3btc: Multifaucet to get

3btc: Multifaucet to get

Hello fundraisers! Today we bring a new portal to get free cryptocurrency fractions, its name is 3btc and although it is quite new, for now I must say that I am liking it thanks to the features it has.

It is a website where we cánido get up to 9 different cryptocurrencies for free.

Coins as interesting as ethereum, Ripple and dash among other.

3btc has many good things, in addition to its Multi Faucet where we cánido claim fractions of the cryptocurrency that we want every 60 minutes, we cánido also mine on the web itself using the excess power of our únidad central de procesamiento.

We stopped promoting 3btc

This platform is no longer profitable, so we no longer recommend it, there are much better options.

One of the great advantages of this page is that we will not have a minimum payment thanks to the fact that it works with the microwallet FaucetHub.

If, on the contrary, you prefer to collect through another wallet, first you will have to reach the minimum established for the currency that is not supported by FaucetHub, and second, a small commission will be applied each time you want to make a withdrawal.

Before going into the matter and seeing how to make money in 3btc, we are going to review some of its main features.