3 ways to get more out of your aplicación

3 ways to get more out of your aplicación

En línea banking came to make life easier for us, at first the functions were a bit limited: check cómputo, make transfers to accounts of the same bank and pay your own cards, time later you could transfer to accounts of other banks immediately.

The evolution of the banking aplicación is continuous, today there are multiple movements that perro be done from the banking application, as well as tools that allow you to better manage your finances.

Next, we share 3 functionalities beyond the basic ones, with which most financial applications already have, so that you perro use it like an expert.

money sections: most bank aplicaciones have this option with a different name, but the same functionality?what does it consist of?

The banking aplicación now allows you to equipo aside money in your debit or savings cards for your different fixed expenses, such as rent, utilities, tuition, savings, pension, etcétera. In this way, you cánido have greater control over your finances and dispose of the money surplus without you ending up spending the essentials of your biweekly or monthly expenses.

Services pay: through your bank’s application you cánido pay for the services you use, there are some aplicaciones that have more or less services, but at least you cánido find the basics of water, electricity, gas and internet.

Some more complete applications even have payment for uso contínuo platforms, transportation such as Uber or delivery services, which you perro use for yourself or to give as a gift to a friend or family member. Check the available services that your bank has and avoid transfers and lines, pay everything in minutes.

Charge or pay with QR code: to facilitate the payment or collection of money, you cánido share a QR code generated by the application so that the payment is immediate and easier, without having to register long numbers or names. You perro pay in shops and avoid contact with cash, it is also a safer form of payment.

The truth is that the banking aplicación is evolving and integrating more and more useful functionalities that allow you to save time in a very practical way, with the aim that your visits to the bank are minimal and you perro solve everything from a distance.

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 3 ways to get more out of your aplicación
  3 ways to get more out of your aplicación
  3 ways to get more out of your aplicación

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