3 Things Bill Gates Would Have Done

3 Things Bill Gates Would Have Done

It is no secret to anyone that this great businessman is a visionary, who has achieved great things. However, there are some things that Bill Gates would have done differently 20 years ago and now explains why.

If you want to learn the keys to succeeding in business today, pay close attention to the things these millionaires have done differently and how they have evolved.

Undoubtedly, many of us could use it very well to understand what is behind a business decision, or a long-term financial plan, so stay until the end and take note of everything that you cánido apply in your professional life.

What Bill Gates did not know before and today he does differently

Bill Gates has decades of success, but he didn’t always think the same way about his business goals.

Just as times change, people’s conclusions or ideas evolve. Other factors are taken into account, and priorities change. This applies to both personal life and business.

Of course, you need to have good advisers, train yourself, keep yourself updated on many issues and always be aware of the changes you should make to make your business work.

Staying doing things “as they have always been done” just for the sake of it, is one of the biggest mistakes you perro make as an entrepreneur.

For this reason, the ability to improvise or change plans without fear of failure is what has made these great businessmen achieve their victories over time.

20 years ago, Bill Gates was solely focused on making Microsoftwas one of the most important and robust companies in the field of programa and technology.

But he also worked for many years in one of the most important charitable foundations in the world.

Things Bill Gates Would Have Done Differently

Although this is one of the most successful men in the world, like any human being, when he looks back, he admits that there are things that could have been done better or differently.

This generates an empathy with which today we cánido analyze their life and take advantage to learn from their mistakes.

Any successful entrepreneur needs a good guía, whether through personalized consulting, professional training, or following the advice of those who have come a long way.

Therefore, today we are going to pay attention to these points that Bill Gates shared to Business Insidertelling what things he would have done differently 20 years ago.

1. Automated learning

More and more technology is moving towards automation, even Artificial Intelligence has gained popularity and is being used more frequently in different fields.

Machines are processing information fed to them differently, so this might have been something to focus on a few years ago to be ahead of the curve today.

In his words, this points to computers learning from specific data entered into their systems.

Today we see how this impacts not only computing but areas such as design, architecture, literature and everything that has to do with audiovisual media.

It really is a feeling of having moved thousands of years into the future but living it today. For example, today there are thousands of entrepreneurs making money with ChatGPT.

2. Contribute to the community

Not all great entrepreneurs feel the need or desire to help others through their knowledge and resources.

However, Bill Gates became a philanthropist after spending his 20s and 30s focused on building his business, the Microsoft company became a success and that is when he began to dedicate himself to his foundation.

But this is something that Bill Gates would have wanted to do before, as well as Mark Zuckerberg, who at only 29 years old had already been the largest donor in the United States, contributing resources to the foundation. Silicon Valley Community.

Entrepreneurs are often more focused on moving their business forward and making it succeed, leaving aside the human part in which they could be contributing and generating a positive impact.

This tycoon says that if he could have started earlier, he would have, so this is one of the things that Bill Gates would surely have done differently.

3. Spend more time out of the office

It is clear that now he does not have the same energy as before, but that is something that he takes in a positive way and enjoys more than ever.

When he was starting his business, he could spend whole days without leaving his office, without thinking about eating healthy, resting or releasing stress through healthier habits.

However, as the years go by, he feels that it would have been beneficial to cómputo his professional and personal life.

This does not change the fact that his effort paid off and that he learned great life lessons in the process, but today he believes that he would have made his work dynamic different.

What things would you do differently today?

Now that you know what great entrepreneurs have been through in their early days and what people like Bill Gates think from their learnings, ask yourself:

What things could you be doing differently if you think about it calmly?

In short, each story is different, but being able to objectively vea those things that you perro do differently could change your life positively.

These things that Bill Gates would do differently are just some of the things that you yourself could start to avoid or do to improve future results.

Remember that any business that is sustainable over time needs dedication, patience and a lot of perseverance.

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 3 Things Bill Gates Would Have Done
  3 Things Bill Gates Would Have Done
  3 Things Bill Gates Would Have Done

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