30 Things to do on the weekend without

30 Things to do on the weekend without

When was the last time you thought of things to do on the weekend? Surely one of the excuses for not trying it was that you didn’t have enough money.

As we know, human beings are beings of habits; and even the weekends that were supposed to be for doing different things ended up being part of the same old routine.

However, if you want to change your life or start living as you have always imagined, it is important that you start investing your time on the weekends in a different way.

A successful person understands it this way, and emplees their weekends to do those things that prepare them for a successful life, continually looking for opportunities that develop their vocation to create, do and improve, taking advantage of every free moment to grow.

Things to do on the weekend without spending money:

If you are one of those who wakes up late, spends the whole morning watching television and then goes out to eat and goes back to sleep, then you have 30 things you perro do this weekend without spending a lot of money.

Remember that resting is not about doing anything, but about doing something different.

And the best thing is that you do not need a lot of money to do it, if you are thinking that making plans that fill you with energy requires a large investment.

How to do it? here are some plans or things to do on the weekend that do not involve a lot of money and that will undoubtedly improve your quality of life:


Exercise outdoors

The weekend offers more free spaces to exercise if you find it very difficult during the week.

Among the benefits of exercising, in addition to improving your physical health and your figure, it helps you clear your mind.

To start, spend 30 minutes to an hour of your weekend going for a walk, run, bike ride, or any sport you enjoy.

If you need plus motivation, here we leave you the benefits of walking in your life.

If you don’t like going for a walk or swimming, you cánido play soccer with your friends, basketball, or any sport you perro play as a team.


Go back to the gym using your trial class

One of the things to do on the weekend is to go try that gym you want to join.

Before paying the subscription, test if that gym suits your specific tastes, needs or goals.

Once you see that you do like it, that you like the methodology and on top of that there is a good environment to train, you perro pay the monthly fee.


Visit the park closest to your house

Breathe fresh air, look at new landscapes and be inspired by the tranquility of nature, whathow much money do these things need to make the weekend? You cánido spend an afternoon contemplating those things for which you are very busy during the week.

According to an investigation carried out by the Government of England, the benefits of spending time outdoors; either in a park or close to nature, they are varied:

  • Stress levels are reduced
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces the risk of suffering from asthma, joys and cardiovascular diseases
  • Improve your mental health
  • Increase your life expectancy.


Work in a foundation or ocasione that you are passionate about

If you like a foundation or feel connected to a ocasione in your community, add this activity to your things to do on the weekend.

You perro donate your work to foundations with children, the elderly or unprotected animals.

Understanding the complex contexts that other human beings go through will give you new visions about the value of life.

Helping to improve those situations will bring you satisfaction and spiritual cómputo.

In the long term, this type of foundation work could become an international volunteering that you perro do while traveling the world.


Visit the zoo or a theme park in your city

Why not visit those well-known places in your city that all foreigners know, and that you don’t even remember when was the last time you visited? Soak up a bit of your history and your city.

Many times we think that we have to go on a trip to distant places to grow, learn about other cultures and have new experiences, when we have places close to our home that we still don’t know, that are full of new experiences and that undoubtedly represent a good plan. for your weekend.

Things to do on the weekend to focus on your personal projects:

Rarely successful people work on weekends, or in other words, the successful use their weekends to work on themselves, on their personal projects and to advance in those activities that represent a future for them.


Start your business iniciativa

Use the weekends to work on your business iniciativa.

If you’re in a job, here’s how to start a business without quitting your job.

In the event that you do not want to start a business, the invitation is to ask yourself how you perro use this free time that you have to generate plus income that allows you not to depend solely on your salary.


Create your own blog

Among the options to undertake, creating a blog could become a very profitable en línea business.

Learning how to create a blog from scratch could be one of the best things to do on the weekend, because not only will you be creating a channel to express your ideas, espectáculo your work and share your skills and knowledge, but it could also generate income and you could even live on it.

If you don’t think this is true, here we share the best ways to earn money with a blog.

The best thing is that you do not need to be an expert, or have skills in programming or web design.

With the guide that we have created, all you need is to follow the guide step by step, start from scratch and have the perseverance to be able to make a living doing what you are passionate about.

Training: Launch your Profitable Website

Do you want to learn how to create a website from scratch that is profitable? Sign up for the free training and learn the 3-step methodology to launch your website in 10 days with no technical knowledge or prior experience.

I used this methodology that I am going to teach you to create this website that you are reading, and which has achieved five-figure monthly billings.

Backlink: Entrar Training


Enroll in an en línea or face-to-face course

Do you want to learn to program and create web pages? Would you like to improve your public speaking skills? Is there a gardening course that has opened for registration near your house?

One of the things to do on the weekend that will have a positive effect on your life is to use your time to work on your training.

There are many possibilities to train you; There are face-to-face courses, seminars, workshops, free en línea courses, others that include a certificate, among many other options.

For example, here are 30 free courses offered by Google plus with certificate

There is even the possibility of doing specializations or master’s degrees en línea offered by the best universities in the world, without having to leave your home and in the comfort of your schedule and availability.


Define the budget for your week

A good way to invest your weekend time is to work on your personal finances.

And the best way to do it is by defining a budget.

If you don’t know how to do it, here we explain how to create a personal budget.

With this you cánido organize your expenses, income, debts and investments that you have pending for your week, and month in general.

Most likely, during the week you do not have time for this, so establish the most important categories and update it constantly.

The good news is that there are aplicaciones that cánido help you with this automatically, or even with an Excel archivo, so it doesn’t have to be complex.

Organizing and planning perro be things to do on the weekend

Don’t wait until it’s Monday to start organizing your week.

By being clear about what you need to schedule ahead of time, you perro save time and be more efficient as you perro come up with other ways to approach or accomplish things in the days leading up.

Here are some things to do this weekend related to planning that will help you have a good start to the week.


Define your to-do list

What is the most important thing you have to do next week? What is that task that you will equipo as your goal for the week?

It is important to define a list of activities that you have pending.

In this way you guarantee to do what is truly important, and not what is urgent.

Many times, in the rush of the week, you end up doing a lot of things that contribute little to your success.

So, in the quiet of your weekend, define which tasks are important, which ones you will do, in what order, and what you hope to achieve.


Organize your room and get rid of what you do not use

Start with the most important part: your room.

Organize the clutter, change the sheets on your bed, dust the furniture and do a general cleaning.

You could even change the location of your bed, give your room a new orientation or make a change in your space that modifies the circulation of energy.

Organize your armario and donate what you no longer use

Another thing to do on the weekend that will definitely improve your quality of life is to organize your armario.

Honestly, how many clothes do you have in there that you haven’t worn in years?

How long have you been telling yourself that you will start using that shirt, those shoes or pants, and all you have done is let it continue to collect dust in your armario?

What you no longer use, give it away, what you rarely wear, place it in a aparente place so that you perro use it more frequently, and what is bad, throw it away.

Many people will be able to use what you donate, people who need it more than the dust in your armario.


Wash your car, motorcycle or bicycle

Regardless of your mode of transportation, be it a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle, clean and take care of your things.

The way you keep your belongings, from your shoes to the kitchen in your house, speaks volumes about your way of being.


Clean your kitchen

When was the last time you checked the expiration dates on your food? Clean your kitchen, recycle those packages that you no longer use, throw away food that is expired (and ask yourself the next time you go to buy that amount) and generally disinfect your kitchen.

In this way you will not have to take this time out of the week to organize your kitchen, or at least, the time you will have to dedicate to it will be minimal.


Plan what you are going to eat and how you will do it

An excellent iniciativa thinking about things to do on the weekendis to create a archivo on your cell phone, computer, or even by hand where you write your lunches and meals for the coming week.

Ask yourself what you would like to have for lunch on Monday, what you would like to eat on Thursday, what days you will eat on the street and what special foods you have during the week.

This will let you know what you have to buy and in what quantities.


Buy food for next week

A good alternative to not having to throw away food is to buy food for the next 8 days once a week.

Food that is not perishable cánido be bought in quantity, the rest buy just enough and enjoy its freshness.

If you don’t like doing this, you could consider some of the aplicaciones available on your phone that do these kinds of errands for you, freeing up this space to do other things you enjoy more.


Cook and leave some prepared foods

During the week, when you get home from work, you feel like doing anything except cooking.

It is understandable that after working and exercising, you don’t feel like cooking.

So be prepared for this on the weekends.

On the weekend you cánido leave some food ready that perro stay in your fridge for a week.

The rest, like the protein, you perro prepare every day, this will not take much time.


Organize your computer, archivos and downloads

How many archivos do you have on your desktop? How many downloads and images do you have in your documents folder that you no longer use and that are killing your memory?

Leading a minimalist lifestyle means not only having few things, but making your life as fácil and efficient as possible.

If you have a lot of archivos and digital clutter, use your weekend to purge all this information you don’t use.

In fact, this is one of those things to do on the weekend that will contribute to your productivity during the week, especially when you have a business that consists of earning money en línea, and you work from your computer.


Clean up your popular networks

Every day we spend notable time on popular networks.

Although this is a bad habit, there are ways to improve it: for example, start following those people who are role models in your life.

How many famous people, prominent people, role models do you have in your popular networks? What kind of information do you consume on your mobile devices?

Stop following people who don’t add value to you

Ask yourself who your role model is, who you admire for their achievements and way of seeing life, and start following them; While this will not guarantee success, it will give you the content and success phrases that will inspire you to act.

Schedule things to do on the weekend with the people you love the most

As time goes by, and you gain experience, you begin to understand that what really matters in life is not what you accumulate, but the people you have by your side to share.

Next, we leave you some plans to invest your time with these people:


Share time with your parents

There are many plans to share with your parents.

For example, invite them to eat at their favorite place, have a coffee, get to know a new place or simply visit them.

Strive and find the moment, even if you have many excuses.

If you definitely perro’t, take the time to call them and see how they are doing.

Ask if they need anything and remind them how much you love them.

connect with your family

Enjoying time with your family, disconnected, without thinking about work or anything else, allows you to connect with the essentials of life.

For what reason do you work, if not to guarantee a good life for your family?


Visit friends you haven’t seen in a while

Among the things to do on the weekend that do not involve a lot of money is organizing a plan to meet up with your friends.

Call them up and invite them out for a beer, out for a bite to eat, or just to talk about old times.

Remembering these kinds of stories gives you a break from the eagerness and worries you have.

Even in this type of encuentro great ideas result.

Not only did you laugh at past stories, but profitable businesses, investment opportunities, among others, cánido arise.


Schedule important commitments

If you have important commitments that require your time and dedication, and for which you don’t have time during the week due to work, use the weekend slots.

In this way, you will be calm during the week knowing that you have already fulfilled these appointments and you will be able to focus on your work.

Many times the lack of performance is due to a mind full of worries, pending commitments and a to-do list that seems endless.


Connect with other people

Not everything has to be work related.

Use your weekend to meet other people.

Look for those spaces to connect with people who have different tastes, abilities and destrezas and interests.

When you connect with these people you gain new perspectives, you entrar a different environment, new ideas surge and you enrich your life.

Use the time of your weekend to relax

To finish these plans or things to do for the weekend, don’t forget to invest your time to rest, enjoy and take care of your spiritual and mental health.


Plan a movie marathon

Leisure must have its space among the things to do on the weekend.

And better if you cánido enjoy these moments with your partner, friends or family.

For example, you perro watch a new series that just launched on Netflix, watch a documentary, get inspired by movies for entrepreneurs, or any other program that disconnects you from reality.

These types of spaces are necessary to take care of your mental health, to remind you that you need to have a cómputo, and that it is important to fully enjoy your leisure.


Go for a walk with your pet

Surely with so much work and commitments that you have during the week, tiredness and little time does not allow you to dedicate time to your pet, so this is one of the things to do on the weekend.

This type of plans has multiple benefits for your life; you go for a walk, get distracted, play a little, disminuye your stress levels and get to know new places.


Invest your time in a good book

One of the best things you cánido do on a weekend (and every day of the week) is read a good book.

The ability that these have to change your life and fill you with opportunities is impressive.

If you are thinking that you need money to read, here we leave you more than 55 Books for entrepreneurs that you should have in your library

Read your favorite weblogs:

The habit of reading is not exclusively related to books, you perro also read magazines, weblogs and media that interest you.

During the week you accumulate tabs in your browser, pending articles to read, interviews, vídeos and content that is interesting to you.

Take some time out of your weekend to consume and purify this content that you have stored on your devices.

For this you have applications like Pocket that allow you to save articles to read later.


Visit a public library

Surely you have a public library near your home or work.

The only thing you need to subscribe is to give your identification number and a couple of references, that’s all.

Rent a book, the one that most catches your attention, not only is it free but you will acquire a new habit that will improve your life.

If you don’t have a library nearby, you perro see our recommended books section and buy them on Amazon, both digital (audiobooks or Kindle) and in physical version.


Disconnect from all your devices

Would you be willing to turn off your cell phone for a weekend? one day? a few hours a day? Although we may not like to admit it, our attachment to these devices is behavior that borders on addiction.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, we check our phone an average of 150 times a day.

Even for a few hours, most successful people disconnect from their work commitments.

Turning off your phone for a few hours will force you to be present and enjoy the different activities you do during your weekends.

How many times have you lost any emotion or tranquility of your days off due to some e-e correo electrónico from your office? Learn to disconnect and live in the present.


Take a nap

Today we live based on productivity; of how much we genera, of our profitability and other indicators that measure performance.

While this is important at work and your personal projects, rest days should be spent differently.

To achieve this, one of the things to do on the weekend is to take a nap.

Do you remember the last time you took a nap on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for no reason? What was your feeling after getting up?

Life makes sense with those small details and moments that you live without expecting them, that you enjoy and leave a good memory.

Stop being so demanding of yourself and sleep for a while, stop thinking about productivity and enjoy this pleasure of life.


Spend time getting to know you

They say that meditation is the art of knowing yourself.

Equipo aside time on your weekend to spend time with yourself; thinking about what you are, what you want, what you have achieved and to be thankful for your life.

Learning how to meditate perro be one of the things to do on the weekend; You will not only calm your mind and connect with yourself, but you will access hundreds of benefits of meditation that will help your life in general.

Ask yourself, what aspects of your life perro you improve? What made you feel happy, sad, melancholic, or euphoric this week? how cánido you improve? How do you plan to use next Monday to be a better person?

Learn to live with your loneliness, to enjoy the time you spend alone to reconnect with your purposes, learn to meditate and remember what you want to achieve with your life.


Get ready and have a coffee

Definitely one of the best things to do over the weekend, and one of the best plans for Sunday, is to calmly prepare a coffee and enjoy it.

This routine of preparing your favorite coffee in the morning and enjoying it accompanied by a good book, a newspaper and good company is perhaps one of the best ways to start your days.

If you don’t like coffee, find a way to start the days of your weekend in a different way, one that makes you feel alive, grateful and prepares you to work towards your goals.

Recommended books:

What to do this weekend?

To rest and enjoy you must also be disciplined; you must learn to quit your job on Fridays and commit to your weekend plans.

With these things that you perro do one weekend that you have just read, you will be prepared to start a new week recharged with energy.

Believe it or not, many people take refuge in their work because they feel that they have nothing better to do with their lives.

Don’t let routine get you to this point, and ask yourself what you cánido do differently this weekend to enjoy it.

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 30 Things to do on the weekend without
  30 Things to do on the weekend without
  30 Things to do on the weekend without

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