5 keys to earn more money with your

5 keys to earn more money with your

With each passing day, tourism increases even more in all countries, without exception.

That is why you will notice that making plus money by renting an empty room or a property to some tourist It’s so profitable, but how perro you practically live off of it instead of just something plus at the end of each month?

Our guest today Angela from CheKin, It will espectáculo you how you perro earn more money with the tourist rental in a VERY easy way.

Tourism contributed 172.9 billion to GDP in 2017, being one of the main economic engines that drives the country.

Tourist accommodation does not stop growing and more and more people who are dedicated to vacation management.

tourism innovation it becomes a primordial advantage for this whole process.

In terms of productivity, technology has played a very relevant role, especially in the business world.

According to the Siemens study entitled “The challenge of the Digital Transformation of the economy.

Spain 4.0” one of every three Spanish companies affirms that they are prepared to face the Digital Transformation.

The tourism campo has taken all the technological acceleration and has incorporated it into rent tourism, in order to make their activity profitable.

All these recent events and the profit that is being made with rentals, makes earning money with tourist rentals extremely profitable and quite a good income.

That’s why I want to share with you 5 keys that will allow you to earn more money with it and so you cánido maximize the profits you get as much as possible.

5 keys to increase your earnings with the tourist rental

1. CheKin for traveler registration

Guest check-in cánido become a process really tedious occupying more than 40 minutes to the managers of the lodgings.

For comply with current regulations, The administrators of the vacation establishments must carry out an endless number of bureaucratic processes.

However, there are technological tools that facilitate these processes and manage to save management time. One of the ones that I know of and that has been better is that of CheKin.

It is basically a mobile application where the registration of travelers is done in just two minutes, sending the data directly to the authorities and storing all documents in the cloud.

You cánido easily speed up the management of accommodation since it was born as a response to the time and logistics problems that raises the entire registration process.

The most outstanding functionalities offered by the application are document reading, automatic creation of traveler parts and vacation rental contracts. As well as the pre-checkin.

There are several applications that share essentially the same function But of the ones I’ve tried, it’s been the best.

2. Use the pre-checkin tool and smart lock

If you have an application that cánido make you increase your earnings, one of the biggest secrets is to use it correctly.

In this case, Let’s continue with the CheKin application. It has excellent functions, such as the pre-checkin that is used every day by more accommodations.

This function consists of sending guests, en línea, a form to fill in your data and thus, save welcome time.

With this you could dedicate to your guests more interesting information about the city, monuments to visit, tours, among other things.

If you take advantage of it to this functionality and all the others, you perro maximize your earnings.

3. Advertise through a digital platform

Most vacation establishments are advertised on platforms such as Booking or Airbnb.

It is essential for get benefits on your tourist rental, advertise on one of these en línea websites.

Tourists use the Internet more and more to organize their trips and go to the portals that are most familiar to them.

If your tourist accommodation is not present on any platform, It’s as if it never existed. Word of mouth is not enough in this type of business.

Besides, you must make sure that the ad that you publish on these platforms is as attractive as possible with quality images, in order to captivate travelers.

Don’t you know the most profitable platforms? I espectáculo you a list with some of them:


The Booking.com platform It has more than 17,000 workers in 198 offices in 70 countries around the world.

The Booking.com website and aplicaciones are available in more than 40 languages, and offer 28,929,205 options, in 140,811 destinations in 230 countries and territories around the world.

Every day are reserved more than 1,550,000 nights on this platform.


It is one of the most important in the ámbito.

According to data collected by this same company, the economic activity generated by hosts and guests was €4.17 billion in the last year, of which €650 million was revenue earned by local hosts.

Hosts in Spain have been opening the doors of their homes to travelers since 2009.

And in 2017 there were 117,500 active hosts with an annual income of 3,400 euros and a total of 36 nights booked per year in average accommodation.

As for the guests, Airbnb Spain hosted 5.4 million with an average duration of 4 nights.

2.8 million Spaniards used Airbnb during the last year, which represents a growth of 96%.


This website compares hotels en línea (as you will have seen in various advertisements), having a database of more than 500,000 hotels around the world.


with this platform you perro choose between 260.00 hotels in more than 80 countries.

The offer is very wide and varied, all types of accommodation are offered from small hostels to luxury hotels, going through rural houses or apartments.


It allows you access to more than 2 million properties. This platform generates annual reports on the tourism ámbito with very detailed information.


It is a platform created for short stays and weekends.

It has 2,200 accommodations in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, offering more than 2,500 packages travel in Spain.

4. Use Big Data to measure your activity

There are numerous tourist companies that have a huge number of data related to the campo about the tastes, habits and preferences that the travelers themselves have been leaving on the Internet.

All this information it’s of escencial importance for tourist accommodation, since they perro customize their offer and adapt to demand.

There is a business trend known as Lean Analytics, which is mainly based on measuring absolutely all the activities that are carried out, and make supported decisions in the results obtained.

the metrics play a key role At present, taking them into account cánido be one of the ways to earn more money with your business.

5. Own website with concern for UX

As I have commented, It is necessary for tourist accommodation to appear on tourist rental platforms, but it is also essential that these accommodations have their website own.

This page must follow the rules of usuario experience (UX) to make it as intuitive as possible and allows the traveler to create an overview of what their stay at the accommodation will be like.

Having your own website that is intuitive and well designed perro help you better connect with your customers, which will genere an increase in reserves, and therefore increased revenue.

The Housy case:How to convert the tourist rental in an authentic experience?

Two years ago, in La capital de españa, a startup launched the bases to revolutionize the concept of tourist rental.

Since then, House not only give an experience 5 stars to its guests but also helps owners to make their properties profitable.

All this is possible thanks to the revolution and innovation technological and digital, together with a young and creative spirit.

Pleasing such a diversified objetivo in such a perfectionist and demanding campo cánido seem like an arduous task.

However, Housy accepted the challenge and, two years later, is a benchmark in companies property management that is in full expansion.

From theory to practice, from iniciativa to reality, Housy began to use its company values and his professional knowledge in favor of clients and tourists.

With all this achievement, I decided to interview my friends from Housy so they could tell us their secret recipe for success and give us useful consejos to manage our properties.

Make yourself comfortable!

Know your flat

Before you start renting your vacation apartment, you have to get to know it… and know him well!

In home sharing there are no taboos and guests cánido ask for any information, from the most basic such as Wi-Fi credentials, until the dishwasher is running or the legal check-in process.

It is therefore essential to anticipate guests’ questions and expectations and always know how to answer them. You have to master perfectly each property and organize the information in an efficient and precise way, relying on new technologies and a qualified team.

Thus, if the light suddenly disappears in the middle of the night, there is no need for guests to come to romantic candlelight, but follow the instructions to find the light panel.

Make it easy for your guest to check-in

A agregado of home sharing that makes us a Super Host from Airbnb is the flexibility of arrival through agile check-ins.

As? Easy and fácil.

Through the application that I was talking about earlier, CheKin, you will be able to register guests of quickly and safely allowing guests’ waiting time to be no more than two minutes.

approach your guest

Let’s be honest: all of us, at least once in our lives, before planning a trip, have asked our friends for advice, an Internet blog, to Instagram profiles and we have even looked in encyclopedias.

We must take great care of our guests, for this it is essential to write a personalized guide for each apartment with advice and recommendations about the city in question and its corners, things to do and much more.

A list with the best of the city, which invites tourists to savor the authenticity of the tourist destination and appreciate your experience.

All with a fresh, striking and surprising style.

Also, since check-in is automated, send your guests a explanatory vídeo of the house with everything you may need during your stay.

Guarantee and security

After the new regulation, all the guests of the vacation apartments need to be registered in the portal of the police station for a matter of citizen security, like hotels do.

In house, use the CheKin platform to register your guests quickly, saving a lot of time.

As the Aplicación provides a form, filling in the data is very fácil.

All the documents required by the authorities are stored in the cloud in case you need to consult them again or print them, and they are automatically sent to the Police.

In addition, there is also a Remote Check-in option (pre check-in), which allows home sharing tourists, a few days before their arrival, perro fill in your details personally through a backlink that comes to their correos electrónicos.

Provides 24 hour assistance

The Housy team is available to guests day and night for any questions they may have during their vacations, offering immediate and constant assistance.

All this I have possible due to their collaboration with direct assistance services, so that they perro always provide the best solution in any area: from the fácil reservation of a taxi until you contact a locksmith.

take care of your property

Once guests have completed their stay, check that the floor is in good condition and then you prepare it for the next tourists.

Housy is supported by Properly, which is an Aplicación that manages cleaning in an orderly and precise manner.

Also in this case, they use a digital and entertaining modality: create to-do lists implementing the description with photos that visually indicate the position of the decorations, for example, of the cushions on the sofa.

All the peculiar information for the well-being of the apartment and to guarantee a high level of quality in each room.

If you don’t want to be carried away by an Aplicación, you perro always keep clean on your own.

Using for example the Konmari Method you will also get good results.

And even if that takes more effort and time, it will be worth it.


To conclude, taking Housy as an example, I have collected in this articulo the basic consejos for the management of tourist accommodation, going from the most general to the most specific.

I highlighted innovation in almost every step, new technologies are irreversibly integrated into the ámbito, becoming necessary and revolutionizing the form of management.

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