33 PowerPoint templates to download (3

33 PowerPoint templates to download (3

I’ve lost count of the number of presentations I’ve had to do in my life, so do something unique and original all the time it cost me twice the habitual cost (maybe even triple).

Designing something from scratch is not fácil and takes more time than it already is. you have to invest for the presentation look perfect.

Errors in a slide are glaring (I’m telling you, it’s already happened to me), so believe me when I tell you that you should avoid them at all costs and that your presentation looks professional and represents the subject well.

I managed to get out of that monotony where I filled in my presentations without meaning and I found themes and templates that really made an impact.

And that is exactly what I want to share with you today, because I assure you that these 33 Powerpoint templates they will make your presentation the best of all.

Templates power point to make presentations professionals

Business Presentation Powerpoint Template

● Perfect for making your business presentations thanks to the diagrams and graphics to add.

● Bring more than 110 colors for the theme.

● With more than 2500 vector icons.

Modern and Professional Powerpoint Template

● Maintains a professional yet modern look.

● 12 different color options.

● Comes with swipe effects for most icons and other options.

Powerpoint template for presentation with animations

● Clean design with inclusion of graphics.

● Professional look for any topic you want to develop in the presentation.

● Animations included in all the options: backgrounds, schemes, graphics, icons, among others.

Powerpoint templates for make presentations educational

Powerpoint template to use as a school blackboard

● Present all the classes to your students in a didactic way and using audiovisual material.

● It comes fully animated, from backgrounds to graphics.

● With 7 colors to better adapt it to your style.

Powerpoint template to teach about technology

● Over 47 slides containing different graphics to customize.

● Easily change the size and colors.

● Portfolio included.

Powerpoint template for educational services

● Offers all educational services making a dream presentation.

● With more than 2700 slides to choose from.

● Fonts, icons and backgrounds included.

Powerpoint templates for university

Powerpoint template to make an original presentation

● Be the best with your presentation, both professional and original.

● With more than 1500 vectors and icons.

● Unlimited colors.

Business Career Powerpoint Template

● Present all the diagrams, graphs, summaries or statistics you want.

● With more than 5 versions that adapt to the business topic you want to cover.

● Icon drag and drop system for greater comfort.

Powerpoint template to impress at university

● Perfect for any topic you want to present at the university.

● With different colors based on dark and light themes.

● For full HD presentations.

Powerpoint templates for presentations medicine

Powerpoint templates for medical services and care

● Provides medical services and advice on how to take care of health.

● Icons according to the theme to give it that modern touch.

● Handmade infographics.

Medical Infographics Powerpoint Template

● You don’t need to worry about repeating slides or having to change many details, since it comes with more than 2800 exclusive designs.

● Put all your infographics in a single presentation.

● More than 4500 icons.

Food Consejos Powerpoint Template

● Perfect presentation to give the best feeding advice.

● Transparent graphics.

● Easy to editar and bright colors for all kinds of tastes.

Powerpoint templates for presentations art and culture

Powerpoint template to make an art portfolio presentation

● Make your art presentation like your portfolio and make it more personal and unique.

● 80 creative slides for each of your art and culture ideas.

● Modern but above all modern design.

Creative Powerpoint template to display photos and text about culture

● 150 slides to expand your theme.

● Totally free use of fonts.

● 100% editable icons and content.

Chinese Art and Culture Powerpoint Template

● Create your presentation on Chinese culture keeping the art of it in mind.

● Available to return the presentation to PDF.

● Drag and drop icons and information to customize.

Powerpoint templates for architectural projects

Architecture and Interior Design Powerpoint Template

● 500 editable icons.

● Mezcle architecture and everything about interior design in a single presentation.

● Information with maps of Europe, the United States and Asia.

Powerpoint template to present project plans

● Present your plans with a fresh and complete design with these slides.

● Includes designs for buildings, houses, skyscrapers, businesses and many more.

● 34 infographic maps.

Construction Powerpoint Template

● All your future construction projects in a fresh and complete presentation.

● Maps of the whole world.

● 136 unique slides to design whatever you want.

Powerpoint templates for biology papers

Powerpoint template on water theme

● Make the best presentation on the water and guess what, it won’t be boring!

● Transparent graphics to fit more with the theme.

● Clean and precise design.

Trees Presentation Powerpoint Template

● Put together a great presentation on everything others need to know about trees.

● 12 unique slides.

● Very easy to editar.

Powerpoint template about caring for nature

● Espectáculo everyone that living green is the best thing in the world.

● Background colors and themes related to nature.

● Green but professional, more than 450 icons to accompany you.

Powerpoint templates for presentations sports

General Sports Powerpoint Template

● Template for all kinds of sports, in addition to presenting fitness themes.

● 80 multifunctional slides, agregado their icons.

● Unlimited colors.

Surfing Presentation Powerpoint Template

● Present all your ideas about surfing and the best beaches to surf.

● More than 90 creative slides.

● Available to print.

Cycling Presentation Powerpoint Template

● May cycling conquer your presentation in every possible way.

● Comes with 10 default themes.

● Easy to editar and change images.

Powerpoint templates for presentations finance

Powerpoint template to compare finances and profits or losses

● More than 50 graphs and diagrams to espectáculo the finances you need.

● Innovative presentation with a professional touch.

● Everything is editable, even the quotes.

Powerpoint template for presentations with infographics

● The best designs to make your infographic with your financial details.

● 8 different color themes.

● More than 2000 different slides.

Powerpoint template for presentation with bubbles

● Coincidente with all versions of Powerpoint.

● 12 background colors available.

● The best designs to make finances look less boring.

Powerpoint templates for business

Super Modern Business Powerpoint Template

● With maps of more than 5 countries to make business plans around the world.

● More than 1000 vectors and icons.

● Very modern and easy to use.

Business Proposal Powerpoint Templates

● Prepare your presentations to make the best business proposal to anyone, and also the best looking one.

● 25 theme colors to choose from.

● 1920×1080 px resolution.

Powerpoint template to build your business plan

● The best business plan is not built with a fácil design, this template is the complete opposite of that.

● 4 different colors with a professional appearance.

● Includes price table and budget.

Powerpoint templates for thesis

History Thesis Powerpoint Template with Timeline

● If you need to have time lines in your thesis presentation, then this is perfect, be it for years or months.

● Contains 174 unique and customizable slides.

● 20 different colors.

Powerpoint template to present medicine thesis

● Make your thesis to finally graduate as a doctor with this template that covers all kinds of topics in the area of ​​medicine.

● It has more than 3500 icons and 72 different slides.

● In addition to being fully editable.

Powerpoint template for theses that require infographics

● Make your infographics without any effort and have the best thesis of all.

● Includes various templates for diagrams or maps.

● All icons and elementos cánido be changed.

Which template will you choose for your presentation? Leave a comment below and tell me!

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 33 PowerPoint templates to download (3
  33 PowerPoint templates to download (3
  33 PowerPoint templates to download (3

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