5+ correo electrónico templates that

5+ correo electrónico templates that

You don’t have to rely on trabajo independiente markets to find work.

There are many ways to find trabajo independiente work.

In a previous articulo, I showed you not one, not two, but 14 different methods of finding trabajo independiente work en línea.

One of the most effective ways to find trabajo independiente projects is to use job boards and contact clients directly vía correo electrónico.

Writing an correo electrónico to a client to request a job is not an easy task.

Because your correo electrónico has to be perfect to win over the customer.

On the other hand, you don’t need to be fluent in the language to write a great correo electrónico either.

You just have to learn to follow certain correo electrónico etiquette when writing the pitch to appear more professional to your clients.

See if you follow these steps when writing your correos electrónicos.

Consejos for writing better correos electrónicos

Before you hit the send button, be sure to review your correos electrónicos and improve your presentation.

Use a clear subject line: Always get straight to the point with your subject lines.

And try to be brief.

For example, “Regarding Your Craigslist Ad” or “Application for Copywriter Position.” Notice how I capitalized the first letter of all words for plus attention.

Do not send to multiple recipients: Adding multiple recipients to your dirección de correo electrónico means you’ll be editing the correo electrónico content for a group rather than an individual.

Personalizing your correo electrónico is important to connecting with a person.

Address by name: Do your best to find out at least the first name of your client or the person in charge of hiring.

Spell the name correctly when writing.

“A person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound to that person,” says Dale Carnegie.

Include your signature: At the bottom of your correo electrónico, include your dirección de correo electrónico signature with contact information and backlinks to your LinkedIn profile and websites.

You perro use HubSpot’s dirección de correo electrónico signature generator tool to create an HTML correo electrónico signature.

followup: Don’t send too many follow-up correos electrónicos.

It will make you look too desperate and contenido publicitario your client.

Wait at least a week before sending a follow-up dirección de correo electrónico.

If getting this client is really important to you, send another follow-up correo electrónico after a while.

If you don’t get a response after that, it’s time to move on.

Double check your correos electrónicos: Double check your correos electrónicos before sending them.

Use a tool like Grammarly to check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Also, you perro check out my guide on how to write a professional correo electrónico for more consejos.

To make things even easier for you, I created these basic standalone dirección de correo electrónico templates that you perro use when outreach to new clients.

Use them as a base when writing your own correos electrónicos.

And remember to customize and improve these templates before using them.

Template #1 – For web designers

I used an easy technique to contact directly and get in touch with clients to do web design work when I worked as a designer.

This is an correo electrónico template afín to the one I used at the time.

Hello [nombre del cliente],

I found your job ad at [nombre del sitio web] where it says that you are looking for a web designer to rebuild your business website.

I’ve worked with a lot of big brands and small companies over the past few years.

[número] years, including [mencionar los nombres de sus clientes anteriores con enlaces a sitios web].

They have praised my work as exceptional and have reported huge increases in conversion rates and sales after the new website design.

You cánido see some of my work in my portfolio at [enlace a su portafolio].

I have some ideas on how to approach your work on website design.

If you’re interested, I’d love to discuss more details.

Kind regards,

[Su firma de correo electrónico]

It is fácil.

Don’t brag too much.

And arouse the customer’s curiosity to respond.

Template #2 – For Copywriters

A copywriter is a master of words, and clearly I don’t need to tell you how to write an dirección de correo electrónico.

However, if you are just starting out, maybe this template will help you.

Hello [nombre del cliente],

My name is [tu nombre] and I am a trabajo independiente writer.

I just saw your job ad at [nombre del sitio web] and I noticed that there is an opening for an article writer in your company blog.

I have been working on the Internet as a trabajo independiente writer for [número de años] and have been able to help develop several great and successful weblogs for my clients.

Not to brag, but I also have multiple articles published on habitual authority websites like [mencionar y enlazar a los sitios web].

Take a look and see if my writing style fits your blog strategy.

I understand that getting lots of shares on popular media is just as important as optimizing articles for search engines.

And I use a handful of tools to make sure I’m targeting both areas.

If you want, I perro suggest some great topics and article ideas for your blog.

Kind regards,

[Su firma de correo electrónico]

Giving an iniciativa of ​​how you work and providing working examples is an important tactic you should always use.

Template #3 – For Graphic Designers

It perro be a bit tricky for graphic designers to contact clients vía correo electrónico.

Especially when you espectáculo examples of your work.

Therefore, it is important that you equipo up a portfolio to showcase your work.

A personal website will be perfect, but if you perro’t afford one, choose a site like Behance.net or Dribbble.

Hello [nombre del cliente],

I saw your job offer while browsing [nombre del sitio web]Are you still looking for a graphic designer to create your company logotipo?

I have been doing graphic design work for [número] years and I also have experience working in an advertising agency as a lead designer.

I recently designed a new logotipo for [nombre de la empresa].

You perro see it in [enlace al sitio web].

You perro see some of my previous designs in my portfolio at [enlace a su portafolio].

I have read the job description and company website and already have some good ideas for logotipo design.

If you could send more details and requirements, I’d be happy to send some sketches of the design.

Kind regards,

[Su firma de correo electrónico]

It’s important not to talk about your prices in the first dirección de correo electrónico.

Let the customer get back to you with an answer first.

Template #4 – For Marketers

You may already be starting to see a pattern to these correos electrónicos.

That’s because it’s best to stick to a pattern when it comes to writing professional correos electrónicos.

I became aware of this a couple of years ago when companies and websites started contacting me to advertise on my website.

They all used the same type of structure and afín terms.

Hello [nombre del cliente],

Am [tu nombre] and I am a content marketer.

I have realized in [nombre del sitio web] that you are looking to outsource your popular media marketing.

I would love to help you with the process.

Popular media and inbound marketing are two of my strengths.

I recently helped a client increase his popular media following to 10,000 on Fb and Twitter [incluya enlaces a ejemplos de su trabajo] in three months.

You cánido also visit my personal website to see some of my work. [enlace a tu portafolio]

I see that your popular media pages are not fully optimized for the latest estándares.

I would be happy to do it for you, as well as create a content plan to promote your brand on your popular media channels.

If you have a few minutes, I’d like to ask you a few questions about your goals and objectives.

Let me know if you want to schedule a Skype call.

Kind regards,

[Su firma de correo electrónico]

Template #5 – For Developers

I’ll take a different route for developers.

Let’s imagine that you are contacting a client directly, without them posting any work.

Hello [nombre del cliente],

My name is [su nombre] and i was browsing your website [nombre del sitio web].

I have been using your en línea tool for several months and I must say that I love how it allows users to [mencione una buena característica de la herramienta].

The only thing that frustrated me was that I couldn’t access their service on my phone.

And indeed, I came up with a great design and plan to develop an Android application for your service.

If you’re interested, I’d love to share some of the details.

By the way, I also have quite a lot of experience in application development, [número] years to be exact.

My most recent job was [enlace y nombre de una aplicación].

Take a look at my portfolio for more information [enlace a la página web de tu portafolio].

Articulo a reply if you want to talk more.

Kind regards,

[tu firma de correo electrónico]

It’s casual.



And it doesn’t sound like a spammer.

Plus: Follow-up Correo electrónico Template

You won’t always get a response to your first dirección de correo electrónico, at least not right away.

In such cases, you cánido follow up with a second dirección de correo electrónico.

Because these customers usually receive hundreds of correos electrónicos.

It’s easy to lose your dirección de correo electrónico in your inbox.

Use a fácil correo electrónico like this one to grab the customer’s attention.

Hello again,

Sorry to bother you.

But I just wanted to know if you have received my previous correo electrónico.

I am very excited to work on this project with you and I think it will be beneficial for both of us.

I’m looking forward to sharing more details about my plans for the project.

If you’re too busy, I’ll totally understand.

But I would really appreciate an answer.

Thank you,

Your name

Remember not to contenido publicitario the customer with too many responses.

And please wait at least 3 days before sending a follow-up dirección de correo electrónico.


Of course, these templates are not perfect.

Some clients see things differently and others prefer a more casual hipster style approach.

But these templates will definitely help you make a good first impression.

How do you write your correos electrónicos? Share your consejos in the comments section below.

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 5+ correo electrónico templates that
  5+ correo electrónico templates that
  5+ correo electrónico templates that

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