41 profitable business ideas to invest

41 profitable business ideas to invest

You have known for a long time that you want to do something different and change the course of your life.

It’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet.and you know that with your salary you will not be able to achieve the lifestyle you have always wanted.

You want to have a job where your effort is valued and you are paid what you deserve, and thus be able to give your family a good life; but to get it, your economic possibilities must grow.

And with the job you’re at right now, you will never get that.

But there are so many things you have to take care of that you don’t feel like you have the time enough to get it.

Many ideas have already occurred to you, but they only stop at that.

Time keeps passing you are still in the same place where you were 5 years ago, and you don’t know what to do to take the first step towards that life you want.

Would you love to be your own boss?and start a venture with which you could finally achieve everything you have always dreamed of.

However, choose a good business it is a very important decisionyou cánido not invest money that you have in something that in the end does not work out.

You did not come across this article by oportunidad. all successful people had doubts before starting a business, but they overcame fear and took the first step.

And that’s why you’re here: because you want to take control of your life and finally take that step that It will get you a little closer to your goal.

Here I am going to help you achieve it, and I am going to give you 41 business ideas to invest with little money that you perro start successfully in a few days, and with which you perro finally leave that job that you hate so much.

Also, I’m going to teach you how to choose the best business for you so that your path to entrepreneurship is even easier.

What will you find in this article?

What business cánido I put?

▶ 41 easy and profitable business ideas

whatWhat business perro I put?

To know which business to put first you must discover what you are passionate about doingcheck if you have enough skills and knowledge to handle it, and then evaluate your iniciativa to see if what you want to offer really has a good customer demand or not.

The easiest way to know what business you perro put is Start with what you already know how to do.

In order to start your business, make your business plan and offer something attractive to your customers, you will have to know very well what you are selling them.

You more than anyone should know what are the weaknesses and the advantages of what you offer to be able to sell it.

If you are not very sure, check your sintetiza. Pay attention to those projects that have turned out very well and from there choose your path.

Lean your business to the field in which you have more preparation and experience.

if you do this, your history will serve as a copia de seguridad to present your business to your customers, your suppliers and potential investors.

Another advantage is that you will have an agenda filled with the contacts needed to start and operate your business.

So you won’t have to go to the trouble of building relationships from scratch.

For example, if your background is in the field of beverage manufacturing, you already know what the production process iswhat are the machinery that you will need and who are the best suppliers of raw material.

If you are unsure because you have several options, even better! do some research to know in which area you have more chances to succeed in the market.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough experience in any area, or you’re so tired of your job that you don’t want to know anything about it, you perro choose something that you find interesting and learn everything you need to know about it.

Today there are many ways in which you cánido learn about anything.

If you already have a job, take en línea classes in your free timesign up for workshops or seminars, buy some books or download vídeo tutorials.

The important thing is that you make sure learn as much as possible about the business you are going to start.

When you already know what the area of ​​your business is, choose which is the specific activity what are you going to do Manufacture a product? or Provide a service?

This is important because that will depend the resources you will need for a start.

Another thing that you should take into account when choosing your business It’s your budget and the options you have. Yes, it’s true that dreaming is free, but making some dreams come true costs a little more than others.

For example, if you are a mechanical engineer and have years of experience in the automotive field, your dream may be make your own car brandbut for a smaller budget, the best thing would be to start a mechanical taller or manufacturing small spare parts and little by little grow.

In short, it is about choose something you likehave knowledge about it and adjust it to your budget.

Once you have chosen your business, to be completely sure that it is the business for you and that you have the correct iniciativa of ​​what it is, evaluate your iniciativa.

Start by to know in practice what it is about, If you chose something from your field of expertise, you probably already know it, but if you studied to learn how to do it, find a way to put what you learned into practice.

So you’ll find out if it’s really that goodas easy or as interesting as in books.

The next thing is to make relationships with people who move in the same environment.

Do not present yourself as a possible competitor because they will close the doors immediately, rather approach as an interested consumer.

Look for people who are willing to share their knowledge and above all, to give you an honest opinion about the business.

If you have obtained enough information, you still like your business iniciativa and you have the necessary tools; go ahead.

now you must make sure you will have more profit What expenses in your business?

Your initial budget it will espectáculo you what your expenses will bestudy the market of the town where you want to start your business and investigate what types of customers you could have.

If you know your customers, the demand for your product and your competitors, you will be able to a projection of earnings and you will also know how long it takes to recover your investment.

In the end it really is very easy, if there are more profits than expenses, your business iniciativa is worth it, If you have more expenses than profits, your numbers will be in the red, so it is best to choose another business iniciativa.

Finally Do a business risk assessment. Think about what are the events that perro affect your business and ocasione losses, and what are the chances of them happening.

So you have an iniciativa, These risk events perro be new legal regulations, legal prohibition of the activity you carry out, problems in the economy of your country, lack of credit possibilities, lack of human resources (people with technical knowledge).

If you have followed this process and your business iniciativa passed your evaluation it’s time to create your business plan and choose the name of your company.

41 ideas of easy and profitable business

1. Event agency

An event planning agency offers you professional services to individuals and companies for organize family reunionsbusiness or sports.

You cánido offer all these types of events but I recommend you specialize in one of them, so you will have a better oportunidad of being the best in your area.

To choose the type of events you want to plan, start with identify what your skills are and with what type of people you relate best, that is, if your best relationships are on a personal or business level.

When you have identified what you want to do, do workshops and courses that they give you certificates and diplomas to add them to the presentation of your company.

At the same time, create your business plan and make a budget.

When you are ready to start your business look for the suppliersso you cánido work with the advances of your clients.

2. Courier and parcel services

to start your business Choose what type of vehicles you are going to use for your service, they perro be bicycles, motorcycles or cars.

If you are presented with a service where you need to use a truck or van, do not turn it down, you cánido rent what you need while your business grows, so have on hand the contact of a company with freight services.

For your business plan and your budget take into account the way in which you are going to charge the shipments.

You must take into consideration the distance, weight and size of shipments, you cánido ask the prices in other companies So you have an iniciativa.

Then, find an office It doesn’t have to be very big, and you cánido even start at home, but try not to use a lot of furniture so you have room for the packages.

Finally choose a name and look for the requirements in your country to start a business of this type.

3. open a lugar de comidas

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional chef or if you just have a huge passion for cooking, this is always a good deal.

The best thing is that you cánido start small and it will grow very fast.

One piece of advice for running a lugar de comidas successfully is to start with choose the type of lugar de comidas and the customers you want to cook for.

It will not be the same budget nor a business plan for a national food lugar de comidas than for a gourmet one or for a pastry shop.

When you are clear in what you will specialize you will know how to find the locationthe furniture and the indicated suppliers.

Spread the word among your acquaintances, Host a grand opening and start your business!

I recommend that you read the following article in which you will find the step by step to equipo up your lugar de comidas: How to open your own lugar de comidas in just 8 steps.

4. Consulting services

If you have skills in a business area such as accounting, marketing, law or computing, you perro start your own business and practice your profession.

Small businesses may be your first objetivo, while you start to grow and gain reputation.

In consultancy services, image is very important, you must give an impression of seriousness and solidity.

Take this into account when choosing the location of your office and I recommend be very careful when choosing the people who will work for you.

Prepare a good publicity projectyou are going to need them to know you a lot to get your first clients.

5. Day care

This is a business that you perro start from home with no money and that you cánido enjoy a lot.

Start by babysitting your friends’ children.so you cánido do a practical test on a small scale.

The main thing is insure your house or the space where you will start your business, to make it childproof.

Also make it kid-friendly and have fun distractions.

If you organize your business plan and your budget well, you perro offer additional services such as food, directed tasks and vacation plans.

For credibility, look for pedagogy courses that lead to diplomas and certifications, and make sure comply with the legal requirements from your country.

6. Dance school

To start this business the two best options are specialize in one type of dance and be the best among your competitors or be the only one that offers all possible options.

You perro also add other possibilities to your business such as sell dance equipment, rent the rooms that are free, offer choreographies at events, do special courses for tourists or couples…

You will need a good dance space for classes and good music reproduction equipment.

design a uniform with the logotipo of your school, so the registered people will be your best publicity.

7. pet accessories store

If you don’t have sales experience, seek some advice before starting your business plan.

Think about the scheme of your businessif you prefer to buy everything from other suppliers or if you will take the opportunity to design and create your own brand.

A utility that animal boutiques put into practice is offer catalogs with hundreds of options of pet accessories.

The next is choose where you are going to sell.

En línea through a website or in a store at a location.

An en línea store has a much lower initial costbut a store in a local, although it will be more expensive, offers more exposure and it will be easier to get the first customers.

Choose a name that makes you stand out between your clients and you will be ready to start your business.

8. Artificial turf court rental

When you start your business plan take into account the budget you will need to find the space, prepare and maintain the field.

All costs must be included in the price and also make it competitive, this will be your biggest challenge.

Find a highly aparente area, preferably urban surrounded by potential clients and advertise it well with an inauguration or with special promotions to gyms or sports clubs.

With your artificial turf field you will make a profit with rent by the hour or rent for tournaments.

You cánido also provide services like soccer classes, sandwich shopsshower rentals or rentals for birthday parties.

9. Buy and wholesale

With this business you will behave as a dealer.

So when you draw up your business plan, take into account that to disminuye costs you should go directly to the manufacturer.

If you have good relationships, you won’t even have to invest, you will act as an intermediary that takes the merchandise from the factory to the retailers.

The best is that specialize in a field you know very wellso you cánido recognize quality products from deceptive products.

Wholesale purchases and sales you perro do it locally or through imports and exports, a page that is a reference in this business is Alibaba.com with which you cánido import wholesale from China.

One advantage of this business is that you have a large profit margin and you cánido play with your prices and create different prices for different customers.

For example, from 10 units, $20 per unit, from 100 units, $18 per unit, and so on. keep doing discounts to encourage larger purchases.

10. baby elementos store

Among the specialized stores these are some of the the most successful ones.

Every time a baby is born, everyone thinks about all the things that parents are going to need.

So you will not sell only clothes, You cánido also sell accessories, furniture, cosmetic products…

Choose where you are going to start, if you will have your own en línea store, if you are going to use a sales page or if you will have your store in a local.

Your biggest competitors will be the big franchises, so you have to offer a personal touch To differentiate yourself, pay attention to advertising and decoration.

Other service that you perro offer is a baby shower gift list

If you haven’t seen it yet, It is a list created by the parents of the gifts that they would like to have, with the invitation to the baby shower they send a reference to your store and people will choose their gifts from the list created by the parents.

Add the service of wrapping gifts or create gift baskets with home delivery.

eleven. Residence for the elderly

The most important thing in your business plan will be find the right place.

All the people who choose a place for their old age or for their grandparents, first visit the place to see if they will feel comfortable.

The most important services that you should take into account They are food, medical care, rest areas and recreational activities.

For all this you must hire trained staff.

Advertise and offer a stay service that family members will pay or a system of payment by installments that people will make during their lives to guarantee their residence in old age.

Don’t forget that this is a business that goes beyond numbers and need professional ethics.

12. Home delivery service

Many businesses want to offer home delivery to their customers, but they don’t have the budget to cover all the operating expenses.

This is where you come in with a business plan that is made to meet this need.

You’ll offer your services directly to businesses to make deliveries to customers.

This is a service that you cánido offer to stores in stores or en línea stores.

Also, as your business grows you cánido receive orders for people, After all, who hasn’t forgotten lunch at home without being able to go back to get it?

13. En línea store

One of the ways to start a business with little budget, en línea and without leaving home is to create your own en línea store.

To start your en línea store, Find the products you are going to sell. You perro sell everything from books and t-shirts to real estate and cars.

Choose a name for your storeis what is called a domain in the Internet world and you must reserve it to be the only one who emplees it.

The next step is design and create your storefor this you perro use Internet platforms that offer you all the tools such as Wix.

Then, get all your inventory so you cánido give a quick response to your customers.

Finally start selling and use popular networks like Fb, Pinterest and Instagram to advertise to your store.

14. Manufacture and sale of candles and aromatic soaps

Lately the craft products business you grow a lot.

Making your own candles and soaps is very fácil and You perro find hundreds of tutorials on the internet.

This business you cánido start it from home and you will need few materials to start.

some of the materials what are you going to need They are dyes, paraffin, essences, perfumes, molds, wick, stearin, trays, lubricants and a kitchen.

To make the soap you cánido make glycerin yourself using the recycled oil from the franchises, thus you will save costs and have a nice gesture with the environment.

next thing will be design the candles and soaps that you are going to sell, so that they look like your customers.

start manufacturing and choose whether to sell your products en línea or in a local store.

fifteen. catering services

While this is a business you cánido easily start from home, you will need planning and organization skillsso start by making your business plan.

Take an inventory of what you have and what equipment you will need to buy. For example, you might need a separate freezer.

Also you will need trays to carry the foodserving dishes, and warmers for the bufé.

Find an area in which you perro specializeand in which you cánido stand out, you may not have the capacity to cover large events but you cánido attend birthday parties, engagement parties and bachelor parties.

Choose a menu to offer your customers. Start with those dishes that you are an expert with.

Build relationships with suppliersnot only food, but also rental of utensils that you might need such as glasses, tables or chairs.

Start offering your services to all the people you know and by all possible means and start your business.

16. Travel agency

start your business planning vacations or business trips for your clients.

You perro start your business en línea or equipo up an agency in a small store, you won’t need a lot of space; the most important thing is to offer all kinds of reservationsflights, hotels, vehicles, restoranes.

The travel agent business is very competitive so you must turn your agency into an original brand.

You are going to achieve this offering original servicesFor example, special local services such as a tour in a vineyard, or a reservation for a romantic dinner on the beach.

Create a long list with your hotel and airline inventory so you cánido offer many options and with different prices.

Do a housewarming promotion that you will use to make your first advertising campaign and start getting clients.

17. mobile bar

You will have your own mobile bar that you will take to private events or public places to sell drinks.

Choose the type you are going to use, It perro be just a bar that you carry and weapons in the place or a van like a kind of food truck

This is a business that is starting to boom so it will result in an original iniciativa that will arouse the curiosity of customers.

The first thing you will need to put together your business plan are the liquor licenses, as they are mandatory in all countries.

Sometimes you will need one type of license for drinks like beer and another for drinks like wine and vodka.

Build the inventory of utensils that you are going to need in addition to the mobile bar, such as cup holders, cocktail shakers and blenders.

Finally find the suppliers of beverages that cánido craft breweries, vineyards or large liquor chains.

18. night tours

Most agencies offer all kinds of attractions for tourists during the day and assume that the night is for sleeping.

But this is no longer so true, the night life of the cities is more and more interesting and tourists want to know it.

So this is another business plan that you are going to assemble to cover a need, which means that you already have a market to exploit.

If you have a short budget, It begins by offering the service to travel agencies, Create an inventory of the best places to visit and make a schedule that allows you to do various activities.

You perro too Build relationships with property owners to offer special advantages such as a VIP room or a table with exclusive attention.

make different plans so that you perro offer your services to people of all ages and with all tastes.

19. Sale of organic products

the green business it is a growing market because every day there are more people with environmental awareness.

The options for organic products are many, practically anything that does not have chemical processes and does not harm the environment it is an ecological product.

Some examples are ecological bags, made with biodegradable material or cloth to make them reusable.

Objects made with recycled materials or organic fruits and vegetables.

So the first thing is to choose the product and create a business plan that fits that market.

twenty. Repair taller

Nowadays things are not manufactured to be as durable as before.

AND Not everyone perro buy a new dispositivo every time it breaks.

If you have knowledge of appliances or electricity you cánido start your business repairing electronic devices like phones and computers or appliances.

To start your business with the sale of household appliances, choose the type of devices with which you are going to specialize and make an inventory of the tools you will need.

This It is a service that you cánido offer from home or at home and thus you will save an important part of the costs.

Also, take advantage of your skills to repair artifacts and sell them as salvaged equipment at a thrift store.

twenty-one. martial arts school

The first thing you should think about for this business is that you are really prepared in these disciplines and that you perro teach them responsibly, if you are not, it is best to hire trained professionals.

Having clarified that, it is a business worth investing in because it is in high demand and your customers may be of all ages and both sexes.

The best thing is that the only thing you will need is the space and to get the clients, nothing more, You will not need expensive things to start your business.

To get clients choose which specific customers you want to haveso you will know what type of advertising you need to make yourself known.

22. beauty salon at home

Offering beauty services at home is attractive for clients and for you, because you save operating costs and you perro also offer low prices compared to the competition.

To start with your business plan you will need, of course, the knowledge of the beauty treatments that you will offer to your clientss and the products you will use.

To bring the service to your customers you will need a means of transportationso this is the first thing you should think about and budget for.

Define the area in which you are going to work and the beauty treatments that you are going to offer.

The next thing will be to get a group of friends who agree to be your test models for spread the word about your new business.

23. Space design agency

if you are from those people who pay attention to details and you feel like a decorator from birth, this is the business for you.

Start by defining what your style isif you prefer landscaping or interior design and identify the clients you are looking for.

Then, You must find a way to get on the customer’s radar and for this, nothing better than a web page.

Use your website to display your portfolio and let customers know that you are what they are looking for.

I suggest you to create your portfoliofind three friends who will agree to let you do the decorating work for free, in exchange for letting you leave your personal imprint and use it as a reference design.

Once you do the job, make sure you take excellent quality photos that espectáculo every detail of your designs and upload them to your website.

24. pet daycare

There is no doubt that the little furry ones are one more member of the family, and it is common for people to want to leave their pets in good hands when they are not at home.

condition the space in which you are going to start your nursery.

It is best not to use any type of cagesbut to create spaces where pets are kept in groups during most of the day.

Many pet day care centers separate them by size during play time.

It is also common for puppies to be separated from adult dogs.

The facility must offer play areas, rest areas, outdoor areas, and people love having access to live uso contínuo cameras that allows them to see their pets during the day.

Then, choose the services you are going to offer to your clients and the hours in which your nursery will be open.

You cánido make combinations of services and schedules to create a maleable price listmost pet daycares charge between $18 and $32 per day.

25. Hand-made jewelry

Jewelry goes far beyond precious minerals, what’s more, the trend is jewelry and jewelry of all kinds of materials.

If you have nimble hands for crafts, do not have the slightest doubt in using them to design necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Instead, if you don’t feel so confident you cánido buy the jewelry made and do your business as a distributor.

To start make your budget of the materials and the time that you will need.

Although it is a business that you perro do at home, make sure to separate your accounts personal accounts of your business.

in your business plan detalla the clients and occasions for which you are designingA beach necklace for a teenager is not the same as an elegant bracelet for a contemporary adult.

When you know who you are going to design for choose or create collections with matching clothes.

Finally equipo a price per item and by equipo and promote your designs in every way you perro.

26. translation agency

All multinational companies need create content in more than one language.

These companies hire agencies to make the translations of publications in popular networks, web pages, conferences and the description of their products.

To start your agency choose the two or three most requested languages, You cánido start doing the translations yourself or hire translators.

Another service that you perro add to your business is the availability of interpreters to translate live conversations.

If this last iniciativa catches your eye, start by contacting travel agencies and offer your service to tourists.

27. children’s sports club

Most children do at least one sporting activity in their spare time, so when start you already have a market with a high demand.

For start your business plan think about the activities you cánido offer and adjust them to your budget.

For example, If you have a lot of space you cánido make a soccer or basketball field, if you don’t have so much space you will offer sports such as wrestling.

Choose a name and create a logotipo for the club and design the way in which it will work, that is, if the payments will be made monthly or by subscription or if the income will be through referrals.

condition the spacesbuy the implements you need and place your logotipo in several aparente places.

Start making registrations and offer special services such as sports tournaments on weekends.

28. thrift store

There are several reasons to start this businessyou will start with merchandise that you already have, you will make space in your armario, you will help people with fewer resources and you will recycle to help the planet.

to start your store choose the clothes, objects or accessories you want to sell.

Sort the things you chose by categories and wash or clean them so that they are in good condition.

compare prices on pages on the Internet or in other thrift stores, and pin yours.

Finally choose if your store will be virtual or if you will start it in a local, spread the word to your acquaintances and advertise on popular media like Fb and Pinterest.

29. food truck or food truck

The trend that begins to surpass fast food chains are the mobile food stalls.

Is that the iniciativa of ​​having any type of food always at hand It has been welcomed by people of all ages.

Start by finding the places where you perro do your businessPlease note that in some locations the number of food truck permits is limited.

Besides, note that it is a place where many people pass and that it does not already have many other food services.

The next is choose a name, a specialty and a menu for your food stall.

What are you going to sell?

When your plan is ready get your truck and buy all your inventoryfrom the napkins to the plant for electricity.

If you want to start with a lower budget optionTry an ice cream or hot dog cart.

Never forget that it’s important advertise and make yourself known to get more customers and start growing.

30. Rent a car

We’ve all arrived at the airport and waited in a long line to get a rental car, We already know that it is a business with high demandAlthough there is also a lot of competition.

For a start, you will need a fleet of vehicles, so think of all the ways you perro get them.

Through a guaranteed loan, with a bank credit or even rented to another company.

In your budget, take maintenance costs into account of your entire fleet of vehicles.

Then choose the rental system with which you are going to work Per day or per hour?

It also sets the pricesthat are attractive compared to those of your competitors.

Choose where you are going to start your companyhere you also have several options, offer your services only to travel agencies, create an en línea store, make an office or all of the above.

In this business it is especially important to find a good insurance company and take out an insurance policy for your fleet of vehicles.

ohYou’re ready to start your business!

31. photo agency

To start your photography business, You have to be maleable with job offers.

It is habitual that at an artistic level you prefer a specialty, but to make a reputation it is best to accept all possible clients.

For photo agencies that are starting, a photo session perro cost between $100 and $200, this will be very little, but be patient that when your reputation grows you will be able to increase the prices.

Use part of your first earnings to Invest in good equipment.

Your best investment will be in the camerathe lenses and the photo editing programs that you are going to use.

Finally, create your portfolio and use it to espectáculo the quality of your work and advertise for your business to be a reference brand.

32. Yoga and meditation taller

The most important thing in a yoga taller is the space, you have to prepare it so that it has a touch of personality and originality.

Then create class schemassuch as meditation, flexibility, beginners, toning…

When you know the types of classes you are going to offer make a schedule with class times.

The most important thing is that there is diversity in the schedule and try not to repeat the same instructors many times within the day or within the same week, sometimes people connect better with some teachers than others.

For your business to grow and increase profits, offers special eventsFor example, a taller on meditation techniques.

Finally, take advantage of the customers you already have to expand your businessselling personalized yoga mats, sportswear, books and everything you perro think of.

33. chef at home

If you have a passion for food and have made a profession as a chef but you don’t have money to start your own lugar de comidasthis is the business for you.

Being a chef at home It will save you a lot of rent, maintenance and personnel expenses.

First of all obtain all possible certifications and build your sintetiza to serve as a cover letter for your clients.

Build your recipe inventoryit will be something like your personal catalog and must be adjusted to all possible requests, such as vegetarian food, low-fat or a children’s menu.

Prepare a survey form that you will use to have the profile of your clients and thus you will be able to take aprecies of all the things that they have asked you without missing anything.

Choose a name for your business make it eye-catching and relate to the specialty of your food, if you already have a reputation, use your own name and create a brand.

Start your business from home, en línea, create a web page and ask your first customers to recommend your services.

3. 4. Housekeeping

This business You cánido start it with a small budget.

your first investment It will be in the cleaning supplies that you will be using, such as cleaning brushes, cloths, and cleaners.

Don’t forget to buy cleaning products that are friendly to the environment!

Define the customers to whom you are going to offer cleaning services: In homes, in industrial companies or in offices.

A consejo to start building your business and save on costs is do the cleaning yourselfmake a schedule to serve several clients during the week.

The important thing in this step is to do your work well and earn the trust of customers.

Do not forget to create your professional imagestart by wearing a uniform that you perro always be identified in and wear an apron to make it last longer.

35. Publicity design

As you may have already noticed, all businesses no matter how big or smallThey need an advertising plan.

So for a business of advertising, There are as many potential customers as there are businesses.

Prepare yourself with a business plan that includes your sales plan, the services you are going to offer, what is the budget for your expenses and if you are going to need to hire staff to start.

Choose the services with which you will stand outyou will not stop offering everything that is possible, but use the two things that you know how to do the most to differentiate yourself, such as website design or advertising campaigns.

Advertising is a world that changes all the time so the ways to stay up to date They have to be part of your business strategy.

Now, to take the first step with your business, look for small businesses that may need your helpFor example, improve the website of an en línea clothing store.

Also consider the option of do small jobs for free in exchange for an excellent recommendation, so you will multiply your clients.

36. relaxing spa

Businesses that have to do with beauty treatments are always in high demand, the ideal is to offer variety to catch up with the competition.

First, study the competitors very wellvisit them, vea the services they provide, the facilities and the price list.

Think about the space you have available and Make a list of the services you are going to offer.

Then, studies the plan of the space to locate the services according to their water and electricity needs. That is, cold showers must be near a water connection and tanning booths will need electricity.

Start decorating the space and put together the inventory of the equipment and products that you will need

Offer packages to attract your customersmake discounts with several treatments that are in high demand and some that are in low demand, to make them more attractive.

37. Language School

Teaching languages ​​is quite a maleable business.; You cánido offer it in an institution, at home, en línea or with vídeo tutorials.

So for starters, know your budget and select the ways in which you will teachyou cánido use more than one resource.

Now, you have to know what you are going to teachmany schools that teach only English are very successful.

Perro start with english and add more languages ​​over time.

Even one way to take advantage of your knowledge of languages ​​such as Spanish is by certifying yourself in en línea courses to be an ELE teacher.

Depending on the size of your business, you are going to need staff, it is fenezca if you want to start giving the classes yourself, but consider hiring one or two more instructors for more profit.

Enroll in teaching organizations that certify you in the languageso you will have more chances of finding students.

38. pet training school

You will need a special certification to start this business, but it will be worth it because the competition is little.

When you have the knowledge and experience, you will be ready to start with your business plan.

Start by obtain all necessary licenses to deal with animals, pet owners look at this.

Choose where you are going to start your businessit is best that it be in an outdoor place.

Make a list of training services that you are going to offer, such as obedience for adults and puppies, training for competitions, learning signals and commands.

Choose a name for your business and start with your family petsso the word about your business will spread.

39. sales agency

To sell, in addition to experience, you need passion and skill.

If you have it, feel free to start your own agency.

Sales experience will have left you an important inventory of relationships in your contact book, This will be the first thing to include in your business plan.

Look for a partner who wants to be a sales agent and thus, your sales agency cánido dedicate itself to several branches.

Choose those branches in which they have the most experience For your business to be successful, then they cánido try new things or add agents.

Your first big sale will be presenting your own business iniciativa to your potential clients, use all your experience to have the first negotiations.

Remember the contact inventory we talked about at the beginning? use it for introduce yourself as an independent sales representative and offer your services.

Finally negotiate your commissions that perro be from 5% to 10% of your sales according to the characteristics of the client and the object you sell.

40. wedding planning

Weddings are the event of the year in families and the happiest day of their lives for the couple, so they almost always seek a little help to make it perfect.

choose a name original and romantic and register it.

Make an initial budget With the necessary costs to start your business, find your office or create your website and start offering your services.

Cánido start with small events and request samples from suppliers so that you have a catalog in which you cánido espectáculo the designs to your clients.

There are some event planning certifications and time management that will help you to be better in your business and have more support from your experience.

41. pet spa

Create a space designed with different special services for pets.

There are some attentions to pets that pay very well, such as the styling that includes cutting and dyeing hair.

You cánido ally yourself with a veterinary service and offer relaxation massages or therapeutic massages to pets that need them.

There are also pets that need heat or cold therapies to relieve pain caused by some diseases, this is a service with little competition and with which you cánido differentiate yourself.

Which of these businesses to invest are you going to start? Leave your comment below and tell me your iniciativa.

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