5 questions to ask yourself if you have one

5 questions to ask yourself if you have one

The desire to start a business begins with a small iniciativa that forms in our head.

The problem is that we don’t know if that iniciativa is good enough to take the leap and start our own business and that is, not all ideas are good when you study them further.

Our guest today, Raquel Aldana, will share with us 5 questions you should ask yourself when you have a business iniciativa and thus you will answer the big question: “is it good or not?”.

Have you felt frustrated because you constantly have ideas of profitable and innovative business but you don’t know how good they are?

Many people have no problem with constantly coming up with new ideas, but they do struggle with the difficulty of not knowing how to detect if an iniciativa will have a future or not

For the same, lots of new product ideas or services never manage to see the light of day.

And I think that all these innovative and creative people simply need to know what are the important questions to ask themselves to know if that winning iniciativa you have in mind, has a future

Take time to evaluate and choose an iniciativa that has potential, in the early stages of a businessI think it’s a better option than starting blindly.

Spend a large amount of time and money launching a business iniciativa that ultimately will not work and worse, that is not aligned with your personal and/or professional goals, it will only make you end up failing and feel frustrated.

For the same reason, today I espectáculo you 5 questions that they will serve as a means to know how to distinguish good ideas from not so good ones.

My main objective is that you cánido establish a minimum process that serve as a filter to be able to evaluate each of your ideas.

These five questions cánido serve as a questionnaire basic and a fácil way to discover the potential of a business iniciativa.

However, you should by no means believe that they are the only step that you must give to validate your iniciativa.

They are part of a bit longer process that I explain in my Y también-book “How to find your business iniciativa?”.

In this book I explain my step by step how you perro find not only a business iniciativa that allows you to generate economic income, but is also aligned with your desires and deeper dreams.

I believe that before embarking on a new business, each entrepreneur should at least answer these 5 basic questions. So here we go!

5 questions that you must make yourself to know if you have a good business iniciativa

1. Who are your clients?

Describing your objetivo customer is one of the first things you should do and strive to be as specific as you perro.

if your service is coaching for people who want to lose weight, here it is not worth writing that your ideal client is a person with the problem of losing weight, between 20 to 50 years.

Indicate that your potential customer could be “anyone” who has overweight problems, is too broad.

At this point you must be very specific and ensure that the description of your potential customer be quite detailed.

In this way, it will be easier for you to create products or services that really cover an existing need in the market.

Let’s continue with the previous example, if you are a entrenador that helps people to lose weight, then your ideal client could be:

  • A women.
  • Between 25-35 years.
  • who lives in the Guatemala city.
  • Works as a secretary for a recognized company.
  • Your monthly salary is included between $500 to $800.
  • Single woman.
  • Does not have children.
  • He studies a university career so he does not have time to do physical activity.

    On weekends he loves to go out to eat good restoranes with your family Or go for a walk with your friends.

Done, now you have the profile of your potential client defined and Do you know what product or service you cánido create to suit your needs.

B2B product or service (Business to Business)

If your product or service is focused on companies such as, for example, a system to keep accounts.

It should be noted that the same solution It perro be directed to a small business, to a multinational company, SMEs or a chain of stores.

So, it would be up to you to escoge who will be your ideal client and based on your decision, develop the profile of that potential customer.

Another point that is important with B2B clients is that you must also specify the usuario of the product or service.

  • Will the end usuario be a financial manager or the Accountant of the Company? or will it be both?
  • Is your product or service aimed at a property owner? a small business, for a billing assistant or specialist?

2. What is the real need of your client?

In other words, what is that customer frustration that your product or service perro satisfy?

The types of need they perro be different, it cánido be a witty or tragic unmet need.

For example, a need tragic dissatisfied it could be a pacemaker.

When we were told in 2013 that my father had heart disease because it was beating slowly and unpredictably and that his life was in danger, they recommended us to operate it to place a pacemaker which saved his life at the time.

The inventors of the pacemaker saw a tragic unmet need and they invented something to satisfy her.

An example of a clever unmet need could be, any service or product that is related to satisfying a need but does not depend on saving someone’s life.

For example, currently the world of the internet it is full of people offering their own products or services.

They have created their own brands and have seen a potential market to whom to offer your creations.

I have seen people who offer very complete courses, templates, downloadable books and even unique handmade products, satisfying needs of form. novel, ingenious and innovative.

So, if your product or service satisfies an urgent need you will find a greater demand.

On the contrary, if your product or service solves a need that is not urgent or that is not critical to living, the demand will be a little less and perhaps it will cost you a little more. obtain economic benefits (this is not a rule, it all depends on the execution of the strategy).

However, it must also be taken into account that you cannot always create a product or service that satisfies an urgent need.

But if you cánido create something that solves a need that is causing real frustration to someone else.

How are your customers solving their need right now?

If you have noticed that there is a need that you perro solve in some way, it is important that you see and analyze how people are satisfying that need at that time.

This is where you cánido tell if people are using an efficient or less elegant way to solve the problem and from your findings you perro create a different way to satisfy the need.

That is how Many innovative ideas are born satisfy needs in an ingenious way.

3. How do you detalla your solution?

Be able to detalla your solution a clear, concise and unique way, It’s something you have to work on from the start.

Have an elevator pitch that allows you to convey the real benefit of your proposal or that effectively describes what people will get from your product or service, is essential.

One of the ways you perro validate your business iniciativa is by getting it in front of people.

And if you don’t have a prototype of your product or service, the elevator pitch is the perfect form to detalla your solution and for people to understand why they should have it.

And to put it to the test, go out there and tell a bunch of people who don’t know anything about your iniciativa, product, or service.

This way you perro get retroalimentación that will allow you to perfect it.

Make sure people understand if your solution is a product or service, if it is a mobile application or a physical product.

You cannot imagine the number of entrepreneurs who they perro’t transmit their solution clearly and leave their listeners confused.

Collect all the information you get and perfect your elevator pitch more and more.

4. What is the benefit of your customers?

This question is related to question number two: What is the real need of your client?

if you wonder how people will benefit By obtaining your product or service, you will be able to more easily develop a “value proposition”.

Having a well-defined value proposition will help you differentiate your product or service from the rest, because if people perceive that your solution is equal to what exists on the market will become a commodity.

To formulate your value proposition you cánido respond to four more questions:

  1. Which is the problem what do you solve?
  2. What is the oportunidad you detect in the market?
  3. Which is the need what do you satisfy?
  4. Which are the benefits what will you provide?

With the previous example of entrenador to lose weight, we perro formulate your proposal of value as follows:

What is the problem it solves?: Help single and busy women lose weight.

What is the opportunity detected in the market?: That there is a group of women who have enough income to be able to pay for a trainer to help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

What is the need that it satisfies?: That there are busy women who want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

What are the benefits it will provide?: Personalized help, menus and exercises designed for people with busy lifestyles.

In addition to accompaniment, support and encouragement so that people do not give up so easily.

And a long etcetera.

You cánido add all the benefits you perro think of, as long as you cánido keep your promises.

5. Is it worth moving on?

Some ideas may seem strong at first glance and as you filter them, soon you realize that they have many gaps and that they will not prosper.

To filter your ideas you perro use methods such as the development of a Canvas Business Model.

A Canvas will allow you to visualize on a sheet of paper if the determining areas of the future business are covered, if they will work, if you cánido improve them or if on the contrary, the iniciativa is finally weak.

If you find that the iniciativa doesn’t have much potential, it is better to leave it and continue with the following iniciativa.

However, if the preliminary iniciativa espectáculos a future, then it may be worth carrying out a more detailed analysis, elaborating other deeper questions or a stronger business plan.


There is no infallible method to validate a business iniciativa, but without a doubt, asking the right questions when you start in the world of entrepreneurship It will allow you to have a clearer iniciativa of ​​whether your product or service will have a future.

Author Description: Raquel Aldana is the founder of ¡Apuesta por ti!, where she shares essential information for en línea entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers or ordinary people who are looking for new ways to earn a living in the en línea world.

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 5 questions to ask yourself if you have one
  5 questions to ask yourself if you have one
  5 questions to ask yourself if you have one

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