3 financial habits that will help you

3 financial habits that will help you

I would say that the only ones without debt in the world are the millionaires and yet, I believe that many times they must render accounts and pay the odd loan.

For the rest, I think each of us has at least one. But is there a way to not have any or at least go from having 10 to just 1 or 2?

Our guest today compare wellwill tell you about 3 habits that will help you stop knowing what a debt is.

Being in debt is everyone’s nightmare, but if you keep a constant plan and you understand how to manage your finances, you cánido get rid of them easier than you think.

When we hear about people who have become “successful” financially, the first thing that comes to mind is the academic and professional preparation that they have received to achieve it.

Although in many cases this may be the case, the truth is that, in order to achieve financial stability, have a good credit history and more positive things, it is enough to start apply some basic consejos.

When we talk about saving, saving all our money and living tight is not the iniciativa, quite the opposite, enjoy what so much effort cost us to have. Financial stability is the sum of small actions that teach us to make better choices when it comes to taking care of our finances.

If that is one of your goals not only for this year, but for the long term, you should apply these three habits to achieve it.

3 habits that will help you when get out of debt it is about

1. Be total with your card

It means paying for purchases and what is spent with the credit card in a single installment in the following month.

This will help you save on interest and improve your reputation with the bank by seeing that you are punctual with payments and that you do not extend them too much; and also, to be more aware when spending the credit of the card, which, according to different specialists in the financial world, you should not spend more than 40%, otherwise, when you pay it in the following month, you will end up with an imbalance in your budget.

At this point you must remember that, everything you buy with your card, you have to pay it.

However, there are exceptions where you cánido differ payment in installments; the main one, when the payment you must make for purchases is very high and justified; for example, when you want to buy an appliance or a computer.

When opting for this option (payment in installments), you must take into account that you cannot abuse them for interest, otherwise, you could end up paying more than what your purchase cost.

The credit cards They are a very useful financial tool, and in addition to being able to buy with them, they are also very helpful when it comes to saving money.

One of the easiest ways we cánido achieve this, it is through discounts What does it offer.

In some cases, these cánido be 20, 30 or even 40%, but it is important that in order to take advantage of them, you defer your purchases to a single installment, otherwise, the discount percentage will be paid in interest.

It is important that know the benefits of your credit card according to your financial profile so you perro take advantage of them.

For example, if you are a food lover and you usually go to restoranes, you cánido ask for a credit card that, among its benefits, offers you discounts in restoranes.

Remember that before accepting a credit card from a bank, you should compare the alternatives of this product or any other you wish to purchase (loans, insurance, etcétera.), to make sure you choose the one that suits you best. offers you more benefits and a lower interest rate at the time of paying the installments.

2. Dare to look for better options

The financial world is constantly renewed; This means that from time to time New alternatives and financial tools appear that you should take advantage of.

To take advantage of them, you need to be attentive and compare those offered by one entity with another, for example, the different credit card options, and if there is one that suits you better, choose it; Some of the changes that they could offer you are: more comfortable interest rates, more benefits, among others.

The same happens if Are you thinking of applying for a loan? You must remember that there are many banking entities that you cánido go to and not always stay with the same one.

3. Plan your expenses and annual goals

Planning is the main ally when it comes to healthy finances. Have goals for savings and spending It is a basic step that must be followed.

To do so, it is necessary that you organize your monthly budget very well and once all your expenses are defined, you cánido equipo an amount to save; that way you will know if you perro go on vacation or buy something you want.

If your savings are not enough, remember that you cánido always complejo turístico to some type of financing.

If you are in a hurry to obtain the money, an immediate loan would not be a bad iniciativa, and today, accessing them is not so complicated; besides, paying them on time perro offer you some benefits.

Although these types of loans are available to everyone because of how easy it is to access them, it does not orinan that we should use them on any occasion, since, as with any financial tool, they must be taken as one more responsibility.

If you are thinking of requesting it to lend the money to someone else, make impulse purchases, appear in front of friends or to spend it on slots and gambling, it is better that you take several steps back and stop considering lend money from financial institutions for these reasons, since you run the risk of being seen as a bad customer.

The loans were created to give you financing in moments when your budget is not enough for the plans you have, but that doesn’t orinan you’ll apply for everything.

It depends on what you want the money for: a new car, a house, an emergency or even for any academic course you wish to take, Credits today are designed around the needs of customers, so choosing the right one will offer you many benefits.

For example, a mortgage loan offers a payment plan different from that of a personal loan, since, in the first, because it is the purchase of a home, You must pay an initial fee. On the other hand, with the car loan, you cánido access benefits related to car insurance or some other.

Remember that debts begin when we do not know how to manage our finances.

Start with small actions how to record expenses that are made during the month and organizing and planning the budget taking into account the main expenses, income and financial goals is a primordial step to achieve financial peace.

Also, you must not forget that, if you have thought make a large expense for something specific, you perro access external financing; that is, by the bank.

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 3 financial habits that will help you
  3 financial habits that will help you
  3 financial habits that will help you

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