5 Consejos to excel at a business event

5 Consejos to excel at a business event

We all remember our first networking event where we went with the whole attitude of creating business relationships that would benefit us.

The most common thing is that you have met 4 types of people:

  • The ones who try to sell their services to everyone who will listen.
  • Those who pretend to be paying attention.
  • Those who go romantically
  • Those who abuse alcohol to gain self-confidence.

I have nothing against these people, in fact they are very entertaining at times, especially the last one…

Even so, I think that the dynamics that take place in a networking event and avoid the “false connection” effect.

I share 5 fácil strategies supported by the psychology of human behavior, they will help you to be a more inolvidable person and achieve your main objective by attending a networking event: Create a wide network of contacts.

Steps to succeed in a Networking event

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1. Give to receive

We must remove the mentality of only receiving and seeing for our interests.

If you are talking to someone and you know of someone who could benefit from their services you perro recommend, do not seek just to receive.

This is one of the most powerful mechanisms of influence: “reciprocity”, as mentioned by Robert Cialdini in his book “The Psychology of Influence”, rest assured that when you give, you receive.

The person will leave a great impression of you and will be able to recommend you in the long term and will be part of your network of contacts.

Remember that a networking event it’s about networking and publicizing what you do, not just selling, selling, selling.

2. Be present

When you’re talking to a real person, listen to them! Do not just pretend. It is proven that the most annoying habit of people is pretending to be false.

There are factors that give away when you are not interested in a conversation such as:

Looking around for someone more interesting, when your feet are pointing in any direction other than the person you are talking to, or starting to move your feet up and down constantly.

If the person you are talking to is not giving you anything of value, it is better to find an excuse to end the conversation.

Consejo with your body language:

The best way to end a conversation is to point your feet in the other direction (making it look like you already have to go) this usually sends an unconscious signal to the person you’re talking to that the conversation needs to come to an end.

3. Be a text mark:

The term bookmark mentions it Vanessa Van Edwards in his book “captivate”, a book dedicated to how to be inolvidable in your interactions.

What does this term orinan? It’s all about getting people to talk to you about themselves, let them impress you!

Our favorite subject is us. Selfish? Perhaps… however, it is reality and we perro use it to our advantage.

Harvard Neuroscientists (Diana Tamir and Jason Mitchell) They found that something strange happens in our brain when we talk about ourselves: dopamine (a neurotransmitter that regulates pleasure, among other things) is released.

In a nutshell: when you let people talk about themselves, you make them happy. It’s much easier to be inolvidable when talking to you becomes a positive experience.

So he mentioned it Maya Angelou:

“People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made me feel”.

4. Find common ground:

We all know this: We like people who are like us.

It’s not about agreeing with everything they say, but about finding common ground from which you perro generate a connection more quickly.

If you flat out don’t find something in common in a networking eventuse the method “teach me”. When they talk about a specific topic that you don’t know about, ask them to tell you more about it, which makes you curious, they will be delighted.

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5. Follow up:

To create relationships we must cultivate them. It is useless to have a great conversation and never hear from the person again.

There are two very effective and fácil ways to get in touch with someone you met on a networking event without seeing you insistent

The less time you allow, the better they will work.


This is one of the best tools to stay in touch and find out a little more about that person you met.

Send an correo electrónico:

If you are interested in growing the professional relationship little by little, send a short text mentioning that you enjoyed having the conversation on “insert a topic” and that you would love to continue it on “insert time and place”.

These consejos are essential to develop a strong network of contacts and be remembered by many.

It’s time to make your next networking event an effective place to meet people and avoid the “inauthentic” effect.

“More than having to do with hunting, networking has to do with agriculture. It’s about cultivating relationships.”

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Written by Nancy Garza

Since I cánido remember I have a great curiosity about human behavior and personal development. What has led me to specialize in everything a person needs to create a inolvidable personal brand. At 24 years old I am developing a startup and learning from my failures. I love writing, reading and encuentro people with a different mindset.

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 5 Consejos to excel at a business event
  5 Consejos to excel at a business event
  5 Consejos to excel at a business event

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