50 Life Lessons to live to the fullest

50 Life Lessons to live to the fullest

There is life lessons it hurts to learn Lessons that make us better people, that give us experience to face life, but that does not make it easy or pleasant.

When going through a difficult time, it is habitual for you to have a visión of the glass half empty, so to avoid this and miss out on valuable life lessons, remember the following success phrase from Dalai Lama, when you have a loss, don’t lose the lesson. Since doing so will have been in vain.

The life lessons What you will learn will not be easy, but it will prepare you to live to the fullest.

Why are these life teachings so important?

We spend our lives asking what we cánido do to be successful, and we think that the day will come when the conditions are perfect to take the corresponding actions.

The reality is that every day that passes is one less opportunity you have to learn. valuable life lessons, one less day to make the necessary changes that allow you to get out of your comfort zone and lead your life to the fullest. Without further ado, here are key life lessons to live better.

Life lessons to remember every morning:

1. If you are looking for a dream job, look for the answer in your childhood, when money was not part of the equation and you did things because you liked them.

2. Your ideas, fears and dreams do not add up in your search for how to be successful. It only matters what you do with your time and the ideas you execute.

3. Appreciate the experience of your parents; the years do not come alone and ultimately they have valuable life lessons that you cánido apply in your day to day.

4. Admire those who do everything possible to achieve their goals, and make at least one of their dreams come true. It doesn’t matter if it’s family, friends or strangers, not everyone has this courage.

5. If you’re not happy at your job, learn how to save, build an emergency fund, and quit when you have a reserve. There is no reason to waste your time doing something that doesn’t make you happy.

6. Money will not make you happy, but it will give you the freedom to look for what makes you.
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7. Stop putting off your most important decisions. Equipo a definite date to meet yourself. Busy yourself doing other things so you don’t face them is called procrastination.

8. There will be no best time to start your dreams. The only thing you count on is the present, and you escoge how to take advantage of it. Stop imagining yourself in the future executing your goals, and learn how to overcome fear and start today.

9. Problems are solvable when you focus 100% on finding a way out and not when you keep thinking about the problem.

The problem is how we look at problems: Stephen Covey
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10. Protect your family above all else; let the little ones make the same mistakes you made, they need to learn how to be a better person in the same way as you: by making mistakes.

11. Don’t try to change something you don’t understand; being unique and different is not about changing the rules to be the best, it is about changing them to make the world better.

12. When you don’t know something, ask. Affirmations won’t get you as far as questions and a genuine desire to learn cánido.

13. When you learn to sell your ideas to the world and people are moved by the way you see it, you will have found the purpose of your life.

14. When you worry about your fears, you end up fearing about your worries. Most of the fears and anxieties that you have in your mind end up staying there, in your mind.

15. Don’t expect to have lasting friendships when the first thing you do when you find a partner is leave them abandoned.

16. One of the most powerful life lessons to learn is that your life is about more than just one person or relationship. And that some good friends and your family add flavor to your life and color to your plans for the future.

17. We will all have difficult moments, it will be your mentality that will make you overcome them, not the size of the problems.

18. Commit to read a book, to have a hábito and to practice a demanding sport. Give integrity and variety to your life.

19. Save, plan and go on one amazing trip every year. This does not orinan that it has to be expensive, but a trip that you will remember for a lifetime. Get to know a new place on the planet whenever you cánido.

Remember that experiences, and not objects, are the best way to invest your money.

20. Although the pleasures of life are best enjoyed in smaller quantities, from time to time treat yourself to your favorite coffee, your dream meal or that long-standing craving.

21. Not everything is savings, investment and future. Make sure you give yourself a good present so that tomorrow you have a past worth remembering. Never forget that what you do today will be remembered tomorrow, and these life lessons will teach you how to live to the fullest.

22. Forgiveness depends exclusively on you: Holding a grudge against someone else only affects you. When you feel that someone has failed you, think of forgiveness as a business that brings you great benefits.

Resentment makes you sick, limits you and prevents you from enjoying life. All for someone who probably doesn’t even remember you.

23. Perseverance leads to success: It is impossible to lose if you refuse to give up. No matter how many times you have to try, give yourself one more time.

If you feel that you have not yet reached the achievements and position that you want in life, it is because you have not tried hard enough.

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24. Perseverance is that magic elabora that everyone knows to reach success, but that very few practice in their day to day. Most quit, as it is the easiest decision to make.

25. No person perro make you happy: If you are looking for the perfect partner that makes you happy, you will stay looking for it all your life. There is no one more committed, responsible and dedicated to your happiness than yourself.

It is your responsibility to face the situations that prevent you from learning how to be happy and work on them. The people around you will not make you happy forever, neither will objects and circumstances.

26. Being happy is a state of mind that you should cultivate as a healthy habit every day.

27. You do not have all the time in the world: Do not waste your time thinking that tomorrow you have it again.

This is perhaps one of the most important life lessons that you are going to take with you today: The most important asset you have in your life is time, and unfortunately it is finite.

You cánido always earn more money, but never more time.
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If you live under this philosophy, that time prevails over money, you will stop postponing the things you have always wanted to do.

You will begin to act based on the lifestyle you want to build and ultimately, you will stop taking jobs simply for the money.

28. You cannot succeed without first having failed: Think of each mistake as the perfection of your path to success.

One of the most complex life consejos to recognize is to accept that failure does not go against the path of success, especially when we have been taught how bad it is to fail, to make mistakes. Fake.

Failure is nothing more than a teaching along the way. A stop on your way to success where you must learn the lesson.

The most successful entrepreneurs in this story have failed, and yet they learned their lesson and kept trying.

29. Worrying is a waste of time: Worry is a strange feeling that arouses anxiety and frustration, without any benefit in return.

What do you get for worrying? Do you solve problems by doing it?

Instead of wasting the power of your mind worrying, rather get busy. If you perro’t change it, don’t worry. And if you cánido do it, why do you worry?

30. You will only know a few things: It’s impossible to know everything, so don’t wait to get started. Many times we wait for the conditions to be perfect to start any project.

Us We say that when we earn more money, when we have a better job or when you have more experience… The reality? Are you afraid.

But don’t worry, you’re not the only one, we all feel it. So start today with what you have, know and are. Remember one of the most powerful life lessons of Tim Ferrisauthor of the book The 4 Hour Work Week:

“The stars will never align and traffic lights will never turn green at the same time. The universe doesn’t conspire against you, but it doesn’t go out of its way to make things right either.

Conditions are never perfect. “Someday” is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave. The pros and cons lists are just as bad.

If it’s important to you and you want to do it “eventually”, just do it and correct course as you go.”

31. It’s not about the amount of money, it’s about how much you cánido enjoy it. So don’t build a life where all you have is money.

What good is having overflowing bank accounts if you don’t have the time to enjoy it? Are you accumulating to brag? To satisfy that nonconformity of always wanting more?

Rich is the person who cánido enjoy their money, who has someone to share it with, and who works to live and does not live to work.

Many interpret these life teachings regarding money as if you did not have to work hard. Yes you have to, just make sure this moment becomes your whole life.

32. You don’t need to have many friends, just be able to trust a few.

Friendship is a matter that depends more on quality than quantity. A large number of empty friends will not make you a better person.

It’s better to have a few that you perro trust, make you a better person and become that family you chose, and not have these kinds of friends that prevent you from being successful.

“Look at your 5 closest friends. They are what you are, if you don’t like who you are, you know what you have to do»: Will Smith

33. It is not the name of the company that will give you the experience, it is what you do in it. These life lessons are key when looking for large companies where we perro fulfill ourselves professionally.

We even come to prefer positions below our knowledge and ability to ensure our future. This is how we were taught that “it should be”.

A small company where you have challenges and learn something new every day is preferable, and not one where you become an expert in complying with processes.

3. 4. Every 8 days you don’t need to go to a party, and not all your plans have to be with a drink.

They perro also, and should, have other plans that make you grow as a person. Not only will your body thank you for not being intoxicated with alcohol every 8 days, but this will make you more interesting and you will have more plans to do.

35. Neither your watch nor your clothes are a symbol of how much money you have.

Having money, learning how to be a millionaire, building wealth, and appearances are very different things. Don’t fall into the trap of so many Instagram accounts where they sell you an ideal that only lives in the minds of those who dream of it.

It is not about going into debt to have a better car that you do not have to afford. Nor to espectáculo off the time on a watch that you are barely paying in installments.

One of the key life lessons regarding your personal finances is to work to build your wealth first, live within your own limits, and not let the outside world sell you its definition of financial freedom.

36. Happiness is not something that comes as a consequence of success.

Don’t put off what you want most for a future that you don’t know if it will come. Don’t tell yourself the lie that when you are successful you will do everything you dream of.

What is success for you? Is it a final destination? A reference point? A number of trailing zeros?

Success is not something you arrive at, it is the process as you build it.

37. Work experience should not be above the value of your time.

There is no reason to stay in a job where you feel happy; neither the work experience, nor the salary or the size of your office. None of these three justifications are more important than your time.

Seriously, there are millions of people who hate Sundays, that Mondays are an ordeal and that the only accounts they do are subtract days to go on vacation.

Don’t lead a life you want to escape from every day. There is key life lessonsthis is one of them.

38. There are no magic formulas to achieve your goals. Many people fall into the trap of “looking for magic formulas” that will make them successful.

And the worst thing is that they believe that this search is something productive, when all they are doing is wasting time and postponing what is important: do something about it.

The only proven method to achieve your goals is to work every day at it, be consistent and be willing to do what others do not want to do. Even if it means working from home, and when no one else wants to.

39. You are not what your college degree acknowledges you accomplished.

Neither your university nor having the best average in your university career will dictate who you will be in your life.

College is about more than just a degree or profession, it’s about networking, encuentro people better than you, and becoming a better person than the person who walked in on the first day.

So don’t think that being a good student will guarantee you success in life, and the faster you understand this, the faster you will stop living with that “deserve” that you think you have and start doing what is necessary.

40. Fear is common, and we all feel it. In life there are unique opportunities that you cánido take or leave, but what you are living today will never come back.

Fear won’t make you different, doing something about it will. build good memories and surround yourself with people who make your time unique.

41. Life is too short to do something you don’t like. if you are in your job you don’t enjoy, start looking for new business opportunities. It is not about giving up without having a plan, but about taking action immediately.

You don’t want to wake up one day with the bitterness of having wasted the best years of your life.

42. In life, the little things matter more than the big ones. The same goes for relationships, both personal and professional; the more effort you put into small details, the greater your reward.

43. Success starts from within. It is not only about closing good deals, having a lot of money in your bank or a good popular position; If you don’t have physical, mental and spiritual health, you will hardly be able to maintain it.

44. Never stop learning. Turn your day to day into a university from which you will never graduate and where there will always be something to learn. Read books, attend courses and listen to people you admire.

45. If you stay with what you know, in your area of ​​knowledge, you will never know the world that is beyond your comfort zone. Great things happen when you diversify.

Successful people know how to take advantage of every opportunity, either to learn from it or to take advantage of it.

46. Overnight success is the product of incremental progress over many years.

This means that to have a great career you need to have a long-term horizon, delivering your best version every day, applying the Kaizen Method, and remembering that whoever succeeds is who endures and gets up after each failure.

47. If you don’t surround yourself with the right people, who complement your weaknesses and contradict you when you’re wrong, it will take you much longer to achieve your goals.

Success is teamwork. Great ideas need these to come true.

48. Don’t let meaningless things take away your happiness. You have too much to be thankful for, so it will be your choice to be happy. Life is a choice, a way of seeing things and how you respond to it.

49. Failure is nothing more than a closed door that demands to be opened in a certain way. different.

To be successful you will have to open many doors, entrar through many windows and not allow mistakes to take away all the progress you have made.

fifty. The purpose of life is to find your giftsand the purpose of your success is that you use them to ocasione a positive impact around you.

If you feel that your work does not contribute, if the person next to you limits you, or the environment where you live does not encourage you to give your best, change. Change today and stop wasting everything you have.

Apply these life lessons and live to the fullest. With full security, you will have more anecdotes than regrets with these life teachings.

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 50 Life Lessons to live to the fullest
  50 Life Lessons to live to the fullest
  50 Life Lessons to live to the fullest

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