5 consejos to get to the end of the month without

5 consejos to get to the end of the month without

How to make ends meet with little money perro be a complicated task. It is one of the most common problems today and the ocasione of many problems related to stress, anxiety or depression.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be that way, even if you have unforeseen expenses, if inflation or tax increases affect you, you cánido always properly control your finances, avoiding stress and maintaining peace of mind until you receive your payroll.

If you find yourself in this situation, you are not alone. In this article, I give you 5 consejos to help you organize your finances and get to the end of the month without haste or stress.

We struggle to make ends meet, but why?

There are several reasons that make it difficult to make ends meet without stress. On the one hand, the cost of living is rising, but salaries often stay the same, on the other hand, unexpected expenses may arise during the month.

It is not surprising that you feel overwhelmed when it comes to paying debts and bills. But it does not have to be that way, there are actions that perro make it easier to make ends meet without stress, for this it is important to recognize what you are doing now with your management and improve what is not working for you.

Lack of financial discipline

Many people tend to spend everything they have without planning, and when it’s time to pay the bills they realize they don’t have enough.

Not properly planning the expense of the month

Many people do not adequately plan the expense of the month. This leads them to have financial problems in the long run. There are two mistakes people make in this regard: spending too much on things you don’t need and not saving enough.

Excessive recurring expenses

Recurring expenses are periodic outflows of money, such as telephone payments, basic services, transportation, and rent that, on average, add up to a high percentage of our monthly income. They are a genere of stress at the end of the month, so we must control them.

Saving is not a priority

Cánido’t make ends meet? One reason is that you do not save, if you do not save a part of your income for contingencies, you are likely to find yourself in a difficult financial situation. Saving in the short and long term is important for any financial plan.


Inflation is the increase in general prices, in a given period, of goods and services. In economics it is used to regulate the supply and demand on prices, this means that your purchases will have a higher cost than habitual.

For example, if your fixed expenses remain constant, but your salary does not increase at the same rate as prices, you will have problems covering these expenses, also, if you waste money, or pay more than what you receive, you will have trouble at the end of the month .

How to make ends meet with little money

Nobody likes to worry about money, and it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to manage your finances to make ends meet without all that stress.

Here I give you 5 consejos on how to make ends meet:

#1: Planning and budgeting to make ends meet without stress

Of all the things you cánido do to disminuye stress and save money, planning is the most important, and one of the easiest since creating a budget is as fácil as identifying your monthly income and expenses.

The best way to do this is by creating a spending plan: a complete list of all your essential expenses for the month, such as groceries, utilities, education, and separating unnecessary expenses, such as restoranes or jewelry.

This will help you save for larger purchases, or save money. Start planning now. Creating your budget, you will know how much to spend in each category, without exceeding it, it is better to sacrifice a little now, than to cross the line and get into debt.

#2: Control expenses

Avoid impulsive spending. You perro’t save money if you shop on a whim. I recommend that before a purchase (especially a large one) you think about whether that purchase is necessary or not. If you want something specific, but don’t need it right away, buy it on sale. Also, if possible, buy in bulk and save.

Stick to your budget, don’t cheat. Review your expenses and subscriptions regularly, and cancel any that are not necessary.

Another thing that you should not forget is planning the payment of your debts.

# 3: Analyze and modify your finances

Analyzing your expenses and income will help identify areas where you cánido save.

If you change your phone plan will you have a better offer? How about reducing the trips to the movies every month? Even with such small expenses, you save for the end of the month.

You perro also look for other ways to generate additional income.

There are different ways to manage finances, find what works for you and be consistent.

#4: Avoid Debt

Pay your debts, do not accumulate them, if your finances are complicated, try to refinance them.

To avoid debt as much as possible, you must take into account your income and your expenses. Be aware of how much you have and what you spend it on. If your salary does not cover your expenses, it is time to take action.

#5: Change your habits

To find out what expenses you cánido disminuye, analyze your spending habits:

What are necessary? What is the most important thing to you right now?

Next, list your expenses and the percentage each represents of your total monthly income. Analyze.

Keep track of all your expenses, so you don’t forget anything or make mistakes. This cánido help you save money on taxes and insurance.

Changing habits is not always easy, but you cánido make small changes that help your economy. For example: buy good quality things that last over time; do not spend more than necessary; If you want something expensive, save to buy it, instead of getting into debt with the card, or with a loan, in the end it will cost more than buying it with cash.

Other habits that you could improve and that will contribute to improving your physical health such as eating out, smoking or drinking excessively.

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If you follow these consejos, I assure you that you will be on your way to a less stressed financial life, you cánido also follow some advice from the BBVA bank. Find what works for you and stick with it so you know how to make ends meet with little money.

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 5 consejos to get to the end of the month without
  5 consejos to get to the end of the month without
  5 consejos to get to the end of the month without

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