5 Best Long-Term Investments For

5 Best Long-Term Investments For

Many people dream of being millionaires, achieving financial freedom and having different sources of income.

However, only some are capable of making their goals a reality.

So what is the difference between the people who make this dream come true and those who don’t? His visión of money.

They understand that they are necessary long term investmentsand that saving money under the mattress is simply not enough.

Saving is the first step, but not the only one.

Saving money to watch it grow in your bank account won’t help you much in pursuit of your financial goals.

As he suggested Warren Buffett, “People save enough money to feel comfortable.

You should not.

They have opted for a horrible long-term asset, one that pays virtually nothing and is sure to lose value.”

Put money to work with these long-term investments:

This is why, if you have money saved and want to start investing, in this article we will share with you 5 long-term investments that vary according to your risk tolerance and your investment objectives.

So define what your financial goals are, and make the right decisions to make them come true.

These long-term investment ideas will undoubtedly help you grow your net worth and build your wealth.

Remember, in the short term you cánido make money, but in the long term you build wealth.



Between the long term investments From the list, perhaps crowdlending is one of the most interesting.

Before explaining how you cánido invest your money under this modality, we will explain what it consists of and what it means.

To begin with, the name “crowdlending” comes from two English words: crowd and lendingwhich would be translated respectively as multitude and loan.

The name is explanatory enough.

It is an investment model where a person or company seeks financing through loans from various participants, with the promise of paying them in the future with interest.

Crowdlending allows investors (creditors) to invest their money and earn profits, and it provides debtors with plus financing to carry out their projects.

As we mentioned, crowdlending is used by both individuals and companies:

– He crowdlending to natural persons is the most common form for these long term investments, where the debtor is a single person.

Under this modality, the payments are usually a little longer because, when they are large amounts, these people must answer for the entire capital.

Which cánido make it risky.

– He crowdlending to companies It is taken by companies or businesses that require capital for a specific project.

It cánido be said that this is much safer since it is much easier for these entities to pay amounts, in addition to the possibility of backing the loan with their own assets.

How to invest money under the crowdlending modality:

To start investing your money you must have an account on a platform that provides this type of services and investment.

Among the most recognized platforms is Bondora, which has more than 40,000 investors in 85 countries, and who have invested more than 140 million euros.

Within the Bondora portfolio, the platform has a service called Go & Grow for people who want to invest with low risk, without complications and with a net return that is predictable.

In addition, you do not need a lot of money to create your investment since you perro start investing from 10 euros, which opens up the possibility of putting money to work for small investors.

Among the characteristics of this service is that you cánido earn 6.75%* per year on your investment, request the withdrawal of your investment at any time with just one clic, and have a trustworthy investment thanks to its technology and diversification.

What does this orinan? That the Go & Grow platform is in charge of developing all the complicated aspects of the investment, and all you have to do is add the money to the account and wait for an expected rate of 6.75%* per year.

In short, a much more attractive investment than having your money saved without generating any profit.

Finally, like all long-term investments, you should seek to keep your fixed costs as low as possible, since your profitability may be affected due to these expenses.

In the case of Go & Grow, you only pay a flat withdrawal fee of €1, and you have no commissions for managing your account.

So if you want to start investing in crowdlending, all you have to do is open an account with Bondora.

What should you keep in mind under this long-term investment modality?

There are a number of consejos that you should keep in mind when accessing crowdlending safely.

find out:

The first thing is to advise and inform you very well, since, like all businesses on the Internet, there are unscrupulous people who seek to keep your money, scam you and offer you promises that are impossible to keep.

Investment peace of mind:

It is vitally important that you have an investment platform that gives you peace of mind that your money is in a safe place, that is transparent regarding the costs and risks involved in investing your money, and that is backed by the trust of others. investors.

You cánido start by creating an account with Bondora and take advantage of the features, facilities and benefits that such a robust and complete platform offers you.


If you are just starting out in the world of investments, the ideal is that you cánido invest your money easily.

For example, that it is only a matter of clicks to invest or withdraw your funds, that you know more or less how much your return cánido be, and that the risk you are running is low so as not to expose all your capital.


Root Property:

One of the most traditional forms of long term investments are the real estate.

Since the real estate market was created, capitalists saw it as an excellent way to support their money by buying properties that are very hard against devaluation.

Not only perro you invest in a flat or premises that cánido later be sold, but having a property of this type cánido generate endless ways to generate profits such as rentals, cheap franchises or even starting your own business.

This type of long term investments They require a large sum of money or capital to invest, since the purchase of these properties requires investors with availability of money.

In the case of real estate, you perro invest in two ways:

The first is to buy real estate and then resell it for a higher price.

There you are gaining an appreciation of the property.

For example, you buy an apartment for $50,000 and within 12 months you resell it for $75,000.

To calculate your profitability you must take into account the expenses associated with the maintenance of the property, the inflation during those 12 months, the taxes that you had to pay and the cost of the transaction.

Another alternative is to invest in properties such as houses, apartments or commercial premises and then rent them and generate a monthly income.

In this case, the initial investment is not recovered as quickly, but you are generating a monthly income.

Apart from the fact that you are gaining appreciation if you escoge to sell at some point in the future.

If you do not have a lot of capital, you cánido associate with several people and raise an amount of money that allows them to invest in these properties.

In fact, many financial institutions offer investment funds for this type of long-term investment.

3. The depósito market:

This is one of the best-known investments, what’s more, you probably already know it and still consider that this option is not for you.

This is because you may not fully understand the charts, statistics, and metrics that stockbrokers and investors use to evaluate your capital.

However, thanks to the rise of the internet and the globalization of capital markets, the option of investing in the depósito market has become very attractive.

It is important to clarify that we are not talking about speculation, but about long-term investment strategies in companies that have growth potential.

Recommended books:

Warren Buffett, the most successful investor of all time, talks about the difference between investment and speculation.

For him, “the line between them is never bright and clear, and it becomes even more blurred when most of the market participants have recently enjoyed triumphs.

This is why you must have a long-term visión when you invest in stocks; with investment criteria and not by emotion, with evaluation indicators and not by intuition.

The first thing you should do is learn how to invest in the depósito market, and then choose those assets that best suit your risk and investment objectives.

The good news is that with new brokers coming en línea, and assets like ETFs, mutual funds, and collective portfolios, you cánido easily start your investments.

4. Equity Crowdfunding:

Despite the fact that the name “crowdfunding” is often confused with “crowdlending”, and both cánido fulfill the same objective for the one who receives the capital (since it is being financed), both mechanisms are quite different for the investor.

As we already mentioned, crowdlending consists of loans that are made to individuals or companies in exchange for interest; while crowdfunding is a kind of investment in a project that is starting.

In other words, money is not being lent to finance the project, nor is it donating or buying products or services in advance, as is the case with Kickstarter, but we are “buying” a stake in the company.

Crowdfunding cánido also receive benefits such as advances of the products for a lower price, along with any other reward that the creators of the project or entrepreneurs perro think of, but here part of the company is being sold to a group of interested people.

This type of long-term investment has a good horizon, since, according to Statista data, in 2018 transactions worth more than 9 billion dollars will be registered and 25 billion dollars will be reached in 2022 worldwide. under the different crowdfunding models.

5. You:

Finally, this iniciativa may sound somewhat cliché, or even disappointing after considering these so interesting long-term investmentsbut investing in yourself is one of the smartest decisions you cánido make.

Curiously, it is also the investment that the vast majority of people forget about.

Although reading about long term investments It is an excellent way to start diversifying your income and destinations for your earnings, none of this will work for you if you do not know what you are doing.

Today you have access to countless information through courses, books, seminars, consultancies and events, which, thanks to the internet, are literally just a clic away.

And in many cases, even for free.

In conclusion, if you take any of the other four long term investments, you cánido have an excellent source of income to secure your capital.

If you invest in yourself, you will be able to see money where others cannot.

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*As with any investment, your capital is at risk and investments are not guaranteed.

The yield is up to 6.75% per year.

Before you escoge to invest, please review Bondora’s risk statement or consult a financial adviser if necessary.

This article was produced in collaboration with Bondora

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 5 Best Long-Term Investments For
  5 Best Long-Term Investments For
  5 Best Long-Term Investments For

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