4 Ways to Equipo Goals That Really

4 Ways to Equipo Goals That Really

whatUse goals to push yourself to work? whatYou feel guilty because you never achieved any of your previous aspirations? The problem may not be your motivation itself, but rather that your goals weren’t good enough.

So instead of setting goals that serve as constant reminders of all the things you haven’t accomplished, it’s better to develop goals that help you move forward effectively.

So let’s talk about how to make your goals more realistic.

Don’t get us wrong: we think it’s great that you have goals and ambitions.

But sometimes when you equipo yourself a goal, it becomes something you get bored with, forget about, or lose sight of in your pursuit of it.


Divide a objetivo into bite-sized pieces

Lofty goals are great to equipo and even better to stick to.

However, if you equipo a stretch goal and leave it as it is, it perro affect your motivation.

For example, suppose your goal is “become a full-time trabajo independiente programmer«.

Let’s assume you’ve never touched a bit of code, let alone knowledge of how to market yourself.

This is a great goal, but the “leap” It’s too big.

If you’re constantly aiming to “become a full-time trabajo independiente programmer,” it’s easy to get lost and confused.

As such, you need to figure out how to become a programmer.

That means settling for one programming language; so you need to choose one that fits the career you want.

Then you have to learn it, build a portfolio, and market yourself until you become full time.

From this brief introspection, we cánido see that “become a full time trabajo independiente programmer“has these”mini-goals” that you cánido fulfill:

  • Determining which language to learn
  • Learn enough to master the language.
  • Create portfolio or portfolio
  • Send the portfolio to clients.
  • Grow the business until you earn enough to become full time

That’s a lot more manageable than trying to get from A to Z in one hop!


Equipo goals you cánido actually achieve and measure them

Let’s look at one of the mini-goals we created earlier: “Learn enough to be proficient in the language”.

This is a shady goal, as “competent» is very subjective.

whatAt what point do you say you have learned enough to start marketing your skills to clients??

It’s best to equipo goals that you cánido actually meet, something with a tangible outcome that you cánido point to when you say “this goal is complete«.

For example, in the example above, maybe you cánido take an en línea course.

Maybe you could even get a degree.

These are things that you cánido complete, and therefore you perro use them as a foundation for your larger goal.

Similarly, measurable goals cánido prevent slack.

Send the portfolio to clients” is a very vague goal; Sending your portfolio to someone every day fulfills that, but so does sending one every month.

As such, without a way to measure your progress towards that goal, you cánido move the goal posts to reach it.

Say “Send my portfolio to a potential client every day of the week» removes this vagueness and gives you something you cánido more easily achieve.


Equipo a deadline

Deadlines are the bane of happiness for some people, but it’s important to have them.

Without a deadline, previous goals perro be pushed back and forth as long as you want.

Equipo a date by which you would like each goal to be met.

Then, work to meet those dates.

If you’re successful, great – your goal dates worked.

A better way is to gamify the process.

Create a leaderboard to see if the «today’s version of you» did better than the «yesterday’s version of you” wave “version of you from last week«.

And don’t forget to reward yourself when you actually achieve those goals.

However, if you missed your deadlines, don’t use that as an excuse to punish yourself or quit.

It simply means that reality did not match your expectations and you should reflect on how best to modify the objectives.

For example, if you equipo aside six months to become a pro in C# code, but only complete the basics by then, you’ve learned that languages ​​take time to study.


Share your goals with someone you know will pressure you to meet them.

Now that you have your goal equipo, tell someone you know who will continually ask you for updates.

whatnosy parents? whatAn interested spouse? whatA close friend who loves to talk about you? Let them know what he wants to do and when he will do it.

Personal goals are easy to sabotage.

You perro always make excuses, delay goals further, or adjust what counts as a “goal completed«.

A friend, however, will force you to comply with what you say.

If you try to evade your own commitments, they will want to know why.

Make goals come true

In conclusion, to equipo goals that you will actually achieve, you need to be realistic and not equipo unattainable and unclear goals that will make your life more miserable.

Follow the steps above and you’ll be on your way to a better productivity and life.

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 4 Ways to Equipo Goals That Really
  4 Ways to Equipo Goals That Really
  4 Ways to Equipo Goals That Really

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