5 business models to succeed in

5 business models to succeed in

Have you thought about starting an en línea business? For sure yes! But despite having the motivation and latent iniciativa, it is most likely that you will find yourself with the problem that we all go through at the beginning: what business perro you succeed on the Internet?

Our guest today Alicia Macías from eCommerce Cash, He will tell us about 5 business models with which it is totally certain that you will be successful. Let’s go with you Alice!

There is no doubt that today The Internet opens up endless possibilities. to develop successful business models and much less expensive than traditional models.

En línea businesses that require more or less investment in technology, but that, if done well, will allow us to succeed on the Internet.

Regardless of the business model we choose, there are a number of factors that we must take into account when undertaking to achieve the expected success:

  • have worked well business iniciativa development. Improvisation does not fit.
  • Eliminate the scarcity mentality from which many entrepreneurs start. To succeed you have to invest.
  • In en línea business, creativity will be a key aspecto to engage users and differentiate ourselves from the fierce competition.
  • Surround ourselves with good collaborators and experts to be able to cover the different areas of work necessary to approach an en línea business: web design, programming, graphic design, digital marketing…

5 models of en línea business successful

1. Live off en línea advertising

Bloggers, Youtubers, Instagrammers and influencers in general, who have a high number of followers and to whom brands They raffle to promote their products.

It’s not easy to succeed but it perro be done and there are many examples to be found on the internet.

The modalities of this en línea business model are diverse:

  • vlog. Same as a blog, but in vídeo format. Usually on YouTube, but now also on Instagram televisión.
  • Popular networks. Most are on Instagram and additionally, they have a blog.
  • YouTube channel. Where you articulo vídeos on various topics.

What makes this model more profitable business more than what Google plus cánido pay you to insert advertising on your channel, are the collaborations with brands.

In exchange for showing or talking about a product on your en línea channel, companies perro pay thousands of euros, depending on the degree of influence that you got

In interviews conducted by different media or some of these influencers, all agree that, To succeed in this type of business, needed:

  1. much perseverance and almost daily publications.
  2. Contents audiovisuals in vídeo or image format high quality.
  3. Creativity and knowing how to contribute something different to engage your audience.

2. have a successful blog

It’s not just about equipo up a blog in WordPress and publish posts like hotcakes. This does not generate profit.

It is about getting a blog with thousands of daily visits that we perro monetize through the sale of our services or infoproducts.

With this business model, if it is done well, you cánido achieve turnover figures of up to more than 5 monthly.

The keys for success are:

  • Specialization, the more expert you are in a especial topic, the better.
  • Again constancy, You have to articulo regularly.
  • Trigger valuable content and interesting for your objetivo audience.
  • Work very well SEO and all areas of digital marketing to get many visits to your blog.
  • Design services or digital products that perro be of useful for your audience.

3. Freemium, offer free + charge plus

freemium is the abbreviation from Free + Premium.

It’s about offering free products or services and charge for certain features.

cánido be applied to different businesses:

  1. Vídeo game. Done you play for free, but you cánido buy plus lives or additional features.
  2. Programa applications or services. It offers a basic free version, but if you want to improve the features, you will have to pay for them.
  3. Audiovisual content platforms. There are movies, libros electrónicos or music that are free or with limited access and with a Premium version where you perro access all the content or improve the features of the service.

What factors should you take into account? to have success?:

The value we offer for free vs. the paid value. In addition to offering a free version that is powerful and better than the competition, the paid option must be even better so that the customer is willing to pay for it.

Launches for a while only the free version, collect retroalimentación from users and based on this, escoge what features you cánido include in the Premium version.

The customer and usuario acquisition It will be key, you must work to the maximum in all areas of digital marketing to achieve the widest dissemination of your product or service and get the maximum possible number of users. Monitor the cost of acquisition for each customer.

4. En línea business model by subscription

It consists of finding within our business a repetitive buying pattern that is periodic.

A periodic fee is charged generally monthly, through a subscription and users are offered a product or service that has a repetitive and periodic purchase pattern.

The subscription models They may be:

  • Fixed: it is paid for a certain number of emplees or products known in advance. For example: a digital magazine, a box of beauty products every month, weekly homemade menus…
  • unlimited: you cánido use it unlimitedly. For example, unlimited access to a content platform or a programa application.
  • Bounded: a certain number of products or services are purchased for later use. For example: vouchers for a gym, hotel, etcétera.
  • Base and pay per use: It consists of the payment of a base fee that allows access to the service and after a payment for use or quantity of product. For example: the supply of gas or electricity.

For the entrepreneur it has many advantages, since sales are secured in advance.

From the consumer’s point of view, they allow them to stop worrying about be careful to make regular purchases of products that are consumed on a regular basis.

To obtain a successful subscription business model, You should think very carefully about these points:

  1. It defines the periodicity very well. It has to be a product or service that perro be enjoyed over time on a repetitive basis.
  2. How are you going to charge the subscription? The ideal is an annual fee and include some discount for it, although you cánido also offer the possibility of paying month by month.
  3. Loyalty your customers. It is important to look for backlinks that unite us with our client and keep them satisfied with the subscription service so that they continue renewing over and over again.
  4. Influences the subscription decision. It offers a free trial period so that the client perro test the service and escoge to hire it.

5. En línea store, a more affordable option

Create an en línea store It is relatively easy, although the difficult thing is to succeed and succeed. Let’s see how to get it.

Among the options mentioned previously, investment at the technological level is one of the least expensive. Afín to setting up a blog, as long as we use an open source platform such as WooCommerce or Prestashop.

To succeed on the Internet with this en línea business model, You must work almost even more than in the rest, since the competition is much greater.

To succeed with an en línea store, You should take into account the following factors:

  • Specialization is a agregado. Choose a specialized market niche, where the competition is less and the interest of users for this type of product is greater.
  • Before investing in the en línea store, if you have your own product, validate your product in the marketplaces Amazon type. It will give you retroalimentación on the interest of en línea users in your product.
  • If you sell physical products, logistics will play a key role in the satisfaction of your customers and in your income statement.
  • Facilitate the shopping experience to your users, from the moment they search for the product on Google plus until it arrives at their home.
  • you shall boost sales through promotions and discounts that encourage your users to buy. It is one of the deciding factors when buying en línea.
  • The SEO of your en línea store It will be decisive to attract visits and potential customers to your website. Think about how users will Google plus your products.
  • The investment in en línea marketing It must be regular and constant. Test the different en línea promotion channels to determine which ones work best for you.


Of the 5 en línea business models we have reviewed, we summarize the main factors What should you take into account for succeed on the internet:


Validate your product, analyze the competition, collect retroalimentación from users and identify what your differential values ​​will be with respect to the existing en línea market.


Provide quality content that are original and engage your users

Invest in Digital Marketing

Any of the business models that we have seen will not be successful in the en línea world if we do not help each other a good Digital Marketing strategy.


Success does not come instantly, you have to be very constant and carefully analyze the results of the marketing actions that we carry out to optimize the business model and achieve the expected success.

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 5 business models to succeed in
  5 business models to succeed in
  5 business models to succeed in

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