3 Habits That Saved My Life When I Got Out

3 Habits That Saved My Life When I Got Out

Here is the story of Sutton Parks…

If you lose your job, your house and all hope… how would you rebuild your life? In 2005 my actions led me to experience this; I was a suicidal alcoholic, with a house foreclosed on by the bank, without a job or my family to support me.

A policeman came to my door with two men, together they took my belongings out of my house; I took only a few “important” ones, the ones I thought I would need, and left the rest to the garbage men. I got in the car and as I drove away, I saw in the rearview mirror how my previous life disappeared.

That night I slept in the car, in a whereabouts where truckers who are on their way usually rest.

That was where I slept for 9 months, while I recovered and got back on my feet in front of life.

This was a pretty low point in my life, so I decided that I would rebuild it based on some solid principles or, rather, I would escoge to end my life, I would kill myself if I kept at it.

The three habits that saved my life:

The life I was leading was full of pain and despair because of my decisions, so I made a pact with myself and with God where I swore that if I did my best, in the most honest way, and my life didn’t change, I would leave. calm thinking that “having a good life” was not an option.

So I changed a lot of bad habits and opted for new ones; three of them became a primordial coger for the life I lead today, a totally different one:

1. Gratitude is an act:

I learned this lesson in the 12-step meetings I joined.

My life had become talk and no action; he was lying to me when he said he was grateful for my car, my job, my relationships, my health, among other things, while letting them go to canalla due to my negligence.

In other words, he was an immature, selfish and lazy person.

You see, relationships and material things need time, presence, and money to be built and maintained.

Just like a plant needs water to live, your car needs its oil changed every once in a while, and a friend needs a call from you once in a while. However, I didn’t care, I just devoted myself to receiving.

This destructive attitude was damaging each of the assets that I had in my life; Lack of maintenance caused me to lose great relationships and valuable assets due to my selfish mindset.

So this had to change if I wanted to live a better life, so I started to espectáculo gratitude for all the gifts I had, but not through words, but through actions.

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2. Count your blessings:

Ever since I started living in my car, it’s been pretty easy for me to feel sorry for myself. This pity made me feel weak, failed and hopeless…which led to an insatiable urge to drink again.

I knew that I had to change my way of thinking; They had suggested to me in one of the anonymous meetings that I write on a piece of paper each of the things for which I felt grateful; which wouldn’t take me long since I had nothing.

So one night, while parked in my aparcamiento lot-house, I took out a pencil, paper and turned on the interior light of the car; I started to write:

I feel grateful for having a roof over my head, even if it’s the one in the car. I also realized that I had water, a place to sleep, a aparcamiento lot-house, and so the list grew little by little.

Among the many things I wrote, I noted that I was grateful for being able to write, read, breathe fresh air, for the county library, for the county park where I could bathe, for the Starbucks bathrooms, for the trails where I could walk …

This list gave me a sense of power, this list made me choose gratitude and love over fear and frustration. It helped me get rid of anxiety, bad thoughts, negativity, it took away my depressive life and attempts to end it… it gave me the oportunidad to see the decisions I could make.

More importantly, I realized that gratitude is the key to overcoming fears, which cánido prevent you from doing many things.

3. I stopped watching televisión:

This was really easy for me since I had to live in a car. Moving away from television brought me closer to my expectations, as I moved away from a world where everyone is rich, where everyone looks good, is interesting, and is married to super models. A utopian world.

The commercials are made to make you unhappy, ensuring that you will feel better if you buy their products.

The news made me feel powerless, I couldn’t control any of it, and the worst thing is that I had been raised with the philosophy of staying “in the know.”

Also, watching television made me feel lonely and isolated; Instead of going to popular gatherings, going out with my friends or participating in an event, I preferred to stay at home watching a football game… and the longer I stayed at home, the more alone I felt, and the more alone I felt the more desire I felt. they gave to drink

Removing the television from my life opened the doors for me to make new friends, to enjoy the company of my friends, to drink coffee or go out to eat.

In short, my life improved, which was what I was looking for. This fácil decision brought me closer to my expectations, freed me from materialistic desires, and gave me a greater sense of closeness and inner peace.

It’s been 10 years since I last slept in my car, I live in my apartment near downtown and I have 3 businesses. I have many friends, I play in a band and I even wrote a book…I am living the life I dreamed of, for which I decided to work.

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 3 Habits That Saved My Life When I Got Out
  3 Habits That Saved My Life When I Got Out
  3 Habits That Saved My Life When I Got Out

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