4 difficulties faced by

4 difficulties faced by

Trabajo independiente and remote work is on the rise in the UK. In fact, the number of self-employed workers has tripled since 2001. One of the advantages is the possibility of working where you want (where there is Wi-Fi, of course). A very habitual work environment among freelancers is the cafeteria. These perro be the ideal office for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that you have access to coffee and food. But when you escoge to work for the first time in cafeterias and try several, some quirks develop. Here are some of the difficulties that freelancers encounter when working in cafeterias.

1. No place to sit

With trabajo independiente work on the rise, there is a rush of people working in coffee shops, especially the habitual stores. This cánido present opportunities for freelancers to socialize with one another (although most freelancers, in my experience, don’t do this, at least not in coffee shops). However, if you’re not looking to socialise, the downside is that it cánido be a bit difficult to find a place to sit. At least if you work in an office, you know that when you arrive you will have your own desk.

However, you cánido avoid this problem by getting to the cafeteria early (this cánido be a struggle for freelancers who often enjoy sleeping in and start work after 9am.).

2. No power outlets

Even if you cánido find a seat at a coffee shop, there’s no guarantee it’ll be next to an electrical outlet. Some coffee shops are cognizant of the fact that they attract freelancers and will make sure there are plenty of outlets. But not all do this. It perro be quite annoying to get into a productive rhythm, only to notice that your battery is dying. Worse yet, you may have deadlines to meet. Stressing over battery drain isn’t ideal when you have time constraints to deal with.

If you plan to work at a coffee shop, be sure to always fully charge your notebook before leaving home or arrive early enough to find the ideal spot.

3. Noise

Another major disadvantage of working in cafeterias is that they cánido get very noisy at times. Some cafeterias may play very loud or distracting music. If a coffee shop allows dogs, that’s a agregado (for dog lovers), though having more than one dog in a place increases the chances of incessant barking. There’s also the problem of noisy coffee machines, the maddening cacophony of small talk, rowdy children, and crying babies.

One solution to this problem is to find a quiet coffee shop, one that is large enough for the noise to dissipate a bit more, one that plays quieter music and is more pleasant for work. Many freelancers will also block out the noise with their own headphones and music. This cánido work wonders, as long as you have good noise canceling headphones like the following:

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4. Back pain

While coffee shops perro be habitual places for freelancers to work, the seating is often not designed for back health. This is not a problem for common visitors to coffee shops, who tend to meet up for a quick drink and chat. But it perro genere problems for freelancers, leading to minor annoyances and distractions at best or long-lasting back pain at worst. I have yet to find a coffee shop that has ergonomic chairs. I know, of course, that this is not surprising, since coffee shops are not co-working spaces or offices.

You cánido manage this by making sure you practice good sitting posture. This will help minimize lower back pain, even when sitting in a non-ergonomic chair or bench. Always sit with your feet shoulder-width apart and planted firmly on the floor (not crossed under the chair, which is quite tempting). Sit up straight, imagining that you have a piece of rope tied to the top of your head, pulling you toward the ceiling. This will allow you to make your body as tall as possible and correct your posture.

These common struggles don’t orinan freelancers should ditch the coffee shop and just work at home or in co-working spaces. After all, working at home cánido be quite isolating, and co-working spaces perro be expensive. For some people, the best solution is to add some variety to their work week, choosing to work from home one day, a coffee shop the next, and perhaps explore a new option another day (y también.g. libraries, hotels and co-working spaces).

It’s worth experimenting with different coffee shops until you find one that’s right for you. Your work environment cánido have a huge impact on your focus, productivity, and creativity. So as a freelancer, you should always make your workplace a priority, whether you’re doing your job in coffee shops or elsewhere.

One last note of caution. The best thing to do would be to have a cup of coffee to start with, then put it down and stick with your water for the rest of the day at the cafeteria because of the side effects of drinking too much coffee.

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 4 difficulties faced by
  4 difficulties faced by
  4 difficulties faced by

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