40 Tricks to get out of the comfort zone

40 Tricks to get out of the comfort zone

Get out of the comfort zone it implies making difficult decisions, it means that you have to do something with which you do not feel comfortable, in order to abandon your routine and overcome your fears.

Easy? Not at all, learning how to get out of your comfort zone and making the decision to do so produces fear, anxiety, doubts, fears.

However, once you escoge to do it, you begin to feel that your life is growing.

In fact, successful people understand the importance of getting out of their comfort zone and pushing themselves, breaking their limits, trying new experiences and expanding the power of the mind.

Leaving your comfort zone implies that you are clear that, in order to obtain different results, you need to act differently. And while it perro be scary, escaping from your routine perro be fun.

How to get out of the comfort zone easily:

Surely you are thinking that reading it is very easy, and that the difficult thing is to get out of that vicious circle of anxieties, routines and monotony.

However, getting out of your comfort zone does not require big changes as many think, rather it requires practical, fácil, but risky ideas that, little by little, will take you out of your routine.

In this article you will find 40 tricks to get out of the comfort zone; some quite fácil, some that require effort and courage, and others that may seem useless to you, but that, after trying it, will surely make you feel much better.

Each of these tricks to get out of comfort zone They are meant to give you the courage to change your habits, think outside the box, increase your mental power, and let go of limiting beliefs that have gotten you where you are today.

Let us begin.

1. Explore new ways to earn money. For example, if you have a room available in your house, become an Airbnb host and offer it up. In this way you will generate new sources of income.

2. Take a cold shower. The iniciativa is to expose your body to physical stress and to manage to adapt to it.

3. Talk to 5 different people on the street.

4. Get up early. Wake up before your alarm goes off, go for a walk or take your bike.

5. Donate, give away or throw away something you no longer use. Practice this trick to lead a minimalist lifestyle.

6. Try a different route to go to work, you will expose your brain to new stimuli.

7. Cook something you’ve never tried before.

8. Turn off your cell phone and computer for 2 days. Limit the consumption of technology, content and popular networks.

9. Say yes to the next invitation you get, or ask out someone you haven’t seen in a while. As stated in the book Surrender Experiment, surrender to life and the plan it has for you.

10. Learn something you don’t like, or that you think is useless, like math or some words in another language. Get out of your knowledge rut and explore a new area.

11. Go out on the street wearing something weird, or at least something that attracts the attention of the rest. Stop following estándares and follow your passion.

12. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while, surprise them.

13. Find a new position at work, change chairs. Consider other business ideas, for example, start and start earning money en línea.

14. Ask a stranger on the street what day it is, and when they answer, tell them that what you really want to know is what year it is. Note: This is completely weird and bizarre, but an effective way to overcome your fears. This is what getting out of the comfort zone is all about.

15. The next time you buy something, look to pay less by getting a discount or promotion. Not only will you be able to save money, but you will learn to negotiate.

16. Go to work by bike. You will contribute to the environment, you will exercise, you will arrive with energy and it is an excellent healthy habit.

17. Make a list of the 5 areas of your life in which you spend the most money and that are not important. If you really want to achieve your financial freedom, you must own your finances.

18. Leave your house 5 minutes before the time you usually get up. Make sure you do what you want, as long as you walk a little, get to know the surroundings of your work.

19. A crazy iniciativa for get out of your comfort zone it is to install a camera and record yourself during your working day; look at it later and analyze yourself as if it were not you, judge how this person spends his days and suggest some changes and recommendations.

20. Visit a new lugar de comidas or bar that you don’t know, instead of going back to the same old one. You perro establish a rule for every eight days to visit a new place.

21. If you work from home, or if you spend all day at home, paquete your lunch and spend the afternoon in a park, or get out of the place where you spend most of your time.

22. Help a person on the street in any way, donate something you no longer use to a foundation. Here is a list of children’s foundations in Latin America.

23. Wish three strangers you meet walking by a good morning. It may sound weird, but you’re definitely going to get out of your comfort zone.

24. Take a deep breath and try to conquer one of your biggest fears (height, flying, snakes or any animal)

25. If you work en línea, try to change your workplace, visit a café, a coworking, a park or a shopping center where you see different people.

26. Leave your parents’ house and live on your own for a month. You will understand that facing fears, such as loneliness, is key to getting out of your comfort zone.

27. Give up a vice for a week (coffee, cigarette, beer, gambling). Perhaps you understand that this does not add up in your life, and you turn it into a habit.

28. If you’re single, find someone to talk to and tell them why you like them. It is about exposing yourself to situations where you feel uncomfortable and see that it is more complex in your mind than it is in reality.

29. Move to a new city or country, learn a new language. For this, look for an exchange, a course in another country, or international volunteering that allows you to get to know new cultures.

30. The next time you attend an event and the directivo asks for a volunteer, offer yourself. You will have to expose yourself to an audience, look it in the face and overcome your fear.

31. Overcome the fear of public speaking by giving a talk or lecture as soon as you get the oportunidad.

32. If you always order a drink at the bar, order an orange juice or iced tea. Stop drinking for eight days and evaluate how you feel.

33. If you go on vacation, stay in a hostel and share a room. This type of discomfort is one of the keys to get out of comfort zone.

34. Visit some public place and look for people who share your tastes, sit with them and enjoy their company.

35. If you are in the process of learning a new language, speak only in this one for a week. You cánido visit cafes in your city where foreign languages ​​are practiced.

36. Go for a run. According to Neuroscience, this is the key to being smarter and having a better memory.

37. Sleep naked even if you find it very difficult.

38. Stop texting for a week, and even if it seems difficult, stop using your cell phone while driving. Beyond leaving your comfort zone, you are being responsible with your safety.

39. Find a part-time job that is strange to you and apply for it. You will be able to earn plus money and it will serve as a new source of income.

40. Try to read a book while you are on the autobús or subway, leave the music aside for a while. For this, here we leave you a series of recommended books.

Although these ideas for get out of comfort zone They are not easy to practice in your day to day, once you do, you will see that the difficulties and impediments are in your mind and not in reality, and that those limiting beliefs are nothing more than fears that are not worth it.

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone: Michael John Bobak
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 40 Tricks to get out of the comfort zone
  40 Tricks to get out of the comfort zone
  40 Tricks to get out of the comfort zone

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