5 tools you need to work

5 tools you need to work

Working from home is now considered the new norm as a result of the pandemic.

The concept of remote work has been included in the long-term strategies of some 17 large companies.

The virus caused the initial shift in work styles, but now that the world is aware of its benefits, remote working is becoming more habitual.

You’ll need remote work teams if you need to transition to working from home for yourself or your business.

In this article we will talk about some of the equipment needed to work from home.

communication programa

Working from home cánido impact your team’s ability to be physically in the same location; however, you should not stop the communication.

Correos electrónicos are nice and all when it comes to keeping track of important information, but what about when you need to have a casual conversation? Or better yet, have a brainstorming session?

There are several great communication aplicaciones/platforms you perro use, whether you’re having casual conversations or team follow-ups.

However, Slack and Skype are two of the most habitual communication tools and the easiest to use when working from home.

Some features of Slack:

  • Create multiple communication channels on the platform
  • Make free calls (voice and vídeo)
  • All kinds of archivos cánido be shared.
  • Pin posts and referral backlinks to different channels
  • Recipients receive notifications of your messages
  • Sent archivos cánido be recovered later if lost
  • The platform cánido also be used for collaboration
  • reminder function

Some features of Skype:

Project management tool

You may be able to communicate fácil tasks to your team vía dirección de correo electrónico or another communication tool when you’re working from home, but what about a project that has complexities? A project management tool helps you stay on top of everything related to a project from assigned resources to time constraints.

There are several project management aplicaciones available, including Microsoft Project and Zoho Projects.

Some features of Microsoft Project:

  • Perhaps the best feature of Microsoft Project is “Planning and scheduling«.

    Team leads and project managers perro use the feature to schedule to-2 and organize them in order of priority.

    The created tasks cánido be assigned to different team members.

  • Another feature of Microsoft Project is the «Project timeline view“, which provides an overview of the entire project.

    With this, you will know if you are on track to complete the project within the timeline.

  • Collaboration is a feature that allows you to connect all project participants to easily share information.

Some features of Zoho Projects:

  • Task management is a feature that allows you to break larger tasks into smaller parts and include your timelines.
  • The Charts and Reports feature is intended to keep all team members informed.

    It allows them to check the status of each task in the project.

    They perro also drill down on a task to get more details.

  • The time tracking feature helps to account for every hour of the project.

time tracking tool

Since virtually every project comes with a timeline, it’s important to keep track of the time spent on each task.

Tracking the de hoy time team members spent working is also important if you pay by the hour.

You want to ensure that your team members are putting in the average number of hours per day.

Tools like Time Doctor and HubStaff provide time tracking capabilities and cánido also double as billing tools.

Some features of HubStaff:

  • The tool has 30 integrations, including Asana, Trello, and 28 other aplicaciones.
  • Dashboard showing total number of hours tracked, activity rates, amount earned, etcétera.
  • Screenshots make it easy to see team members’ progress.
  • Add limits to manage the project budget.

Some features of Time Doctor:

  • The aplicación has 30+ integrations including Evernote, Salesforce, etcétera.
  • You cánido track your team members based on total hours, tasks that have taken the longest, and top websites/aplicaciones.
  • The aplicación also has a screenshot feature that allows you to see what your team members are working on with the tracker running.

collaboration tool

To manage complicated tasks, you’ll need a collaboration tool.

This helps ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page.

The tool also gives them access to scheduled tasks.

Remember, you will always achieve more as a team.

While Slack and Skype cánido double as work-from-home collaboration tools, it might be a good iniciativa to keep a more specialized tool on hand.

One collaboration tool that has gained popularity of late is Monday.com.

It is ideal for people with limited technological knowledge.

Some features of Monday.com:

  • Free trial period not mandatory.
  • See all projects in one view.
  • Deadline view showing the urgency of each task.
  • Equipo up automation without any coding.

encuentro programa

Do you need to host webinars for your clients or hold a large-scale vídeo conference? Then you need a tool specifically designed for that purpose.

While Slack and Skype cánido work well as internal communication tools, they have limited capabilities as encuentro tools.

A better alternative would be Zoom, which has many features that make teleconferencing easy.

Some Zoom features

  • The free plan allows 100 participants in a encuentro or webinar
  • Ability to share your screen during a call
  • Record the encuentro and save it for future reference
  • Easily integrates into Slack, Zapier, and other aplicaciones

To end

A common fear business managers and owners have is that employees could disminuye productivity when working from home.

However, with the help of the tools mentioned above, you perro easily increase the productivity of your team when you are forced to work from home.

It is not necessary to use all the tools on the list, as some of them work in dual capacity.

If you find that you are easily distracted when working from home, try one of these helpful tools.

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 5 tools you need to work
  5 tools you need to work
  5 tools you need to work

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