5 key areas you must improve to grow

5 key areas you must improve to grow

There are many areas in our life that we should improve to grow both as a person and as a professional, but the big question that forms in the heads of almost all of us is, what are these areas?

Our guest today Ruben Camacho of human empowerment, it will tell you what are the 5 key areas that you must improve if you hope to grow as a professional.

Let’s go with you Ruben!

Growing as a professional is a desire of many people that seems to be reserved for a few.

But reality tells us that those few were not just lucky, but they found the right keys to get it.

Improving as a professional involves many factors: achieving better results or with less effort and in less time (enhancing productivity), improving the work environment to achieve a better atmosphere and team cohesion, among others.

For each person it perro orinan something different depending on the context. be for your business, ventures or in your usual place of work, there is something you should know if you really want to improve as a professional: that, like everything in life, it depends on a process of personal change.

It is very common for you to wonder what you perro do to improve as a professional, since it seems that attending courses or attending endless training it is not the solution to improve your results in your work, business, projects or endeavors.

In the last 10 years I have accompanied people from up to 5 countries as a entrenador and psychologist to improve as professionals, to be more productive and to multiply the quality of your results.

what is really the secret to get it?

There is no secret, and it is not about following gurus, training non-stop or reading financial freedom books.

Your professional results well be it at work business or endeavors, depend on your current actions.

You know the saying: “If you want different results… you need to you undertake with different actions.

and your actions are a reflection of the state of personal development in which you are.

The only key to improving as a professional is actually improving as a person.

Personal skills are the great tool for grow as a professional since everything that happens in your work depends on how you are as a person and how you approach your work and how you relate to others.

Depending on your state of personal development, your experiences and professional development will flow.

In fact, it is known and proven that the success of a entrepreneurship, business or company it does not depend on the product, logistics or image as much as on the state of personal and human development of the people who work together in said work and have common objectives.

In all these years as a psychologist and entrenador accompanying professionals, executives and entrepreneurs To achieve it, I have discovered that all the important areas of your personality that you must work on perro be summarized in a few.

I’ll tell you what are the 5 key areas that you must develop to grow as a professional.

5 key areas that you must develop if you want to grow as a professional

1. self knowledge

Knowing yourself is key to knowing what situation you are in, what are your talents, what are your limitations and what you perro do to transform problems into opportunities.

A difficulty or limit perro be real or relative.

On many occasions, the limits are only the result of limiting beliefs due to we don’t know each other with depth.

But overcoming your limiting beliefs is not something you are going to achieve by repeating mantras or listening to a guru on duty.

You need a deep self-knowledge job added to different actions, very specific and perceptible.

Few trainers know how to do this (and the vast majority of entrenador They talk about it, but they don’t know either).

If you know yourself, your learning will accelerate and everything will change for the better much sooner.

In addition, it will increase your well-being and your self-confidence.

2. emotion management

Every second of the day you feel emotions, and they affect you in every decision you make. Before we thought that emotions were just our irrational part, but now we know that they are always there and that the key is to understand them and know how to manage them in order to grow and also help others to improve themselves.

Overcome certain fears Know how to manage anger impatience or anxiety are key to improving as a professional.

If you learn to understand and manage your emotions Not only will your professional life change, but your Personal life and the quality of your personal relationships (also with your colleagues, team or even clients).

3. your communication

your communication style define the quality of your personal relationships, both with your colleagues or partners and with your clients or users (students, public in a chat, among others.).

Assertive communication (knowing how to say no and expressing what you really feel and believe with kindness, respect and considering real limits) and empathy (knowing how to be in another’s place) it’s what helps you connect with others, really understand them and thus get the right messages to the right person.

Without this ability, professional results they do not arrive or they arrive too late and after too much effort.

4. Your personal relationships (leadership or positive influence)

be a leader It is not guiding, ordering or commanding, but to positively influence others in such a way that you help them grow and also be leaders.

The quality of personal relationships are key if you work with a team and you want to improve the cohesion of that team and its results.

The leadership always sow long term, which is when the results and more important successes arrive.

How to get it? As always, with a personal change process.

If you want to strengthen your leadership, you must delve into what positive influence you want to give to others and what different actions you would have to carry out to achieve it.

5. your productivity

Your ability to organize, plan, make decisions and know how to manage time it is also a personal skill.

It is not only about being effective and achieving the results you have equipo for yourself, but about being efficient, which means achieving those results. with the least amount of effort and possible resources.

If you manage to develop these areas, you will have with you the most important skills that every professional must have to achieve better results or overcome the most important problems or crises.

It is also essential that you focus on which is the most important area now for you and develop it.

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 5 key areas you must improve to grow
  5 key areas you must improve to grow
  5 key areas you must improve to grow

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