5 fácil spells to find work

5 fácil spells to find work

I believe that in life you cánido get anything you want if you are willing to work for it and put in the effort.

But I also think there is a powerful force that is beyond of all of us, and that at certain times perro help us achieve that goal.

To many people today find it difficult to get a job for different reasons; The economy is not going through its best moment, and it is exhausting to send one sintetiza after another without getting a response from the companies.

That’s why I want to share you here 5 fácil spells to find a job that will help you in your search, and with which you will achieve the position you want quickly and easily.

These rituals will help you not only to get the job of your dreams; also you cánido use them to move up in rank if you already have a job, or to get a raise.

You just have to remember one thing when doing them: you must do them with faith and trusting that they will really work, because otherwise, they will be of no use to you.

If you do them thinking they are silly, or having a negative attitude towards them, they will not be effective.

5 spells easy to find work quickly

1. Fácil spell to attract a stable job

This ritual is really powerful since in it blue candles are usedwhich is the color of Jupiter, and the planet that moves energies to attract all kinds of economic prosperity.

The elements that you will need to do it will be:

  • 1 candle the color blue
  • 1 sheet blank or white paper
  • 1 pencil or pen

Take the sheet and write on it what your dream job is.

Indicate the name of the position in which you want to be hired, where it is located, how much you would like to earn (don’t be greedy).

Write down as many details as you cánido think of, and when you’re done, light the blue candleand put it next to the paper you just wrote.

Stare at the flame for a couple of minutes and thinking about that job; In this way, you will begin to attract the energies towards you so that this is fulfilled.

Remember that when you think and ask for that job you must make it realistic.

Do not ask something like “I want a job where I work 2 hours a day and earn $2,000” because that does not exist, and it will not be fulfilled.

When you have finished looking at the flame and thinking about that position, you should say out loud the next:

I (say your full name with your last name) I decided today that I deserve better.

I deserve a good jobone with a stable and good salary.

Cosmic energies of the universe, I know that you are great and powerful, I know that you will be able to help me to get this job that I need so much.

Once you have finished reciting these words, take the sheet of paper on which you wrote the job you want, and burn it with the blue candle (be very careful not to burn yourself!).

Then, collect the ashes and bury them in a place close to where that job position you want to get is.

You perro do this fácil spell to find a job any day of the week and monthand the blue candle you must remember to put it out with your fingers or with a spoon, never blowing.

2. Amulet to attract a good job

This ritual serves both to attract a good job and to get a pay rise or a promotion if you already have a job to work for.

To make it, you will need the following materials:

  • Salt Marine
  • 1 plate empty
  • 1 candle Green color
  • 1 pin or a knife to write on the candle
  • 1 handful of rice
  • 1 sachet small cloth to put the rice

In a table, spread the sea salt in a circle; within this circle is where you will perform all the spell to find a job.

When you have it ready, place the empty plate in the middle of the circle.

Take the green candle, and write your name on it from top to bottomyour surnames, and the phrase work orobal.

Put the candle in the middle of the plate, and light it.

Take the handful of rice, and put it on the left side of the plate, outside of it, but inside the circle of salt.

then you must let the candle burn out completelytrying to avoid air currents so that it does not turn off.

Once the candle has been completely consumed, take the handful of rice and put it in your bagtying it very tight so that the rice does not escape.

Keep this bag in place where do you have your socks or your shoes for the amulet to take effect, and the rest of the materials (salt, consumed candle, and plate) throw them away.

This ritual has a huge effect to attract employment and prosperity to our lives, and you perro do it any day of the week or month.

But it is better that you realize it one day that you know that no one is going to bother youand that no one perro pass next to the candle until it is consumed so that it does not go out.

If you like, you perro repeat this spell every 15 days (not before), and in this way you will recharge the bag with more energy each time you do it so that it is more effective.

3. Powerful ritual to start working

This is an excellent fácil spell to find work that you cánido do in a few minutes, and with which you will achieve great results.

The materials you will need to make it are the following:

  • 1 flowery water perfumeor rosemary or sandalwood water
  • 1 cup with water
  • 1 sheet or paper
  • 1 pencil or pen
  • A bit of sugar (must be white)
  • 1 key (you cánido buy it or use one you already have)

Take the paper and write your full name on it three times in a row.

Take a cup or glass, and fill it halfway with water.

Fold the paper, and dip the sheet into your glass of water.

Then take the flowery water (or if you don’t have it, replace it with rosemary or sandalwood water), and pour some of it into the glass with water and the folded paper without spilling.

When you’re done, pour 3 tablespoons of sugar into the glass, and then put your key inside.

This key is a symbol of the doors that you want to open so that work and prosperity perro entrar you.

Afterwards, you’re going to invoke Santa Clara saying the following words so that the job you want will come to you and you will get hired:

Santa Clara, open the way for me so that I cánido reach this job position What am I waiting for myself? Make the Universe draw it like this for me, and so be it.

Then, you are going to have this glass with water, the paper, the florida water, the sugar and the key for 7 days at your house.

You perro place it anywhere, but make sure it is a place where the cup cánido not fall or where the liquid inside may spill or evaporate.

When those 7 days have passed, you have to throw everything inside the cup out of your houseFor example, in your garden, in a park, anywhere you want and that gives you good vibes, but outside your home.

4. The easiest spell to find a job

This is an extremely fácil ritual with which you will create a amulet that will attract work into your life or anything else you want very quickly.

You just have to take a rope or a green rope (it perro be made of any material) and make 9 knots in it.

Every time you tie a knot, you have to make a wishsuch as “I want to work at (and the name of the company)”, “I want to have a stable job”, “I want a salary increase”, etcétera.

When you have finished making all 9 knots, Take this charm you just created to every job interview What do you do or your job if you want to be promoted or have your salary raised?

5. Spell to attract work into your life

This is a fácil spell to find a job that you cánido do for yourself if you are the one who needs a job, or do it for someone else If you know someone loved who urgently needs to find a job.

What you will need to do it is:

  • 1 candle White color
  • 1 sheet or paper
  • 1 pencil or pen
  • 1 coin silver or copper color

Take a paper, and write your name (or the name of the person you want to help), and behind the paper, write the date of birth.

Light your white candle, and place the paper on the left side of the candle.

Put the coin you have chosen on top of the paper with the name and date of birth.

Once this is done, invoke the energy in which you have the most faith; It perro be a saint or a saint, the Cosmos, the Universe, magic, etcétera., and ask for what you want, really believing that it will happen.

Let the candle burn out, throw it away, take the paper with the coin, and place them anywhere in your house that you prefer

Leave them there until you get what you wantedand when you already have the job, take the paper, dip it in water and throw it away, and give the coin to another person to whom you want luck to smile.

Remember that if you do not trust or believe in these fácil spells to find a job, they will not work.

So always do them trusting that you deserve the bestand that your positive attitude towards life will help you find hethe best job opportunities.

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 5 fácil spells to find work
  5 fácil spells to find work
  5 fácil spells to find work

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