30 free vídeo banks in [4K] and [HD]

30 free vídeo banks in [4K] and [HD]

Discover the best pages and free vídeo banks

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Would you like to accompany your digital projects with free professional vídeos in HD or 4K and provide more quality to your content?

If you need top quality audiovisual resources, here you will find just what you need.

And it is that, as I already told you just a year ago, vídeo-marketing is one of the star trends of recent times within any digital marketing strategy worth its salt.

This becomes even more important if we add that, in a few years now, several new high definition vídeo formatssuch as the different variants of HD or the revolutionary 4k UHD.

All these advances in the digital world are having their logical repercussions in the en línea world, which is why, inevitably, it is now almost essential that you include this type of resource both in the design of your web pages and, in general, in all kinds of projects that you undertake on the Internet.

Where cánido I download high quality free vídeos en línea?

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In the complete list of the 30 best pages or banks to download free royalty-free vídeos that I will espectáculo you below, you will be able to select resources of all kinds, among the wide variety of categories that most of them host.

However, before going on to espectáculo you these pages with free vídeos, I would like to answer one of the most typical questions that users ask when reading or hearing the concept «royalty free«:


Is “royalty free” vídeo the same as free?

The concept “free of rights” (or “royalty free”), whether applied to en línea vídeos in HD or any other audiovisual material, is a term misunderstood by most Internet users, fanes of downloading free vídeos, music or anything else.

And it is that behind the typical phrase of «All resources displayed on this website are completely free of copyright«, which you perro find in most of the pages you visit, means that, if you are not used to using this type of material, you perro confuse it with the fact that it perro be totally free.

The copyright in any creative work is always held by the author of that work, who alone perro authorize its use or inclusion in a for-profit or non-profit commercial project.

How perro I “avoid” paying for those royalties?

For each use of said work the author receives a “royalty” or payment.

The collection of sayings royalties In the case of music, it is something that authors usually transfer to copyright management companies, as is the case of the “SGAE” in Spain.

However, some authors upload their own content to the Internet, qualifying it as “free of rights”, falling under these rights under some of the “Creative Commons” licences, thus limiting the use that perro be made of said works.

What is the Creative Commons license?

The more or less así translation of this term is “creative commons” and it is a method of distributing audiovisual resources created by the American lawyer Lawrence Lessing.


Through this regulatory method, authors of musical material, documents, vídeos and other digital content in general who wish to share their works on the Internet must specify how other network users cánido use their content.


The creative commons license therefore, gives users the right to freely use the works of these authors, respecting these 4 main conditions:


Acknowledgment: the content cánido be used, as long as the usuario acknowledges the authorship, mentioning in some way the author of the content.


Non-commercial: The use of the work may not be used for commercial purposes or for profit, although they may be reproduced or displayed to the general public.


Non-derivative works: which allows other users to display and reproduce the original and exact content, but not a derivative or based copy of the author’s original.


Share under the same license: allows other users to distribute and use works derived from the original, as long as they maintain the same license when disseminated.

When downloading free vídeos in HD, 4k or any other variant shared by the authors, you cánido mezcle 2 or more of these conditions and use them on your personal blog or websiteas long as you respect each one of them that you carry out.

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The best banks to download free vídeos in HD or 4k!

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It is one of the largest libraries in the world with free vídeos in 4K and HD free of rights, to use in projects that you need to equipo with a good quality vídeo.

And in case you still don’t have too much knowledge about how to manage this type of elements, they have a blog (in English) where you perro learn tricks that will help you optimize them to your liking.

In addition, among its more than 6 million clips, they include other types of material such as:

  • Vídeos in 360º.
  • Short duration sound effects.
  • Depósito images.
  • 3D objects.
  • After Effects templates.

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Despite the fact that VideoHive is not exactly a free page to download vídeos, I recommend that you take a look at this portal, since you have stuff available from $1.

In addition to vídeos, they have a large database with very professional effects, with exquisite quality and that you cánido buy and use in all your audiovisual projects.

[box]I have bought some vídeos here several times for projects with their own clients and, honestly, it is wonderful to see how they turn out on their web pages.

Despite the fact that here I offer you a multitude of free 4K and HD vídeo banks, sometimes it is worth spending a few ‘eurillos’ and obtaining exactly the material that your clients expect you to offer them.[/box]

3. NASA Galleries

Without a doubt, of all the pages with free vídeos, this one will leave you speechless…

And it is that, the fácil fact of thinking that NASA itself perro offer you free vídeos in 4k to contemplate the beauty of our planet and a large part of the Universe, already invites you to spend some time on its website and contemplate all the wonders of this and other planets.

Do you want to see Planet Earth in a 4k vídeo?



If this spectacular page is characterized by something with free vídeos in HD royalty free It is due to the number of categories, among which you perro choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Among them, you cánido find a collection of incredible vídeos about:

  • Animals and nature.
  • Business and business theme.
  • Gastronomy (food and drink).
  • Sport, transport and space.

All these clips are free, although in some of them you must mention their authorship, under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.


Without a doubt, Videezy is one of the best websites to download free, royalty-free vídeos in HD 1920×1080 and other afín formats, given its extensive database and quality.

You cánido register with your dirección de correo electrónico or from your Fb profile, to receive new clips every week in your mailbox.

However, to download their material you do not need to register.

On their website are specified the attribution requirements what you should do, depending on the place where you publish this content.


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Perhaps you knew Pixabay as a free image bank, but this German company also has a wide variety of royalty-free vídeo clips (CC0)which you cánido use to equipo the scene for your projects.

It also has a blog in Englishwhere you perro find out very interesting news on digital content topics.

7. Coverr

If you are thinking of creating a web page or giving a different touch to the one you already have, you perro try having one of these free vídeos as a background image.

Surely you have entered a website where, as a background image, they showed a clip where the team members were appreciated or a scene that represented the values ​​of that company.

This platform offers you an extensive database where they also explain clearly how to embed these vídeos on your website or blog.[box]If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will be able to receive 7 new vídeos every week, to be able to use them in your projects or those of clients interested in giving this original touch to their websites.[/box]

8.Life of Vids

Through the extensive database of this website to download free vídeos, you will be able to have landscapes and beautiful panoramic views to use in your web designs and personal creations.

Although they are not presented in a very segmented way, I am sure that many of their copyright-free and rights-free clips perro inspire you when you escoge to create your own blog or website.



The vídeos created by the agency “Create the Bridge” are intended for free use, both personal and commercial, with which you perro download them without any type of filter No attribution issues.

Since they are not uploaded to Vimeo or any other HD and 4K vídeo platform, the procedure to download them to your computer will be as follows:

1. Choose the landscape that best suits the creativity of your project.

2. Once you open the dirección de Internet of the chosen free vídeo, clic on it to play it and be sure that it was indeed what you were looking for.

3. Go to the top right corner of it and clic on the “Download” icon, to open the exact dirección de Internet.

4. Once you have it open in full screen, you will see a download symbol in the lower right corner [?].

If you clic on it, you perro automatically save it to your PC or Mac.


From the moment you entrar this bank of high-definition and 4K vídeo clips, you are “caught” by the way its creators present the material to you, as they are displayed in “grid” or portfolio mode.

All his free vídeos are royalty free under the CC 3.0 licenseor what is the same: you have to cite the author of it.

They have the advantage that they will be reproduced only by placing your mouse cursor over each one of them; On the other hand, they do not have a search engine with which to entrar a keyword of the specific material you are looking for, something that could be somewhat uncomfortable.


The download of vídeos in HD and 4K format from this website is done under the CC0 license, that is, you will not have to attribute authorship and you perro use them later for both personal and commercial purposes.

This is an advantage, since you will save having to put an external backlink or name the author of it every time you integrate it into one of your projects or even on your business website.

The quality of almost all the material will be in HD, in mp4 format, which will ensure that they have a fairly low weight.


Fancy Footage Club

Despite the fact that the creators of this free vídeo bank warn that the page has closed and, therefore, you will not have weekly updates, you perro continue downloading the material that they host in their database.

Do you want to know how to do it?

  • Go to this Dropbox backlink that they provide you on their main page.
  • Here you cánido download each of its royalty-free clips in a compressed archivo.
  • Remember that you must mention the author of the same in each use you give them (within each “zip” you have a pdf archivo that will remind you and indicate how to do it).


Vimeo Groups

Through this famous audiovisual platform you cánido ask to join the hundreds of groups with users who upload all kinds of high-quality vídeos in 4K, HD and other professional formats:

These are some that I personally recommend you follow:

✅ Lumix G7 Mirrorless Micro 4 Thirds Digital Camera

✅ [Panasonic] GH5

✅ [Sony] A7S II


This is one of the oldest web pages and pioneers in offering audiovisual material to download without the need to register, since they began in 1996, more than 10 years ago.

Undoubtedly, professional material that will help you create the best largos and shorts that you could never have imagined.

In the “header” of their website you cánido see that they also have banks of images, audio and much more material.

It is possible to choose the format in which to download them, so look carefully before choosing.



You will be able to access the hundreds of clips and animated backgrounds for your projects, offered by this bank of free vídeos in various formatsall of them in high definition (HD):

  • Size 960 x 540 and .mov format
  • Size 1280 x 720 and .mov format
  • 1920 x 1080 size and .mov format

Each HD vídeo format has a weight, so you should choose the one that best suits what you are looking for or the characteristics of your project.

You must register previously to enjoy the downloads offered by this page.

16.Clip Canvas

Thanks to this page with free and paid vídeos in high definition (HD) You will be able to wonderfully illustrate each of the digital content you are in charge of, both personal and professional.

You cánido choose between the following types:

  • Bank of free and paid HD vídeos (although very cheap).
  • Free short clips.
  • Landscape backgrounds to equipo the scene for websites.
  • Vídeos of type after effects.


If what you are looking for is a page where you perro quickly download vídeos in good quality and without registering on any site, Vidsplay is the ideal bank for it.

You only have to choose the material that you are interested in downloading and, just by clicking on “download”, at the bottom of the vídeo, you will be able to save it on your hard drive.

That easy!

▷ The highest quality you cánido get with them is a format MP4 in HD – 1920 x 1080.

18.Mitch Martinez

On the website of this North American cinematographer you perro also find an extensive bank of free vídeos in 4k, HD and UHD made by himwith a professional camera «RED Epic #1910«.

By using this professional vídeo bank, you will be making sure that you use top quality material, recorded by a professional in the campo with a great reputation.

Regarding the attribution of authorship, you must read their terms carefully of use.

This is useful so that, depending on the size of the project where you are going to include their material, you should mention it or contact their company, so that they grant you the pertinent permissions.

19.Ignite HD

All the vídeos present on this page are shown previously uploaded to their YouTube channel, so you cánido use them freely, both for personal and professional use.

HD 1080p and 720p quality ensure that they will look wonderful in any of your digital projects, for equipo any of your creative ideas.

The free use of his vídeos does not include the need to mention the author or their subsequent sale.

According to its legal conditions, the latter is totally prohibited.


From the YouTube channel of the CyberWebFX.com website it is possible to download their vídeos for free in HD and 4k, as long as you use them for personal or commercial purposes in which you do not modify their integrity.

This is one of the best YouTube channels to be able to regularly download vídeos in good quality, since they are updated every weekend, with excellent audiovisual material.


Beachfront B-Roll

In this personal blog made on the Blogger platform, you cánido find a multitude of vídeos without copyrights made with cameras of very high quality, of the type “Canon Rebel Series” or “Sony A7SII”.

Downloading these free vídeos is super easy: just entrar each article, clic on the vídeo backlink, located just below the main image and choose the folder on your computer where you want to save it.

22.Free HD Footage

Free HD Footage is a page where you cánido download a multitude of effects and royalty-free vídeos and without the need to register.

You cánido choose between all the categories that they have in their left panel, among which the 4k format and several HD quality versions stand out.

If you entrar after a while, you cánido visit the “Recent Posts” section, to enjoy the most recent ones.


FreeJPG Vídeos

Through this Argentinian website you will be able to find amazing free vídeos available to download, free of copyright and, as if this were not enough, you do not need to register to save them on your PC or Mac.

It also has a complementary web of free images, also free of rights.

Without a doubt, a more than interesting option to take into account.



From free Timelapse vídeos to 360º HDRI landscapes, through HD and 4k clips to use freely is what you will find on this page that is updated every week.

You perro also download abstract landscapes in Slowmotion, to equipo the scene for your project or website.

25. 4k Download

In this chaos, it is not a page to directly download 4k vídeos from its database, but rather external programa to your computer or device.

This program allows you to download free vídeos, playlists, channels and subtitles from YouTube, Fb, Vimeo and other image viewing sites in high quality.

You must install it on your PC or Mac to be able to download all the material you want.

26. Dissolve

From Dissolve you will be able to find free vídeos without copyrights and paid, although at more than affordable prices, for the excellent quality that they offer you.

What sets this download page apart is that, for better or worse, the material they display is somewhat more extensive than on other websites.

They have 4k and HD vídeos, almost in all cases, more than 1 minute long.


It is a free vídeo bank that, for better or worse, mixes millions of scenes, interviews, reports from all over the world and almost all topics on a single website.

Although here you perro find exactly what you are looking for, in my opinion, it has the drawback that the free audiovisual material they offer is somewhat disordered (but it is a matter of searching).

28. Dareful, Free 4k Depósito vídeo

From this free vídeo bank, you cánido download all kinds of material to later editar and incorporate into your digital projects and thus give them a touch of showiness.

You cánido download all the vídeos you want, as long as you attribute authority through the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Cute Depósito Footage

This is another one of these pages where they upload new effects and vídeos for free almost daily, both in HD and in 4k format, both for free and without registering on their platform.

In addition, on this platform you perro enjoy other audiovisual databases, such as:

  • Free images.
  • Graphics/Vectors.
  • textures.
  • Sources.
  • Mockups.



All material contained on this website is recorded in Full HD (1920×1080) or HD (1280×720) and is available in estándar Antes de Cristomp4, with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Although its database has not been updated since 2013 and, therefore, you will not find 4k quality, you could well find just what you need here.

Conclusion on free vídeo banks

Whether you need them right now or not, you must admit that the use of free HD vídeos within your digital strategy is one of the best “weapons” you perro carryif you want to be competitive, both with your own project and with projects of your own clients.

Despite the fact that these have been what I consider to be the best platforms to download free vídeos:

What are the most useful pages for you to download free and royalty-free vídeos?

Cover images property of Shutterstock.

I recommend that you keep this complete list safe, since at one time or another it will come in handy or, at least, that you subscribe to my blog, to receive all my exclusive content weekly.

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 30 free vídeo banks in [4K] and [HD]
  30 free vídeo banks in [4K] and [HD]
  30 free vídeo banks in [4K] and [HD]

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