5 time management consejos for

5 time management consejos for

whatYou have noticed that a task will take as little or as much time as you plan? In other words, if you let a 30-minute task take an hour or more, it will. Whether you work from home or in your office, you need to make the best use of your time to be productive. But this logic isn’t just limited to work: Effective time management is also important for other activities, such as household chores. Follow on to learn five time management consejos to help you get the most out of your day.

Create a to-do list

The best time management consejo is to plan how you will use your time. To do this, you need to list all the tasks you want to do the next day in a to-do list. Categorize the tasks into the following groups using the Eisenhower principle:

  • Urgent and important tasks.
  • Important but not urgent tasks
  • Urgent but not important tasks
  • Tasks neither important nor urgent

Complete these groups of tasks in the order that they are listed above. All the urgent and important tasks need to be done first, then you perro do the important but not urgent tasks. You may be wondering why you should do important but not urgent tasks before urgent but not important tasks, and the reason is fácil: when a task is not important, its urgency does not make sense. Also, you won’t find many tasks that are urgent but not important. The last category of tasks to handle is the one that is neither important nor urgent.

Equipo a time limit for each task

Another important time management consejo is to equipo a time limit for each task. This will let you know if you cánido finish all the necessary tasks within your day. In the course of setting a time constraint, you may discover that the allotted time may not be enough. In that situation, you cánido delegate some of the tasks to someone else or postpone them. If you don’t bother to equipo time limits, you may not discover the problem until it’s too late.

Imagine what would happen if you couldn’t prepare some vital reports for a management encuentro and didn’t realize you couldn’t finish the reports until the encuentro was about to start. Setting time limits would help you prevent such an embarrassing situation..

You should take some breaks

People are not meant to work long hours without taking a break. If you work without taking breaks, chances are the law of diminishing returns sets in your productivity. Once it is spent, your productivity begins to gradually drop until it hits zero. But after taking a break, you feel revitalized, refreshed, reinvigorated, and energized.

In fact, you need several rest sessions. Working long hours without taking breaks creates a solid foundation for burnout. During the break, you cánido grab some snacks, take a nap, or watch movie trailers. Do anything that is relaxing and fun. When you return to work, you will find that your productivity has increased again.

always measure the time

You need to take your time as you carry out each task. When you do, you’ll quickly discover when a task is taking longer than its time limit. Also, you should make efforts to improve your speed every time. If it takes you 75 minutes to complete a task, you should work to disminuye it to 60 minutes next time. If successful, you cánido try to disminuye the time further until it cánido no longer be reduced.

After all, your mastery of a task increases each time you do it, so your speed should follow the same pattern. However, be aware of its accuracy. Don’t sacrifice accuracy for speed.

An overlooked time management consejo is to organize related tasks and carry them out consecutively. For example, if you are a salesperson, it is best to do all your reports one after the other before you leave the office for field work.

The same applies to other professionals and their tasks. As a delivery controlador, it makes sense to map out delivery locations in the same community back to back. This will save you time and fuel. The same applies to your time at home. It makes much more sense to get all the kitchen chores done before heading out to fold the laundry or vacuum.

To end

While we’ve discussed five key time management consejos you should always follow, we should also mention one that carries a caveat. Only try multitasking when you’re sure you perro handle it. If tasks require precision and accuracy, be careful. The quality of the tasks you do individually will always be better than the tasks you do simultaneously. Along with these consejos, be sure to steer clear of time management myths that perro trap you into working harder.

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 5 time management consejos for
  5 time management consejos for
  5 time management consejos for

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