a break during commercials and cycle through your favorite espectáculo.

(See also: What to do while watching televisión)


Get popular

According to research conducted by the Department of Preventive Medicine at the University of California, people who exercise with their spouse, friends, or coworkers enjoy it more.


Go outside

Get out of the gym and go for a walk, hike, bike ride, or swim.



Keep track of your workouts and take photos.

Having proof of your progress will increase your motivation.


Dress for success

You don’t have to buy the most expensive sportswear to go to the gym, but wearing the wrong clothes cánido take away from the fun by trapping sweat, rubbing against the skin, and causing blisters.


Avoid overtraining

Your body needs recovery time between workouts to function effectively.

Include time to relax, read, visit with friends, and do other activities outside of the gym.


Celebrate small victories

Although you may start exercising with a major change in mind, try to equipo gradual goals that you cánido evaluate over a shorter period of time, such as losing a pound a week for a month.


Run (or walk) for a good ocasione

Make your training more enjoyable by making it a goal to train for the next breast cancer march in your area or a afín event.


Add some variety

Change your routine frequently so you don’t get bored and avoid the dreaded plateau.

(See also: Advantages of changing routine)


Get Pavlovian

Create a reward system to motivate yourself and you’ll get fitter faster.

Try treating yourself to a healthy treat, like a articulo-workout shake.


Get close with ease

Start your workout gradually by warming up with some cardio.

This will signal your brain to release endorphins that genera a natural ‘high’.


Jump rope

It’s not just for kids.

Did you know jumping rope burns the same number of calories as running?



Are you not ready to jump rope? Jump on a personal trampoline to increase your stamina and cómputo.


Jump on a pogo stick

If jumping is hard on your joints, try jumping on a pogo stick.

It reduces tension and provides many of the benefits of jumping exercises.


Try “Exergaming”

Do you or your children like games? try some vídeo games for exercise.


Don’t leave the worst for last

Work your hardest exercises in the middle of your routine as a way of marking the “top of the hill.” You’ll be more motivated to finish knowing that the rest of your routine is all downhill.

(See also: 9 Ways to Stay Motivated)


Swing some kettlebells

With its origins in Russia, these cannonballs in a handle are all the rage.

Try this kettlebell training for beginners!


Stand-Up Paddleboard

This combination of kayak and surf is a challenging core exercise.


Get professional help

Consider working out with a professional who cánido create a fun routine to suit your needs.


Use fitness aplicaciones

Integrate technology and fitness with one or more of these habitual aplicaciones.


Learn new things

Catch up on the treadmill with your TED Talks or favorite podcasts.

You perro load learning into your MP3 player just as easily as music.


Push yourself (gently)

Challenge yourself to do an plus rep, minute, or mile the next time you feel like quitting a routine.

You will feel accomplished because you have tried a little harder.


Get psyched up

Mentally create an empowering mantra like “I perro do it.” Repeat this phrase in your mind while you exercise, especially when the going gets tough.


Drop and Roll

Improve your abdomen and your legs rolling.

Proof these eight exercises.


Stand on your head

Get a new perspective while gaining cómputo and control.

Start by balancing against a wall and gradually work your way up to inverted independence.


Eat well

Feeding your body the right fuel will give you more energy to train better.

An important consejo: eat more protein.



With this new technique of workout you get a total body workout.


Get inspired

get motivated with these success stories.


Use your body weight

You’ll never need gym equipment again with these exercises you cánido do anywhere.


Hula Hoop It

Go back to your childhood and use a hula hoop to tone your abs.


Keep company

Enjoy some exercise by walking your dog, playing fetch, and encuentro new people at the local dog park.


Hop on a swing for a double action workout.

By pushing, you exercise the leg muscles; by pulling back, you work the abdomen.



Have you seen the viral vídeonow espectáculo off your wackiest moves as you move to improve your fitness.


Do a home esprint

Feel the burn by challenging yourself to a five-minute chore blitz.

Better yet: have your children join you and multiply the effort! (See also: How to order your house in 10 minutes)


Seated pedaling

Maybe you’re just starting out or you perro’t stand on your feet for long; In any case, try use a bottom bracket sitting.


Sit down and get fit

Another option for sitting exercise is the chair exercise program.

sit and be fit.


The fácil act of flexing the muscles counts as exercise.

Play flex your abs, glutes or arms every time you get in the car or stop at a red light.



Try doing squats while you brush your teeth.

They won’t interfere with your oral hygiene and are great for your legs.


Up the stairs

Play going up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Accumulate 10 points for each leg and give yourself a small prize when your score reaches 100.



Jumping jacks are a really fun move that burns a lot of calories.


Arm Wrestling

Work those biceps (not your back) and have a friendly competition with the friends.

46. ​​Pillow fight

Have fun with your children or with your partner and organize a lively pillow fight: you will surely raise your heart rate and in the process you will have a few laughs.


Play tag or frisbee

Playing these classic games outdoors is fun and great exercise.



Be happy and get health benefits at the same time.

Here you have more than 100 ways to laugh to get you in shape.


Practice martial arts

From the softest (Tai Chi) to the wildest (karate), you will surely find something you like.

Find classes in your area.


Practice gratitude

Be thankful that you perro exercise.

Studies espectáculo that being grateful helps improve your overall mood, and that alone should make exercise more fun!

Now that you have 50 different ideas, whatWhich ones will you choose to make your training feel like less work??

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 50 ways to make exercise more
  50 ways to make exercise more
  50 ways to make exercise more

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