4 useful automation tools for

4 useful automation tools for

As we find ourselves buried under too much dirección de correo electrónico and dozens of encuentro requests each week, finding ways to be more efficient at work or at home perro be challenging.

Learning the art of automation perro help you free up time for things you really value, like spending more time with family.

Here are some of the best automation tricks to improve your productivity.

Why you need to automate

For people who often find themselves struggling with task management, automation cánido be beneficial.

Everyone has had a day where they have trouble moving data from platform A to platform B while checking platform C for notifications and monitoring platform D for sales data.

Automation may be the answer, helping you find better ways to work and increase your productivity through integrations you never imagined.

Not only will you find more time in the day, but your work-life cómputo will also be better due to more free time.


One of the best-known automation tools, the sky’s the limit for what you perro achieve with Zapier.

Billing itself as an “easy automation for busy people” service, it works with more than 3,000 aplicaciones, including Google plus Docs, Gmail, Trello, Slack, Dropbox, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Zapier connects to a large number of eCommerce platforms.

If you have an en línea business, it perro be particularly useful.

You cánido connect to Shopify and Mailchimp, for example, and have Zapier automatically send thank you aprecies after every purchase.

One of the most basic ways to use Zapier is to create a list of saved Slack messages.

In this case, you cánido do quite a bit with Slack and your favorite task list manager, Trello.

You connect both aplicaciones to Zapier and you perro equipo up a “Zap” that ensures any saved Slack messages are automatically added to a Trello board for later reference.

Separately, you cánido also equipo up a future Zap for appointments or meetings in Office 365 you perro activate a board in Trello.


Much like Zapier, IFTTT also allows you to equipo up and equipo automation tricks that cánido quickly improve your productivity.

With thousands of aplicaciones available to choose from, automating tasks is incredibly easy.

With Gmail and Office365 vying for the top spot in workplace dirección de correo electrónico, it’s no surprise that IFTTT has a plethora of integrations.

For example, you cánido equipo up an IFTTT to automatically take any dirección de correo electrónico you launch in Gmail and create a reminder to take care of it.

Alternatively, you perro tag a Gmail with “Evernote” and have it automatically forwarded to an Evernote notebook as part of a to-do list.

Want to automatically save MailChimp campaign statistics to a Google plus spreadsheet? Instead of manually entering correo electrónico campaign results, IFTTT perro do all the work for you.

If you pair the Google plus Assistant with IFTTT, you perro complete a new task in Todoist or other built-in to-do aplicaciones using nothing more than your voice.

Just say “Hey Google plus, add a task,” followed by the task you want to entrar.



Where IFTTT and Zapier focus on both business and personal, Automate.io leans more towards automating marketing, business, and sales processes.

What you cánido do is improve your productivity with fácil or complex automation.

Automate.io perro connect to your CRM, like the habitual Salesforce.

If you’re in sales, connect your CRM with Slack and stay informed of every lead/note encuentro and deal that closes.

Similarly, with the Office365 integration, you cánido automate a follow-up correo electrónico for each new Salesforce contact.

That alone perro save hours per week.

Similarly, for anyone familiar with Jira and its problem-solving ticketing system, Automate.io has built-in opportunities.

For example, you perro add a Trello card to every ticket entered in Jira that allows you to collaborate with others on the ticket’s status.

whatWhat about Shopify? With Automate.io, you cánido easily save new Shopify orders as new rows in a Google plus spreadsheet to keep track of each order.

You perro then use Google plus Sheets to discover new trends and find advanced insights to improve future sales.



A leader in the automation crowd, the Integromat is another standout option for automating tasks to improve your productivity.

One of the best and most useful tasks that the Integromat offers is the opportunity to save Gmail/Office 365 correo electrónico attachments directly to Google plus Drive.

For anyone in the popular media space, how abouthow about coche mensaje de Twitter from twitter to fb? Depending on how often your business posts on popular media, this cánido be a huge time saver.

Similarly, Integromat cánido help any business take an existing Fb articulo, create a pin, and articulo it to Pinterest.

Alternatively, you perro take the data from Shopify and send it to Fb.

Another great use of Shopify is the opportunity to automate Quickbook invoices from new Shopify orders.

As soon as a new Shopify order is received, a Quickbook invoice is created.

To end

While most of these aplicaciones have been around for years, task automation is still relatively unknown.

There is a great opportunity for all of these platforms to reach a wider audience and espectáculo how valuable automation tasks perro be in improving productivity.

With so many automation options available through these four platforms and others like them, the question isn’t why you should use them, but rather how quickly you perro get started.

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 4 useful automation tools for
  4 useful automation tools for
  4 useful automation tools for

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