3 Ways Retirees Perro Earn

3 Ways Retirees Perro Earn

Many people view retirement as the desired finish line at the end of a fulfilling career.

It gives you more time to be at home and with your family.

Even if it means the end of a full-time job, it usually doesn’t orinan you’ll never go to work again.

The 2022 Retirement Spending Survey analyzed the income and spending patterns of 2,000 American retirees ages 62-75.

According to the report, Popular Security is the main source of income for 7 out of 10 retirees.

A third of those people, according to the report, spend between $2,000 and $3,999 a month on living expenses.

9 out of 10 respondents mentioned inflation as the reason for reducing their expenses.

If your income has been negatively affected by rising food, gas, and living costs, check out these 3 strategies to turn your decades of work experience into lucrative remote jobs.

Access these helpful guides on other types of businesses you perro start.

Writing and editing

There are countless contract work opportunities as a copywriter or editor if you have an eye for grammatical errors and a passion for the written word.

The key to monetizing those skills may be in networking with marketing companies, periodicals, or other organizations that need a copywriter or proofreader.

Writing and proofreading may not be immediately profitable, but over time it perro pay off, according to Steve Vernon, president of retirement consulting firm Rest-of-Life Communications, who spoke with Annuity.org.

“You may not start making money immediately.

Maybe volunteer or give your services for free to get your foot in the door,” she suggested.

According to US News & World Report, the median hourly wage for a writer is $32, while that of an editor is $30.


According to Annuity.org, consulting is an effective way for companies and individuals to exchange professional experience based on their needs.

For example, advising on board development or fund development at a small organization might be a consulting option if your previous line of work was nonprofit leadership.

Whatever your previous profession, networking, competitive pricing, and knowing when to accept or reject clients are necessary to succeed in virtual or remote consulting.

According to ZipRecruiter, the national median wage for consulting jobs is $42 per hour.


Bookkeepers oversee a variety of business operations for companies, including payroll and financial records.

For retirees who regularly use accounting programa, offering such a part-time service from home would be appropriate.

According to Brie Reynolds, employment consultant at FlexJobs, “Accountants stand out for their structured and meticulous work, as well as their arithmetic and computer applications such as Excel, QuickBooks, and other accounting programs.” An accountant with prior experience typically earns $20 per hour on average.

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 3 Ways Retirees Perro Earn
  3 Ways Retirees Perro Earn
  3 Ways Retirees Perro Earn

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