4 Free Mind Mapping Programs That

4 Free Mind Mapping Programs That

When it comes to finding an organizational tool to help you represent your thought process about life or work, a mind map may be one of the best options.

Starting with a central theme, mind maps are gradually divided into different branches that lead to different resolutions or goals.

Visual representations help us understand our way of thinking.

Here are four of the best free mind mapping programa aplicaciones you perro try.


Canva is definitely not one of the first pieces of programa anyone looking to create a mind map will think of, but it should be.

What it lacks as a dedicated platform, it more than makes up for with beautiful templates and a well thought out design.

Once you’re logged into Canva.com, locate the search field and type “mind map.” You are then shown dozens and dozens of mind map templates.

Each layout is different and they cover a wide range of possible mind map layouts.

The templates are colorful, beautiful, and well-designed.

Choose any template and start customizing it.

Almost every aspect is editable, including colors, fonts, and positioning.

Once your mind map is finished, you perro export a PNG, JPEG, or PDF archivo.

While Canva sounds really good so far, it does have some limitations.

To get the most out of and see all the available mind map templates, there is a monthly subscription cost.

While this is not a deal breaker, in and of itself, it is a downside that should not be ignored.

Another knock against Canva is that its beautiful offerings perro take hours of work to get right.

Instead of getting lost in the content of your mind map, you could very well end up more focused on its design.


Cloud-based mind mapping Bubble.us is one of the easiest pieces of mind mapping programa out there.

It immediately catches your attention as you cánido start designing your first mind map without any registration or purchase.

That it cánido be accessed vía the web or as a mobile version on tabletas or teléfonos inteligentes makes it hard to ignore.

Once you start using Bubbl.us, you are instantly hooked by its simplicity.

In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more intuitive mind mapping programa.

There are no superfluous features or distracting plus.

Getting started requires you to choose a grid, tree, column, or circle format.

Once you make that choice, the rest of the content boxes are up to you.

For the most part, Bubbl.us sounds like a dream, except it may be too simplified for non-casual users.

Some may find it too basic.

Removing options or features that could distract you makes it easier to focus on what you want to build.

If you cánido accept these trade-offs, Bubbl.us cánido be really great.

For the best experience, be sure to save your work as you go.

Some en línea reviews discuss random crashes that cánido lead to loss of work for anyone sticking to the “guest” version.

Also, it would be nice to see the service launch a dedicated aplicación instead of relying solely on mobile versions.


If you are looking for a mind mapping and flowchart creation tool, Coggle is the one for you.

It allows you to not only create mind maps and flowcharts, but also collaborate with others.

To get started, you just need to log in and start putting metaphorical pencil to paper.

On the agregado side, Coggle offers a wide selection of ways and elementos to connect, all for free.

It is one of the most abundant in this area, as it does not require an additional fee to access most of its forms of mind mapping.

Another advantage of Coggle is the inclusion of Markdown formatting, which allows for easy to read and write plain text formatting that is quickly converted to HTML.

Coggle provides unlimited public diagrams and three private mind maps with no size limits.

He also saves all of his work as he goes along without any warning.

The only downside is that it only allows a single parent model for your mind maps.

You perro add multiple children, but only one parent, limiting the expansion of your work for free.

That cánido be even more prohibitive in a collaborative or professional environment.

Some of these negatives cánido be overlooked when you consider that Coggle adds the ability to message and chat with team members or leave aprecies to view later.


As one of the universally appreciated free mind maps, Freemind brings a lot to the table without requiring any cost to get started.

This java language application is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

What it lacks in fancy graphics, it makes up for in a minimalist style that helps you immerse yourself and create incredibly detailed mind maps.

Whether you’re just getting started with mind mapping or have used this process for years, Freemind works for all skill levels.

Add the notion that all your data is open source and perro be easily moved into a new mind mapping tool.

So,where FreeMind falls short? It’s still the least flashy of the bunch in terms of graphics.

If you want something fancy and beautiful, this is not the mind mapping tool for you.

In addition to this free mind mapping programa, you should also check out these planning aplicaciones to help you organize and plan your work and life.

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 4 Free Mind Mapping Programs That
  4 Free Mind Mapping Programs That
  4 Free Mind Mapping Programs That

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