40 Phrases of Bill Gates about life and

40 Phrases of Bill Gates about life and

Are Bill Gates quotes about life and business They not only demonstrate how interesting their thinking is, but they will inspire you to pursue greatness in your life.

Undoubtedly, something important cánido be learned from these Bill Gates quotes.

Not only because he is the richest man in the world, with a fortune that exceeded 100 billion dollars, but because he is one of the only people who has managed to transform the lives of billions of people, which is why he has acquired the right to speak in your ear (whether you listen or not is your decision).

What use are these Bill Gates phrases in your life?

There is no better way to learn how to be successful than to surround yourself with people who surpass you.

If you really want to differentiate yourself from others, there is no reason to be accompanied by people who have nothing to offer you.

You could spend this time with people who have advice to give you, a scolding if necessary, or talk to you about an experience that comes with the years, years that do not come alone.

Years full of wisdom.

It is because of all this, that you are bill gates quotes are important; because they are full of knowledge, wisdom, incalculable experience that will help you achieve your goals.

Bill Gates phrases for life and business:

1. “Life is not fair at all, get used to it.

And the faster you do it, the better.”

2. «No one, absolutely no one, cares about your self-esteem.

Everyone expects something from you, regardless of how you feel, good or bad.”

3. You’re not going out of college to earn $3,000, let alone run a company.

You will only do it when, with your effort, you deserve it»

4. “If you think the professors at your university are tough, expect you to meet your bosses.

They will not have the patience or the desire for you to learn»

5. «Selling in a store, serving in a lugar de comidas, preparing hamburgers…none of this takes away your dignity.

The name for this is: Opportunity»

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Bill Gates Quotes: “If you’re wrong, don’t look responsible.

It is not the fault of your friend, nor of your parents, or your bosses, stop complaining and learn from them»

7. “Your parents weren’t as boring as they are today.

They started to be when you were born, when they started paying bills, listening to your problems and cleaning your clothes.

So before you go out to conquer and travel the world, making all your dreams and goals come true, start by organizing your room»

8. Unlike school, life is not that fácil.

With your life you will not be able to miss an exam and receive the correct answers to be able to pass it.

Life discriminates between winners and losers.

Choose your side»

9. «Life is not nine or ten semesters; You will not have vacations of two months a year to do everything you like.

You will have to answer to your boss, and this bit will be interested in you finding yourself.

Your free time is your vacation, get used to these life lessons»

10. “televisión is not for every day.

Ordinary people have to go out and look for their dreams, to work and give everything»

eleven. Learn to love and respect the most intelligent, you will surely end up working for them.

Do not compare yourself with anyone in this world, if you do, you are insulting yourself: Bill Gates
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13. “Being born poor is not your fault, dying poor is.”

14. “Patience is a key element to achieve success”


“I never took a day off at twenty.

Not one”

Bill Gates Quotes: “While I failed some exams, my friend won all of them.

Now he is an engineer at Microsoft and I am the owner.”

17. “I really had a lot of dreams as a kid, and I think a lot of it stemmed from the fact that I got a oportunidad to read a lot.”

Here are the books recommended by Bill Gates

18. “It’s okey to celebrate success, but it’s more important to pay attention to the lessons of failure.”


“It would be amazing if young people understood that being dedicated in school makes the rest of their lives so interesting.

They would be more motivated.

However, it is so far back in time, that they cannot appreciate what it means for their whole life.

20. “I believe in innovation and the way to get innovation is by funding research and learning the basic facts”

Bill Gates quotes about wealth: “The general iniciativa that the rich help the poor, I think, is important”

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22. “I was a hyper-intense person in my twenties and very impatient”

Recommended books:

23. “Our success has really been based on partnerships from the beginning”


«We start life with many big dreams; things we want to achieve, create, build and experience.

However, when you ask someone who has reached the age of 40 what happened to all the dreams they had, they will most likely answer: Life »

25. “Programa is a great combination of art and engineering”

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26. “Exposure, from a young age, to the realities of the world is something very important”

27. “Programa innovation, like almost any other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their retroalimentación and understand their needs.”

Bill Gates Quotes: “People are always afraid of change.

People were afraid of electricity when it was invented, right?”

29. “To win big, sometimes you need to take big risks.”


“Success is a lousy teacher.

It seduces smart people into thinking they cánido’t lose.”


“Everyone needs a entrenador.

It doesn’t matter if you are a basketball player, tennis player, gymnast or bridge player.”

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32. “I was lucky to participate and contribute to something that was important, which is empowering people with programa”

33. “At Microsoft there are many brilliant ideas, but the image is that they all come from the top… I’m afraid it’s not quite right.”

34. “Effective philanthropy takes a lot of time and creativity, the same kind of focus and skills that building a business requires.”


“Don’t make the same decision twice.

Put time and thought into making a solid decision the first time, so you don’t revisit the topic unnecessarily.”


“We all need people to give us retroalimentación.

This is how we improve”


“Life has a tendency to just happen.

But it happens because we make decisions.

The life you create and design for yourself is going to accumulate from the choices you make over time.

Sure, there are unexpected things that perro derail dreams.

But we cánido control where we focus, and whether we choose to put one dream ahead of another.”

38. “As we move into the next century, good leaders will be those who empower others.”

We make the future sustainable when we invest in the poor, not when we dwell on their suffering: Bill Gates
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40. “If I had any iniciativa of ​​a finish line, don’t you think I would have crossed it years ago?”

In conclusion, each of these Bill Gates phrases are a source of inspiration for your projects; ranging from building a better life, starting your own company, to making that trip or dream that you have been putting off for so long come true.

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 40 Phrases of Bill Gates about life and
  40 Phrases of Bill Gates about life and
  40 Phrases of Bill Gates about life and

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