30 Day Challenge is a SCAM! 5 tests

30 Day Challenge is a SCAM! 5 tests

Earn money en línea It is the dream of many people.

And I do not orinan to get a few plus dollars, but to earn a lot of money en línea.

There are many entrepreneurs who managed to amass a fortune just with their computer and improved their lifestyle. leaving aside financial problems and stress that comes with a traditional job.

And you perro be one of them.

Here in Gananci you have many ways to earn money only with your computer and your Internet connection, such as starting a virtual business, investing en líneaor being a freelancer working from home.

There are different ways to generate income from anywhere in the world with a computer, or even with your mobile phone.

I have done it, and you perro do it too.

Unfortunately, too there are people who are dedicated to deceiving others selling them the dream of earning a lot of money easily and quickly.

I recently came across a website that offered huge profits in a short amount of time with almost no effort. This is 30 Day Challengewhich in Spanish means 30-Day Challenge.

This challenge guarantees you earn $30,000 in 30 days.

Yes, $30,000 a month for doing nothing!

A scam in plain sight. It didn’t take me long to discover that it was a hoax. And in this article I am going to espectáculo you all the proofs that I got that this method to earn money IS FALSE.

What will you find in this article?

What is 30 Day Challenge

▶ 30 Day Challenge is a scam!

▶ 5 proofs that 30 Day Challenge is a scam

▶ My views on this fraudulent system

What is 30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge is a “challenge” where they assure you that you will be able to earn $30,000 in 30 days just for registering and be part of this kind of club.

It is a trading programa, which according to its website, is designed with an algorithm that is responsible for generate money automatically.

The effectiveness of the algorithm is so infallible that the creator himself offers you $1000 in case you register and do not earn $30,000 in 30 days.

Upon entering, you will see that their website is a landing page designed so that register with your dirección de correo electrónico to participate in the challenge.

The only thing you find on their website is a promotional vídeoinformation from the supposed founder of 30 Day Challenge and some testimonials from people who changed their lives thanks to this programa.

At the bottom of the FAQ, they indicate that it is a free programa to trade CFD & FX market with one clic, and you could even earn $30,000 in 3 days every 30 days every month.

To finish, they tell you that you only need spend an average of 30 minutes up to date.

As cánido be seen at the bottom of their website, they display some security seals from well-known companies such as McAfee, GeoTrust, VeriSign, etcétera.

However, they are just pictures for people to trust.

I have contacted all of these companies (McAfee, GeoTrust, VeriSign) and all of them have told me that they do not know the pageand that they have not given their permission for their images to appear on it.

This is one of the many tests I have found that this page is a scam.

On their website they mention that if you are there it is at the invitation of someone who gave you the backlink and that they only have 25 places availableso you must hurry to register because they will fill up soon.

In the promotional vídeo it is explained that Rodrigo Arévalo, the creator of 30 Day Challenge, is a professional mathematician and economist, for which reason he has worked managing portfolios of large investors and achieved develop an algorithm which only executes successful trades.

According to the vídeo, he modified the Fibonacci Sequence so that his programa perro perform automatic winning trades at all times.

This is how he managed to make these investors millions of dollars and now he wants to offer you this solution that will make you win $30,000 in 30 days guaranteed, and according to themselves they give you the program for free.

Another point in favor of this being a hoax: no one is going to give you free programa to make you $30,000 in a month, because if that were the case, no one would be poor today…

But keep reading, because there’s still so much more you don’t know yet.

30 Day Challenge is a fraud!

30 Day Challenge It’s full of lies and techniques to make people believe the story.

They sell you the promise of becoming a millionaire with the profits you will generate thanks to the automated programa they have developed.

The first warning sign It’s at the top where they tell you that you’ll win $30,000 in 30 days or they’ll pay you $1,000 in cash just for participating.

I have seen many scams of brokers or automated robots that offer you to generate money without effort, but here the amount of money that they promise to earn you with a single clic is an exaggeration.

And without giving them anything in return.

30 Day Challenge espectáculos you that you perro earn more than $1000 in 1 hour with an investment of only $250.

Even within the first 5 minutes of activating the programa, your investment will already have risen to $391.

Just with a clic!

I have been making investments of all kinds for more than 4 years, and I cánido tell you that according to my personal experience this is not real, especially when you are a beginner.

not even using a signal program to invest such a large amount of money cánido be earned with such a small investment.

Despite these absurd values, it has become very habitual in recent months making use of false personalities and deceptive promises who seek to convince you.

These types of strategies are used to attract attention with false testimonialsafín to infomercials, so you will be pressured to register with your details until the last moment.

It is no wonder that their website is full of these tactics and do not say at any time how your program is used or how it works

To check that this is a complete hoax, I decided look for some information on the Internet and I realized that I was right.

There was not a single opinion of anyone who has won even $1 with this.

On the contrary, all the opinions were negative and I found testimonials of people who lost their money when making the minimum deposit that they were asked for.

Because in reality not free programa.

Once you sign up they ask you make a deposit of $250 so that the program perro operate with that money and generate profits.

And this is where the big con is: 30 Day Challenge actually wants to steal your money.

And how do they do it? First, by promising you that you will be able to download their program for free to earn money, and once they have managed to get you to register on their page, pressuring you to make a deposit of 250 dollars to send you the program to download.

Even so, the strangest thing is that supposedly just for registering and not earning that $30,000 in 30 days, the same creator will personally pay you $1000 out of pocket.

I have been able to detect that the photo of the founder “Rodrigo Arévalo” is actually a depósito photo that perro be purchased for approximately $2 in a photo bank.

Also, if you change to the version in English, You will see that it emplees another name.

They also ask for your correo electrónico fill your contenido publicitario tray with messages asking you to deposit this minimum amount and win $30,000 in 30 days.

In the next point I will espectáculo you 5 Evidence That Proves 30 Day Challenge Is A Scam from the internet more.

5 evidence that 30 Day Challenge is a scam

1. Your vídeo is full of lies.

Starting with the first vídeo, I could see that I was full of false and malicious information.

He tries to trap you in an absorbing monologue and with a lot of convincing power, along with fake testimonials that are noticed to be paid.

No one seemed to have a happy face. of when you earn $30,000 in a month, nor do they espectáculo checks or bank receipts that prove that they have earned that money.

Likewise, while the vídeo continued I could see that it mentioned a dispute with the European Union when he developed the algorithm that made big investors millions of dollars.

Actually, this news does not exist no matter how much you search on Google plus; Brexit and London welfare are also mentioned, but they never talk about the algorithminvestors or the 30 Day Challenge.

Another of the lies shown in the vídeo is that they claim to be able to hit 99.3% of all your trades, values ​​that not even the most expert investors perro achieve.

2. They pressure you to sign up and pay $250

The main way to know that a platform is a scam is observing the tactics they employ for you to perform a certain action, in this case, for you to register and then pay $250 to make a deposit to invest.

The promotional vídeo, the pop up, the testimonials… 30 Day Challenge is full of strategies so that as many people sign up and lose their hard-earned money.

The first thing is that, supposedly, it is a invitation exclusively for you thanks someone gave you the backlink.

That is, they were “waiting” for you.

However, if you go directly to its page by typing the domain name, you will see that you cánido register without any invitation.

Another lie.

Secondly, during the vídeo he mentions that he cánido only accept 25 people to “serve” them as it should.

But their website has been around for 1 year, and according to them there are thousands of partners earning a lot of money.

How does a page that only admits 25 people to its “club” have thousands of members? Another strategy to deceive more…

Third, by the time your cursor goes to the top of the browser, a pop up appears in which they tell you that you are making the worst mistake of your life and that if you register you will win $30,000 in 30 days guaranteed.

I registered in that Pop up to check what was happening, and what it does is that associates you directly to your portalas if you have accepted to be part of the challenge when you have not authorized them to do so.

In that pop up it also mentions that you don’t have to pay anything, that it’s free, but as soon as the new page appears, you have to deposit $250 minimum for the programa to invest your money.

It should be noted that these tactics appear every time the page is refreshed.

That is to say you cánido register 25 different correos electrónicos to fill the quota of 25 people and will continue to accept you.

So you definitely check that 30 Day Challenge is a scam.

Besides, the proofs shown of the bank account and the testimonials on Fb are completely false.

When you review these testimonials in the Spanish version and compare with the english version, you realize.

Their names change slightly and they keep the same photos.

The names in Spanish of some are Julia Firenze, Susana Renato and Daniel Mulato.

While in English they are Julia French, Terrence K and Kip Lee, respectively.

They are all false names.

They are not live comments. from Fb and Twitter, far from being real testimonials.

3. The creator’s profile is fake

Rodrigo Arévalo, the great mathematician and professional economist who created an infallible algorithm by modifying the Fibonacci sequence, does not exist.

Believe me, if someone developed programa that automatically generates $30,000 a month, he would become famous.

If you escoge to do a little research on this person, you won’t find anything. There is no information or news about him.

As I mentioned earlier, the photo shown is a image taken from a photo bank in which you cánido pay $2 for these types of images.

Quite profitable to capture many unwary and get $250 from each.

In the English version of the portal, Rodrigo Arevalo is called Joey Altairand there is no information or news about either of them.

Also, although the signatures have the same typeface, They are two different firms with different names.

4. The programa is not free

They try to attract you with the offer that the system they use is free.

And that just by registering you cánido access it without paying anything to earn money automatically.

The truth could not be further, since to entrar you need make a minimum deposit of $250. This will be the money that the programa will use to trade and generate profit on autopilot.

But worst of all is that This amount is also a lie.

The first time you register on their page, they tell you that you must make a deposit of $250 in order to download the program.

But if you don’t, a message appears by pressing you in which They force you to make a deposit of $10,000 to be able to download it, an abusive amount that not even those trusted brokers will ask you for.

The only thing you’ll get for free is a hassle for being scammed out of $250 or, in the worst case, They will take $10,000 from you.

And it is very likely that it will be with more, since both the platform and the website, they are not safe at all.

They could seek to obtain private information or personal from your credit card in order to steal your money.

So don’t even try to entrar their page please, it’s for your own safety.

If you really want to start generating real income by investing, save yourself the $250 they will try to rip you off on 30 Day Challenge, and use them on other secure, government-regulated, and trusted platforms like IQ Option where to start investing you will only have to make a deposit of $10.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, and that’s why I recommend that you don’t spend money you don’t have.

5. On Google plus there are only negative opinions and comments

If you do a little Google plus search, you’ll soon find that on all the serious pages and weblogs where they talk about They call this method a scam.And they don’t have good words for it.

What’s more, many people who have been deceived by 30 Day Challenge Leave comments telling your negative experiences and how they stole their money.

I imagine that many of them were so desperate to see that they had been deceived that they got on the Internet, began to looking for information for someone to help themand they found themselves with the bad surprise that all their suspicions were true.

Here I leave you some screenshots that I have made of different sites and pages where you perro see comments telling how they were scammed. And these are just a few comments, because there are many more on the Internet that I have not included here.

I ask that if you have also been deceived or deceived by these scoundrels, or if you have been about to fall for their lies, please write me a comment below telling me what happened to you and your experience.

My opinions on this fraudulent system

Earning money en línea is totally possible, but like everything in life, it requires a certain kind of effort and dedication. There is no easy and fast moneyOtherwise we would all become millionaires overnight.

These types of scams, like 30 Day Challenge, are designed so that those people with little or no experience in en línea investmentsbelieve that it is possible to earn a lot of money with a few clicks.

These en línea scams have been around since the dawn of the internet and will continue to appear, the important thing is that you perro notice before investing your time and your money in something like that it will not work.

En línea trading requires learning and practice to make it profitable.

To generate income by investing en línea, you should start by practicing for free with a demo account like the one you have IQ Option, avatrade and other reliable brokers without risking your money.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, and that’s why I recommend that you don’t spend money you don’t have.

And, once you have learned enough, and Have you checked which strategies work for you? then you must make your first operation to make money with your investments.

This is how I started and also many of my friends to whom I have taught how to trade en línea: practicing first with a demo account so as not to risk my money and, above all, to learn to invest.

It is not possible to generate $30,000 in a month with an investment of $250. Or that programa with a powerful algorithm does it.

En línea trading will not make you rich overnight.

If someone offers you an infallible method to earn a lot of money in a short time, be wary and look for information on the internet. ohDo not fall for these types of scams!

Have you ever come across these types of scams? Write me a comment below and tell me what happened to you.

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 30 Day Challenge is a SCAM!  5 tests
  30 Day Challenge is a SCAM!  5 tests
  30 Day Challenge is a SCAM!  5 tests

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