30 finance books you need to

30 finance books you need to

Do you want to improve your economic situation? Have a better income and the right mindset to create wealth? These finance books will help you with your goal of financial freedom.

Why are books important, and especially these finance books? As we mentioned in our ebook Rica Cabeza, your economic situation is nothing more than the result of the thoughts you harbor in your mind and the decisions you make every day.

So if you want to improve your personal finances, the first thing you should do is change your relationship with money.

And books represent a powerful tool to achieve it.

Finance books to manage your money:

If you want to learn something, become an expert and stand out above the rest; It doesn’t matter if it’s in the world of finance, entrepreneurship or motivation, go and find a book that teaches you how to do it.

To learn how to be a millionaire and improve your personal finances you don’t have to have a master’s degree in business, finance or specialization in investment methods.

You need to read finance books that teach you the basics and how to apply them.

Here you have the best finance books to increase your income, and improve your personal finances in general.

Some of these finance books talk about the mindset you should develop, others about how to budget, how to invest your money, and practical strategies that don’t require advanced knowledge.

Surely these books will not only improve your economic situation, but will lead you towards your financial independence.


Ebook Zero Debts

Do you have debts that you want to eliminate and that are not contributing to your financial future?

With this Ebook you will discover the 10 strategies to eliminate your debts without having to have additional income, and without being an expert.

With Zero Debts, you will learn from scratch, how to eliminate step by step the debts that affect your pocket, you will identify those that allow you to grow, how to take advantage of a mortgage loan, and you will learn practical cases to apply.

The best thing is that you will not only access the ebook of more than 100 pages, but you will also receive the Audio Book version, and two additional libros electrónicos (to handle your credit card like an expert and the best tools to automate your finances).

Backlink: see book

2. Ebook Rich Mind

With this personal finance ebook You will learn how to improve your personal finances.

If you are currently experiencing financial problems, if your bank account does not make you proud, or if you are looking for formulas to change your financial future, this ebook is designed for you.

Through 50 practical consejos, Rica Cabeza will not only help you change your relationship with money, but it also provides you with practical concepts and techniques that will change your personal finances quickly.

It is important to clarify that this ebook will not make you rich overnight, but it will improve your finances if you escoge to apply at least one of these practical consejos in your life.

Backlink: see book


Ebook Antes de Cristoof Franchises

If you want to learn everything you need to know to choose, invest and succeed with a franchise from scratch, this ebook will be of great help to you.

Not only will you know all the requirements, steps and recommendations to start a franchise successfully, but you will also access a list with more than 100 profitable franchises to start today.

With this Franchise ebook you will learn how to negotiate a franchise, you will know all the requirements and the best business options.

Backlink: see book


Think and grow rich

As his book describes it, in it you will find the best elabora of all time to make your money grow.

Millions of people have gone through these pages, where they not only find motivation to improve their personal finances, but also to grow spiritually and mentally.

Backlink: see book


Little Capitalist Pig

This cánido’t be better described personal finance book for hippies, yuppies and bohemians:

«It doesn’t matter if you have no iniciativa about personal finance, have great notions or think you are an expert.

With little capitalist pig You will have the most effective tools to know how to save, invest and distribute your income in the best way»

Backlink: see book

This book also has an audiobook version if you want to listen to it.


The secrets of the millionaire mind

T.Harv Ekerthe author of this book was bankrupt, and in just two and a half years he became a millionaire and built one of the biggest consulting firms for success.

With the teachings of The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Eker has touched the lives of millions of people.

It all started from a very fácil question: what do millionaires do and think, unlike the rest of the people?

Backlink: see book


The richest man in Babylon

While the Babylonians have been reduced to dust, their wisdom is still preserved in recent history.

This is that kind of finance books where he talks about how to achieve success and how, in a practical way, to solve economic problems.

The best thing about this book is that its author, George S.

Clason, includes 7 ways that lead to the path of wealth and the 5 laws of gold.

This specific book could be included in a list of self-help and personal motivation books to take control of our finances.

Backlink: see book


The millionaire next door

Perhaps the best thing about this finance book is that it eliminates that misconception people have of how millionaires live.

Many years of research and interviews led to its author, Thomas Stanleyto the conclusion that the real millionaires they refuse to lead the high-consumption lifestyle most of us associate with rich people.

Backlink: see book


The money code

The Money Code is an excellent book for those moments of economic uncertainty.

A rigorous and practical manual, where beyond including practical advice to get the most out of it once you learn how to save your money, its author Raimon Samso, you espectáculos how detachment and freedom bring abundance and prosperity to our lives.

Backlink: see book


The smart investor

The best description of this book is as follows:

“Without a doubt, the best book on investment ever written…” This was said by no one but Warren Buffettthe most successful investor of all time.

Which certainly puts it above many others. finance books.

If you want to read its English version, which retains the essence of Benjamin Graham, a book written in 1949 that still retains its value, essence and strategies.

Backlink: see book


The art of making money

The art of making money is one of those finance books with UA new perspective to develop your financial intelligence.

Why, if most people work their whole lives for money, only a few know how to make money work for them?

See: 17 self-help and personal growth books you must

The vast majority of people who have achieved this financial freedom started life penniless and it was financial intelligence that enabled them to achieve financial success.

Backlink: see book


The total transformation of your money

Instead of promising the habitual dose of quick fixes, its author dave ramsey offers a bold and no-nonsense approach to money matters, getting out of debt, and achieving total financial health.

Its author debunks the many myths of money and attacks the illusions and outright deceptions that encourage overspending and large amounts of money. debts.

In short, an east personal finance books is an effective plan to achieve your economic well-being.

Backlink: see book



This book, written by Warren Buffett’s ex–daughter-in-law, explains with multiple real examples the techniques that the most successful investor in history has used to convert a loan into billions of dollars.

In this book you will find Warren Buffett’s 7 techniques or decision criteria, you will discover why he likes to drive beetles and what his great successes and failures have been.

Backlink: see book


The Science of Getting Rich

Learn how to get what you want with this book.

The Science of Getting Rich is one of the most read classics of recent times.

In fact, the author of the renowned book The Secret, says that this was her inspiration for her book.

This book has impacted the lives of millions of people.

Even 100 years after its publication.

Backlink: see book

fifteen. The quadrant of money flow

This is one of the most outstanding finance books in the world, it was written for those who do not want to remain tied to job security.

Also for those who want to undertake, from earning money en línea to starting a cheap franchise.

Each of these finance books tells you how to improve a unique aspect of your financial situation.

So if you want to improve your personal finances, these books cannot be missing from your library.

Backlink: see book

16. have peor car than your neighbor

Through fácil consejos, this finance book gives you the keys to achieve the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

If you think financial freedom isn’t important, ask yourself how many years you could live if you didn’t have a job or stop generating quick income.

If the answer you find doesn’t make you happy, you should read this book.

Backlink: see book


Rich Dad Poor Dad: The New Updated Edition

This is the best-selling finance book in the world.

Through the teachings of this book, robert kiyosaki he managed to retire at age 47.

What will you learn with this finance book? You will acquire the type of “financial knowledge” that you will never learn in schools.

Basically this finance book focuses on generating income from assets, en línea jobs and other ways beyond a traditional job.

Backlink: see book

18. Finances for a fool: Financial re-education for everyday life

The author of this book, Juan Marín Pozo, offers you in his book the key concepts to understand the world of finance without having to be an expert.

Through a story, full of examples that apply to your life, you will understand your financial mistakes and learn how to manage your money.

Backlink: see book


The 4-hour work week

While not one of those finance books that teaches you the basics of money, this book will help you stop depending on a salary, how to travel the world, make more than $10,000 a month, or simply live longer and work less.

Although it is not a book that teaches you how to be rich, it does explain how to create a lifestyle where you enjoy your freedom.

Backlink: see book

twenty. Unbreakable: Your Book to Financial Freedom

This finance book is the result of more than 50 interviews with great entrepreneurs from the financial world.

See: How to invest in the depósito market in 10 fácil steps

His actor Tony Robbinsa world-class guru, along with peter malloukthe only man in history to be ranked the number one financial advisor in America, will teach you step by step to transform your financial life and accelerate your path to financial freedom.

No matter your salary, no matter your stage of life, this finance book will provide you with the tools to help you reach your financial goals faster.

Backlink: see book


The little book that builds wealth:

With this book you will know the elabora to find excellent investments.

His actor, pat dorseyexplains how to identify these solid companies, analyzes the good indicators of business health, as well as the four primordial pillars to make a good investment.


The Automatic Millionaire

Through a story, this book supports the incredible fact that there is no way to get rich on a budget.

According to its author, David Bach, you have to have a plant that pays you first, that is automatic, ensures your future and covers you in the present.

Backlink: see book

23. 21 Secrets to improve your finances

This book written by Bryan Tracy presents you with a elabora to become a millionaire no matter where you started.

You will learn to define objectives, develop action plans and organize yourself to achieve everything you want to achieve in life through finances.

Backlink: see book


The Instant Millionaire

Millionaire Mark Fisher has written a clear and stimulating guide, where he talks about the principles that differentiate people who manage to become millionaires, successful entrepreneurs, while others only dream of becoming one.

Backlink: see book


Guide to investing

The Finance books by Robert Kiyosaki They are characterized by being practical, concrete and easy to read.

In this Investing Guide, you will learn the ten basic rules of rich dad investing, how to disminuye your investment risks, how to turn your salary into passive income and finally how you cánido become a leading investor.

Backlink: see book


The Little Book of Value Investing

Christopher Browneauthor of this book, explains in a direct and easy to read way, the keys to implement effective investment strategies, as well as his wealth creation method.

Backlink: see book


The psychology of money

Morgan Housel He shares in his book the most important principles regarding money management.

With more than a million books sold, the author espectáculos that money, beyond being a hard skill, is a soft skill that cánido be learned.

And more importantly, that the psychological and emotional component play a primordial role in money management.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most recommended and current personal finance books.

It may interest you: The 13 principles of the psychology of money that you must master


The man who traded his house for a tulip

The author of this book, Fernando Trias de Beseconomist and author of books for entrepreneurs such as The Entrepreneur’s Black Bookis given the task of explaining the economic bubbles of history.

The objective of the book is to draw conclusions in such a way that future bubbles cánido be avoided, as well as to understand what you should do in these moments and how to take advantage of it.

Backlink: see book

Each of these finance books tells you how to improve a unique aspect of your financial situation.

So if you want to improve your personal finances, these books cannot be missing from your library.

29. Principles

ray dalio He is the author of this personal finance book, and if you don’t know him, he is considered one of the greatest investors of all time.

His fortune is calculated in billions of dollars, and in this book, he shares how he built his wealth on the depósito market; explaining the type of decisions he made, the philosophy behind his investment fund and how we cánido apply these principles to our lives (especially in the financial field).

Backlink: see book

30. The Rich Method

This is one of the best-selling and recommended personal finance books on Amazon.

The purpose of this book is to teach you to disminuye your expenses, eliminate debts and learn how to save and invest your money, so that you cánido achieve financial freedom.

Written by Diego and Richard Garcia, the book addresses topics of great importance for your finances, such as passive income as well as other alternatives to create different sources of income, and greater economic stability.

Backlink: see book

The importance of these finance books:

It’s no secret that personal finances are an essential component of our lifestyle.

We all want to live without worrying about money, enjoy a job that, beyond being an obligation, is for personal fulfillment, and finally we cánido enjoy a good quality of life.

Each of these finance books seeks to help you increase your income and improve your personal finances so that you perro achieve your goals and enjoy financial independence.

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 30 finance books you need to
  30 finance books you need to
  30 finance books you need to

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