5 things you should know about chatbots

5 things you should know about chatbots

Customer service perro define whether your business floats or if it remains stagnant and you lose all that investment. So you better start give it more importance Of course, the problem is that you don’t know how to do it without increasing the staff you perro’t afford.

Well, our guest today, Henry Silva, will introduce you to chatbos and what you need to know before deciding to use them in your business.

With advances in technology, companies are always looking for new and exciting ways in which they perro interact with their consumers. Chatbots are becoming in a fairly common practice as part of this strategy.

At the beginning, it was just another tool developed based on computers that could fulfill various consumer service tasks. And in that respect, they were a breakthrough.

However, at present they have been transformed into artificial intelligence programs that are capable of assisting companies in essential tasks, ranging from marketing, functions from human resources to making sales.

Nevertheless, even though the live chat have managed to make their mark in the business world, many people do not fully understand their potential, their capabilities, limitations and various functionalities.

For exactly this reason, we have prepared this little guide so that you know these virtual assistants in depth before implementing one in your company.

What is a chatbot?

They are platforms that provide intelligent and automatic responses to portal visitors.

These virtual assistants give the usuario instant access to information and offer any business the easiest way to be present. 24 hours a day and 7 days of the week for each of your clients, giving them a new marketing channel that will always be active.

chatbots they represent the digital version of an automatic telephone system but with some additional advantages.

Bots work much faster since users do not have to listen to a pre-recorded voice giving them several alternatives, nobody likes have to listen to these options when they already know what they need.

With bots, users perro type what they want or just clic on the options that will be provided. This will offer an experience much less frustrating.

whatAs do they work?

Inbound marketing aims provide useful information to consumers so that they perro become familiar with the business, their knowledge and experience. Chatbots want to take this to the next level.

Today’s consumers want and expect immediate access to information and bots are the best way to offer them what they are looking for.

With these virtual assistants, users do not have to review the entire portal to find what they want. Live chats will get you what they want right away, saving you a lot of time and giving you a smooth and enjoyable experience.

And when they are properly implemented, interaction perro be so natural as if it were a person.

Chatbots are perfectly capable of handling the following tasks:

  • provide answers to fácil questions.
  • Receive complaints and provide retroalimentación.
  • Guide to the visitors to the correct source or section of the portal.
  • provide specifications related to products and services.
  • Obtain information of the visitors.

Also, using chatbots to deal with fácil tasks will free your staff from routine tasks, allowing them to spend their time on much more complex ones. This will result in a better experience of consumer service for all involved.

Are the future of customer service?

Users get frustrated and angry when they should stay on the phone for a long time trying to contact customer service. This problem cánido be avoided with chatbos.

These virtual assistants perro be contacted at any time, without the client having to wait due to office hours to receive a response to your request.

At first, many companies and people had their doubts regarding the capacity of these virtual assistants, but thanks to the passing of the years and the changes they have undergone, They are considered the best and easiest way to answer usuario questions or complete the purchase process.

In addition, messaging applications are much more used than any popular network, so the growth of these aplicaciones and chatbots, the way popular media is used to interact and share, are changing.

They are really a great oportunidad?

Various studies consistently espectáculo that móvil users divide their time between their favorite applications, a browser, a couple of conversations popular networks and some games.

With shrinking opportunities to make money from mobile aplicaciones, developers are looking to chatbots for a new avenue. The use of bots is free and we perro chat with them just by sending them a message, as if it were a human usuario.

The best in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language programming (NLP) have made it possible to use the conversational language as a command line to make the bots understand what we want, and automate their execution, making these assistants do what we want.

Because of the way messaging platforms spread, is it possible to write our request and get a scalable and automated response.

So chatbots are also a great opportunity in the areas where messaging aplicaciones fail, solving the problems in departments we didn’t even know about they needed attention. However, the challenge here is the need for data on consumer behavior and consumer preferences.

In the initial stages it is necessary to have the support of a person to train the bot on what the usuario is really looking for and what is the best way to solve your needs.

As begin to design one?

After all that we have told you, Are you interested in developing a chatbot for your business? Once you get over your initial fear of letting a bot assist you, the iniciativa of ​​creating and launching your own is exciting. Think of all the time you perro save for other activities.

Here we present some of the most important points to consider and the first steps you should take when creating a bot.

1. define your goal

With such a wide spectrum of interests it is difficult to select a specific goal for our virtual assistants. Take the time you need to determine one before starting work.

Are you looking to solve consumer service problems? Promote a new product? Or generate leads? If you want to find the most effective reason for you, Talk to your popular media and web development teams.

If your popular media team finds that they cánido’t handle the number of messages they receive on certain channels, you may want to have a bot on some of them. If your web development team is receiving low conversions, bots could help you increase them. Whatever the case, keep in mind tell what you want to achieve.

2. Choose the platform

Your conversations will vary based on pages, networks and channels the ones you want to focus on. Consider your main options:

  • Your place Web.
  • Fb Messenger.
  • Messages direct On twitter.

Someone who goes to the main page of your portal is likely to have more knowledge of your products than someone who has only seen one of your blog posts and for that reason your bot needs be programmed accordingly.

Similarly, demographic information varies from one popular network to another, someone who visits your Fb page will not ask the same questions as those who Go to your profile on Twitter. Study popular media demographics to better understand the differences.

Gather as much information about your audience, then use it to guide the questions you will ask in step three.

3. Build your content strategy

Now, it’s time to determine the content with which you hope to achieve engagement through interactions with your virtual assistant.

What you perro do is start with certain questions, think about what the customer will possibly ask your chatbot, that way you cánido guide the usuario to the best possible answer.

If you are not sure about the most common questions, talk to internal teams that interact with your consumers such as:

Customer service

This is the area of ​​any company that talks the most with users, ask them what are the main trends that they have been able to vea in the doubts they receive from customers.


The sales representative is another the people who communicate the most with potential clients. With them you will be able to know what prevents a usuario from becoming a customer.


Your marketing team, and especially your popular media team, will have insights into why people communicate with you through your popular channels. This information is vital for the chatbot focused on your networks.

If you escoge to choose to be more creative and opt for a more marketing-focused experience, evaluate what content existing content best supports your goal before creating new content.

4. Determine the personality of your chatbot

If you don’t have a creative team yet, now is the time. By giving your bot a personality, you humanize the experience and align it with your brand. For people to know that are talking to a bot, many brands opt to give them a name.

Because? Because this gives them the opportunity to be transparent with the users, keeping a friendly tone at all times.

5. Write a great first message

The welcome message is incredibly important in engaging users and getting them to respond to your bot. The best opening messages are those they are irreprimible They equipo expectations and answer questions.

6. Start mapping the consumer journey

Once you ask the first few questions, start mapping out what the conversation outline would look like, you perro do this with free flow builder tools like Google plus Drawings. Add all the questions that your usuario could do and the possible answers.

7. Find the best possible answers

For each of the questions you ask, look for the best answers that users could choose. Create multiple answers for each question you will ask so that you are more likely to satisfy the needs of the usuario.

8. Build the conversational trees

Now, for each question and response available to usuario you will need to continue building the conversation.

Some interactions may stop after a question and, others perro extend at various levels.

Spend time making sure all conversations meet consumer expectations. when the conversation It has several layers it may be time to direct it to a representative in person.

9. Add visual components

Create better messages including emojis, images and animated GIFs for your conversations, even if you just want to say hello.

This type of content not only gives your messages more personality, It also helps reinforce the ones you send and increase the conversion rates of the conversations.

10. Guide the consumer through the payment process using call to action buttons

The chatbot interaction ends with the call to action once the usuario has answered all the questions and is ready to continue. with the next stage.

Your call to action is a button that you cánido add to your conversation to guide users to a specific goal.

Use a call to action to guide consumers to a specific product category or page on your website to share the experience with a friend or head to the final checkout process. Your bot perro be the most valuable conversion tool in directing users to their final destination.

Think carefully about where you want your usuario to end the process. This is important because interaction with your brand cánido lead to high value conversions, without any manual sales assistant.

eleven. test your conversations

As you may have noticed, the development of a live chat perro become a complex conversation map. To ensure that all users find valuable information and don’t get stuck in the process or frustrated with the experience, be sure to test every possible angle of interaction.

Most chatbot platforms have a previous version of how they work, so you could try all flows without having to launch your bot into the world.

Author Description: Henry Silva is Manager and Founder of Capybara SEO. Co-Founder at Norte Digital Peru. He is a consultant specialist in web positioning, management of payment guidelines and search engine marketing. He has more than 12 years of experience managing web positioning campaigns for companies in Peru, Chile, Argentina, the US, England, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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 5 things you should know about chatbots
  5 things you should know about chatbots
  5 things you should know about chatbots

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