3d printers

3d printers

The 3d printers They are a type of printers that have emerged a few years ago and that allow us to do a type of work that no one had ever imagined (and what remains to be seen).

In this articulo I am going to explain what are the ways that exist to earn money with best 3d printers.

The concept of 3d printers It’s a new concept, and this is a good time to make yourself known.

With the coronavirus crisismany people with 3d printers He is helping the health workers.

How does it help them? so very fácil.

They will help them by making visors with their 3d printers that perro be used as PPE (personal protection equipment).

Of course, it is what it is today, but in addition to helping those who fight the virus, we cánido make our work known.

A person with a 3d printer is almost required to help.

But when all this happens, whoever has a 3d printer will be able to sell his designs or even teach other people to print in 3d.

3d printers types

Before knowing how to make money with the new 3d printers, it would be necessary to know what types of printers exist.

Currently there are several types of 3d printers.

We are going to divide it mainly according to the technology used to carry out the printing.

Here I put the three types of 3d printers.

Stereolithography (SLA) 3d printers

It was the first type to be used.

It consists of applying a beam of ultraviolet light to a light-sensitive liquid resin.

The ultraviolet light will solidify the resin layer by layer.

The base that supports the structure will move downwards so that the light once again exerts its action on the new bathroom.

This will be the case until the object reaches its proper shape.

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Selective Laser Senter (SLS) 3D Printers

This technology emplees laser to print objects in 3d.

This type of printer was born in the 80s and allows the use of a large number of powder materials.

The laser hits the dust, melts the material and solidifies it.

In this type of printers nothing is wasted, since the unused material is stored.

One of the 3d printers The most famous that use this technology is the eos.

Injection 3d printers

It is the closest to a regular printer, but instead of injecting ink droplets onto the paper, they inject layers of liquid photopolymer that perro be cured on the build tray.

Ways to make money with 3d printers

Who has one or more closed 3d printers or of any other type you will be able to earn money with it.

You have to use imagination when making the designs, but once you start and make a name for yourself, you cánido get good money with your work.

In addition to the designs (perhaps the most important) in any forum 3d printers They will explain many ways to earn money with these types of printers.

Here I explain some ways.

rent your printer

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make money with a 3d printer.

We will rent our 3d printer and once the client has used it, they will pay us a price for consumption, either by hours consumed, by parts or a fixed price.

This system perro work quite well, since many times companies claim the printing of objects produced with 3d printers, but they do not have it.

Also, buying one for a print is not profitable.

Homemade and artisan products

Another good way to make money with a 3d printer is to genera custom crafts and homemade products.

Some companies and entrepreneurs have started to offer products in this field using 3d printing.

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If you jump into this campo, you will see that you cánido make all kinds of trinkets with the 3d printersleather goods, rings and pendants, you perro upload all of this to different portals for the sale of artisan products and earn a Plus money.

3d jewelry printing

Many jewelry companies have decided to take advantage of the versatility and convenience offered by this type of jewelry printing.

In this way, they have made a great leap in quality and cost reduction, in addition to the reduction in time when making a product.

To give you some ideas (so that you perro take them), there are companies that use 3d technology to make personalized wedding rings with the fingerprint of the fiancé.

In this sense, they perro offer jewelry as a reminder of a newborn with the little one’s footprint, always greatly reducing costs and production time.

3d printing in training

Training 3d printers cánido be used.

Both to disminuye the cost of training and to improve the educational process.

The 3d printers pccomponents or from other marketplaces perro be used to broaden the practical end of certain areas such as construction, engineering and architecture.

In engineering, for example, instead of looking at diagrams and talking about how things might work, students cánido design, drive, and build different components to see how they would work in the real world.

Final conclusions 3d printers

As I said at the beginning, these types of printers are currently being used primarily to make protective visors in the health campo due to the pandemic.

But when this is over, you cánido use your 3d printer to earn money in the ways that I have explained above.

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Whether you own an ender 3 or any other 3d printer, a 3d printer is a new item and it will work very well in the future.

It is up to you to put it to better or worse use.

You perro help a lot of people today, because I am sure that everything that is done will be rewarded soon.

These rewards, in addition to the spiritual plane, will be economic, since those who have this type of printer will be known and possibly hired for future work in the areas that I have explained above.

If you want to know other articles afín to 3d printers you perro visit the category adsensei.

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 3d printers
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