4 Ways to Get Tax Advice

4 Ways to Get Tax Advice

I’d like to update the old “nothing is certain but death or taxes” adage and clarify it to add: “…and doing those taxes will almost always be confusing”. As much as the letters “EZ” at the bottom of the fácil 1040 form try to lull us into the iniciativa that taxes cánido be easy, chances are that while preparing your taxes you will come across a question that you are not sure how to answer.

Fortunately, you don’t have to read pages and pages of complex IRS instructions, trying to figure out the tax code on your own. You also don’t have to pay a tax professional hundreds of dollars to add and subtract every line on your tax form. If you feel confident preparing your taxes on your own and just need a little help along the way, there are several places where you perro get free tax advice from experts!even from the IRS itself!

1. The IRS

The Internal Revenue Service – which may seem like the biggest and most threatening institution in the US government (at least to your wallet) – wants to help you. Oh really. That’s why the IRS offers a toll-free hotline that individuals cánido call to get answers to their tax questions. Because, really, who better to ask for clarification than the people who made the rules in the first place? The IRS number is 1-800-829-1040, and the service is available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The IRS also offers free tax preparation for members of qualified communities, including “low to moderate income” people (generally $49,000 or less) who are unable to prepare their own tax returns and seniors. . More information is available on the IRS Free Tax Return page.


Tax preparation programa provider TurboTax offers the TurboTax Live Community. Open to everyone – TurboTax usuario or not – TurboTax Live allows taxpayers to articulo, read and answer tax questions on both federal and state returns. Some of the questions are answered by de hoy TurboTax professionals, but many are answered by other users, including “Super Users” who are active in the community and whose answers have been highly rated by others.

TurboTax also has a free edition of its en línea tax preparation for completing fácil federal tax returns.

3.H&R Block

Like TurboTax, H&R Block offers an en línea community called Get It Right where taxpayers cánido ask questions and read the answers to those already answered. The community has several registered tax professionals who respond to users. H&R Block’s Twitter feed is also a source of consejos and answers to common tax questions, as well as the company’s tax calculator and consejos section.

H&R Block offers the ability to archivo a fácil and free federal return.

4. Tax weblogs and websites

Several tax weblogs and websites offer free advice to readers:

  • Tax Mama («tax information with a mother’s touch«) offers expert answers to your questions in their forums.
  • Tax professional and author Roni Deutch («The Tax Lady«) posts answers to questions he receives on Fb, MySpace and Twitter, along with other tax consejos and news.
  • David Greenslit, CPA, of the Tax Consejos Blog, also welcomes questions from readers along with the regular consejos articulo. David aprecies that “although I’m busy this time of year, I’ll see what I perro do”; basically, an answer is not guaranteed.
  • About.com’s Tax Guide, William Perez, offers extensive advice and has an active tax discussion forum.

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 4 Ways to Get Tax Advice
  4 Ways to Get Tax Advice
  4 Ways to Get Tax Advice

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