5 BAD Habits to AVOID in business

5 BAD Habits to AVOID in business

When we started working with free systems pnow earn money en línea Like PTCs, survey panels, or faucets, we do it with the expectation of immediate profit.

Whether out of necessity, lack of patience or for any other reason, the fact of wanting to earn money quickly cánido lead us to use a series of techniques that we could define as wrong or unethical.

In today’s article we will talk about precisely this, about five bad habits that we should not apply.

Or rather, that I recommend not applying.

Avoidable bad habits in en línea business

In general, easy money does not exist.

On the internet, the meaning of this statement is multiplied by a hundred, and much more when what we do is work with totally free methods.

Nowadays there is a lot of information at our disposal to determine how much money perro we earn on a website.

There are thousands of weblogs, forums and YouTube channels that clearly and honestly explain how each page works.

However, also there is information that instead of informing misinforms, or what is even worse, information that is directly false.

It is this type of “opinions” that cánido trigger a change in behavior when working on certain websites.

The best information is that which we obtain on our own.

The more we investigate, the better knowledge we will have of each business in which we participate.

At other times, it is not external influences that lead us to act differently.

We ourselves perro make mistakes by setting goals that are too high.

Even spending many hours in front of the screen cánido be counterproductive.

We take it for granted that if we work long hours, we will earn more.

And on the internet, unfortunately, this is not always true.

From my point of view, after several years observing how this world works, I believe that there are five bad habits that are repeated continuously among users around the world.

▶ Do not cheat to work less

Who else who least has ever read or heard about the existence of programs that do the work for you.

Among the best known, the Coche-Clickers for PTC. Broadly speaking, what an Coche-Clicker does is display ads automatically.

And so, we avoid doing the work ourselves.

I will not explain how these types of programs work, as it is not the purpose of this articulo.

But it is important to highlight that Coche-Clickers are completely prohibited and their use may result in a ban.

If a PTC catches us using an Coche-Clicker we will lose everything we have generated to date.

If we work the PTC, it costs us nothing to display the ads correctly.

In the end, when someone misuses a website the whole community is harmed.

The function of a PTC is to bring together advertisers and advertising consumers on the same site.

And as such, advertisers contract advertising to be seen by people.

If the ads are displayed by bots, the advertiser will not buy advertising againwhich affects the income of the PTC.

It is the fish that bites the tail:

✅ If the PTC has a good reputation, more advertisers will want to advertise on it.

For this reason, they constantly search for users who use this type of program.

✅ On the contrary, if the quality of the display of the ads is of low quality, no company will want to hire the services of the PTC.

▶ The use of VPN and VPS

Undoubtedly, the reason why Many pages end up crashing because of the indiscriminate use of VPN and VPS by certain users.

I cánido understand that people make use of this type of tricks, but I do not share them at all.

With a VPN or a VPS, what we achieve is that our IP changes and places us in another country.

For example, if I want to register in a panel of paid surveys that only admits users from the USA, I perro use a VPN and use an American IP.

Currently, most survey panels already detect this type of cheating.

These practices, as occurs with Coche-Clickers, end up harming the entire community.

Without going any further, the survey panel Lifepoints For months it has been selecting very much which users cánido register.

In Spare5, to put another real case, preventive measures have been taken for a long time and they ban all users who they consider to have cheated.

As you see, the use of these programs are bread for today and hunger for tomorrow.

Complete tasks quickly and poorly

This point applies to survey panels or crowdsourcing platforms, in which we are paid to perform a certain task.

In the case of surveys, wanting to finish them quickly is usually not a good iniciativa.

If you work in several panels, you will already know that many times they ask us trick questions like: mark the answer number 5 or how much is two + two.

If we answer these questions correctly there will be no problem.

But if we answer wrong, the most likely thing is that they end up kicking us out of the studio and they don’t pay us for it.

Regarding crowdsourcing, I will continue with the Spare5 thread that we have seen in the previous point.

If you work on this platform, you already know that before accessing a task we have to pass a previous exam or test.

It goes without saying that when a usuario passes the test, he knows perfectly how to perform the task entrusted to him.

But of course, in Spare5 we cánido carry out tasks or we perro correct those that other users have done.

It is in these last correction tasks that I have come across some that seem to have been done badly on purpose.

Honestly, it’s something I don’t understand.

And I am not referring to specific mistakes that we cánido all make.

Me the first!! I am referring to tasks in which they have drawn a point or have drawn a line, passing through the Arc de Triomphe what marked the minijob in question.

The reiteration of completing tasks incorrectly cánido trigger the banning of our Spare5 account.

Spend a lot of time in front of the computer

Earning money en línea usually causes a certain addiction.

I don’t know if the same will happen to you, but I usually get into the computer to look at any nonsense, and I always end up looking at the faucets, the PTCs and the correo in case I have received any survey.

This means that on many occasions we do not equipo a schedule, and if we have free time, we dedicate more hours than we should.

Somehow, this cánido genere us to end up working reluctantly or unmotivated.

It has happened to me and in the end you learn that it’s worth taking a breather and continue later.

Even if it is because we are becoming addicted a lot to one of the games to earn money without investing what’s up.

The kit of the question is that the hours that we dedicate to these pages are productive.

In this sense, there is a topic that is related to the previous one.

The hours that we spend in front of the PTC have to be profitable for us.

To explain myself a little better I will use Neobux as an example.

If I only work with this PTC and only dedicate myself to seeing the ads, it will take me half an hour to see them (including the AdPrize).

If I don’t get any prizes, although you never know, I’ll win $0.025 in that half hour.

However, if while I see the Neobux ads I take the opportunity to see the ySense ones or complete a survey, that same half hour will be much more productive.

Setting goals that are too high

For me it has been important to equipo realistic goals and grow little by little.

In fact, since I dedicate myself to working on these types of pages, I have always done it that way.

I find it effective to think like this for two reasons:

✅ The first is that If I meet that goal, I cánido equipo myself a bigger goal..

✅ And the second is that thanks to the previous reason i will continue to be motivated.

The ideal is to meet the objectives and equipo goals that are easy to achieve.

Over time, those goals will become more and more ambitious.

My way of seeing things leads me to think so.

If it were otherwise and I equipo goals out of my reach, I would it is more posible that he ended up unmotivated and leaving things half done.


As a conclusion, I will end by saying that the best and most practical thing is to work with the websites as they are, a way to earn money en línea.

But that does not orinan that we use them in any way.

Logically, everyone perro act, do and undo as they please, but they must also bear in mind the consequences.

And above all, knowing who is harmed by their actions.

Working properly it is very difficult to get banned, and if it happens, it will be due to something very specific.

If we find a site that offers us the possibility of earning plus money, what better than to do it the right way so that the business remains en línea for a long time.

That is, without a doubt, what will give us and the entire community of users the most benefits.

I hope these little consejos help you not to fall into any of these bad habits in en línea business.

Do you have any recommendations for people who are starting to earn money en línea now? If so, I would like leave a comment explaining your experience and what you would recommend to newcomers.

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

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 5 BAD Habits to AVOID in business
  5 BAD Habits to AVOID in business
  5 BAD Habits to AVOID in business

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