5 types of blog posts that enhance your

5 types of blog posts that enhance your

Do you have a blog? So every day you should be thinking about new ideas for your posts and how you could do to improve it, especially, boost your Inbound Marketing. How do I know? Because it’s what I do daily and when I was just starting out, I NEVER got out of my head!

Therefore, our guest today, Angie Paola Fetecua from Design Agregado blog, will talk to you about 5 types of blog posts that you must make if you want to improve your Inbound Marketing.

Your company’s blog It is where you want many of your visitors and leads that your website receives to arrive, so that the content that you are delivering encourages them to advance in the conversion funnel.

Also, several of the marketing actions in popular networks, in SEO-SEM positioning and in campaigns of lead nurturing, revolve around the blog and its content.

Although digital marketing actions perro work separately to achieve your objectives, all of them perro also be part of a whole and thus having a more powerful and captive strategy to attract new customers.

What we know today as Inbound Marketing, Therefore, the content strategy that is related to your blog must have an approach to the objetivo audience, the stage of the purchase process in which it is located, topics and palabras clave to position.

For this reason, it is important to make each artículo a creative and eye-catching piece that adds value to the reader, so that with these actions your company perro become a successful example of Inbound Marketing and also achieve the main objective: increase the number of leads and sales of your company.

Remember that this strategy seeks to delight the public with valuable content, educating them and providing them with the information they need at the right time, with the intention that they choose between several, the best purchase option.

Power with the following types of artículo the reach of your blog, to tell Google plus that you know what you are talking about.

5 types of blog posts To potentiate inbound marketing

1. Long form articulo and deep research, research is worth

Researching and creating valuable content takes time.

And this cánido be very long, but who he takes the task of doing it well and sharing it, you are bringing several benefits to your website and in turn, developing a powerful Inbound Marketing strategy.

The creation of extensive content allows you to espectáculo yourself as a benchmark of experience and knowledge in an industry or specific campo by issuing data analysis, rigorous investigations and information that the reader perro only find in said articulo.

Think of it like this; a visitor with several questions comes to your website and finds all the answers.

This means that you are spending notable time there. page visit, that with each line that passes their attention is focused on your content and that, for a next consultation, they will surely return.

You are generating an excellent usuario experience.

A articulo between 1,600 and 2,000 words is a good length average. But if this one perro go further, congratulations! You perro create golden pieces that the reader doesn’t even think about how much time he spent reading, because the content is just great.

Agregado, you won’t think about going elsewhere for more if you already have everything there.

According to a joint report by Buzzmo and Moz, content that exceeds 1,000 words is more shared and is more subject to being backlink in other contents Being considered a reliable source of information compared to the short form articulo.

So let that narrative line carry a few more words, all for the good genere of better positioning.

It has been noticed that Google plus has favored long content among its search results. In addition, this type of articulo allows you to favor the SEO of the long tail palabras clave (long tail palabras clave or key phrases).

Perro follow these consejos to create a long content:

  • Make an outline and organize your ideas, You are going to transmit that same order and logic to the reader.
  • Make use of the different subtitles H2, H3, H4…., of short and medium paragraphs to present a pleasant content visually and somewhat interactive.
  • define a language that is friendly to the reader, to invite him to continue having that conversation with the text, to make him feel that he is being understood.

    Do not forget to take into account define who is your objetivo audience.

  • Make sure that what you have promised in the title, you are fulfilling it in the body of the content.

2. Lists and checklists, answers and specific questions

For those who are looking for a concrete answer to a precise question, this is the perfect type of content. Reading this type of articulo is bearable and digestible when going from one step to another, with clear information that talks about actions to take or short statements that explain a specific topic.

This format cánido be presented in a short form, in which you cánido make use of indications with numbers or letters to guide the reader. Needless to say, if you promised the “5 reasons why you should start a blog”, Give the 5 reasons.

Now, the titles for this type of articulo are quite striking for boaters.

If you have to choose between: “The reasons to start a blog” and “The 5 reasons why you should start a blog”surely you are already reading reason number 2.

Why has your brain chosen to read the content of the second title? Because it seeks a logical order of what it processes, and this order is found in the numbers, so this is an incentive for a person to clic on these types of titles.

On the other hand, we are all looking for solutions all the time.

So this type of articulo gives an important promise of value: “I’m going to tell you how to achieve this”.

Well then, It only remains to read and obtain that promised value. The consejos, the advice, those ways of doing things are always well received.

3. Vídeo articulo or vlogging, the format of visual times

In the visual era, vídeo is the type of articulo that has the highest levels of interaction and persuasion.

With the rise in the use of Teléfonos inteligentes worldwide, vídeo content is easily accessible and easy to see for anyone, so it allows you to reach a wide audience, leading to increased conversations and sales.

Posting quality vídeo is a very good tactic of Inbound Marketing.

By adding well-produced vídeos to your blog, with key titles, a good misión description and the appropriate palabras clave, Google plus perro recognize high-quality content, which increases the options of a better positioning.

On the YouTube popular network, your company has a channel, which allows promoting a good brand image as it is an expert reference on a subject.

In addition, it allows a visitor from a artículo with vídeo you perro access more audiovisuals when you reach the YouTube channel.

This is content that cánido be easily spread through other popular networks such as Fb, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

As with other formats, making vídeos in the digital age is possible without being a professional.

There are en línea tools with templates that allow to transmit the image of the brand, as well as professional tools for carrying out more complex projects.

When starting to make a vídeo, start by having a informative briefing where the objective of the vídeo is clear, the objetivo audience and main ideas that need to be transmitted.

Then make a script, which is the format that will help you make an organized production of the vídeo. There you cánido list the scenes, dialogues, plus resources and visuals you need for each section.

Thus, your vídeo will fulfill the main objective: generate conversions and contribute highly to the ROI of your Inbound Marketing strategy.

4. The articulo of infographics, generates conversions with images

Perhaps a first thought about infographics is to think of them as a visual piece that cánido be incredibly striking, but that is just that, just an image. Well, an infographic goes much further.

Cánido use it at the end of a artículo to explain the conclusion of the text Or you perro also make use of several infographic pieces throughout a complex content to explain certain information that is better received visually.

The latter, because the brain identifies the representation of objects faster Compared to understanding the same concept in written form, which is a perfect tactic to espectáculo content that you want to highlight and that is key that it perro remain in people’s photographic memory for quicker reference.

On the other hand, it cánido be intimidating to think about making a visual piece.

But the Internet today also has a solution for it. The use of templates allows you to create professional pieceswith modern designs that help you have a better distribution of information.

in infographics Various types of information perro be presented:

  • Statistical information: To espectáculo data and numbers of surveys or study results.
  • Informative infographic: Concepts or specific topics where you perro include several paragraphs.
  • Comparisons: To espectáculo features of various products or themes.
  • Time lines: To espectáculo the order in time of events or stories.

5. Popular proof or popular proof, a tactic that supports quality in Inbound Marketing

If it’s about converting testimonials, references, good reviews, among other ways that reflect a good qualification, they work as an infallible tool of Inbound Marketing.

This type of articulo refers more to the content than to the format, since you perro espectáculo a popular proof in vídeo, in a written text or with the help of an image.

This articulo is a guaranteed hook, since it does not come from the same staff of an organization saying “I invite you to buy my product because it is very good”on the contrary, becomes an objective reference from an outside person who had a good experience with what you purchased.

The information that is generated in a content with the intention of influencing, such as this, leads a person to accept and take action that others perform as a positive act that you perro take as a reference to follow or do it.

You are relying on a testimonial that says that this product is the best.

In your articulo of popular proof you cánido include figures and data that support what your product has achieved, reviews and quotes of satisfied customers who fit perfectly within your buyer person.

You perro also rely on success stories in which the result was a great benefit for your client and for your company. These reflect the capacity and quality of a job or a product, which generates high confidence in someone who is looking for guaranteed results.

In the narrative of a popular proof, the collaborations that the company has had with others in the same or a different industry, is a proof of value that tells potential clients the ability to achieve solutions not only at the corporate level of the same company, but also, the positive that alliances with another perro generate.

Remember that the blog is one of the most important vertebrae of the Inbound Marketing and the quality content that you genera there and share is the way to inform and educate visitors, with the objective that they interact with your company and with what your product means, in order to take them to a state of making a purchase decision.

Explore the various types of artículo and generate the best experience that your visitors cánido find on your website!

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 5 types of blog posts that enhance your
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  5 types of blog posts that enhance your

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