4 Research-Backed Reasons Why

4 Research-Backed Reasons Why

The body transmits approximately 11 million bits of information per second to the brain; however, the conscious mind perro only process 50 bits per second. The brain’s compression of information is why thoughts and verbal or visual exchanges often seem fleeting or difficult to retain. Many people take aprecies to help them remember those other parts, to keep their focus and get things done. Read on for four scientific reasons why taking aprecies will improve your productivity..

1. Relieves stress

When you have a lot of tasks or activities on your list, you may not know where to start. It’s also easy to get overwhelmed trying to mentally keep track of every activity. This type of situation is called information overload.

According to this research carried out in 2020, it is shown that the information overload It is one of the causes of stress in the workplace. This also influences time management, decision quality and efficiency. One of the recommended ways the research group managed the stress caused by information overload was by taking aprecies.

By taking aprecies, you find yourself ordering your thoughts and separating the important information from the “noise.” As such, you find yourself putting energy into the things that matter.

2. Increase concentration and comprehension

Take aprecies it increases concentration and comprehension, two important ingredients that affect productivity. If you don’t have the information you need to complete a task, it becomes more difficult to focus on it while you’re trying to get your brain to remember it. Also, your understanding of the task at hand is affected by the information you are missing, which affects your performance.

One especial study on the effects of note taking on memory and comprehension showed that note taking improved the performance of test subjects. The greatest benefit to test subjects was a deeper level of understanding of an identified object.

3. Facilitates planning

The recent shift to remote work by most corporations has seen an increase in the number of meetings and correos electrónicos. People are also working longer hours, and more correos electrónicos tend to be tagged “important.” From meetings to walk-in calls to urgent correos electrónicos, how abouthow you keep track of tasks and deliverables?

The best way is to take note of all the information first. After this, create a to-do list. Creating a to-do list from your aprecies ensures that you have a complete picture of the activities that require your attention throughout the day.

But if you try to create a to-do list without taking aprecies of everything you have to do for the day, you’ll miss essential tasks and have a hard time remembering them at the end of the day, negatively affecting your productivity. .

4. Easy to consult

Imagine that a encuentro ends, and an hour later, your boss asks you about the marketing statistics that are displayed during the encuentro. what do you do then? If you didn’t take aprecies, it will leave you wishing you had.

Taking aprecies helps ensure important details don’t get lost in the sea of ​​information we constantly interact with. A study on the effects of taking aprecies on memory of details in research interviews further espectáculos how important it is to have aprecies for future reference. In two study test groups, note takers outperformed those who simply listened.


With note taking, there are no drawbacks with its effects on productivity, especially when done correctly. Some believe that note-taking has become obsolete as the technology has been phased out; however, technology has truly revolutionized note taking today. Now you don’t have to take aprecies by hand as you cánido do it digitally with aplicaciones like OneNote. There’s a reason note-taking aplicaciones have become big business: due to the impact on productivity.

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 4 Research-Backed Reasons Why
  4 Research-Backed Reasons Why
  4 Research-Backed Reasons Why

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