3 fácil decisions that will improve your

3 fácil decisions that will improve your

Your economic situation is the product of your financial decisions.

So it’s time to review what kind of decisions you are making and correct those habits and behaviors that are not aligned with your financial goals.

As much as you want, your money will not be managed on its own.

So if you want to enjoy financial freedom, you will have to have an active and decisive role in building your wealth.

This means that you have to constantly review how your finances are.

To achieve it here, you have three very fácil decisions that you perro make today with your money, and which will substantially improve your personal finances.


Review your financial statements

The best way to start your month is by reviewing the financial statements of the products you own.

These are your credit card, savings accounts, money investments, pension and retirement account, student debts, your apartment mortgage, among others.

The first thing I suggest is to look for suspicious activities or mistakes such as improper charges or charges to your card that you did not make, since the dates to make claims are quite short, and you do not want to pay for something that you did not buy in the first place.

Second, identify new “charges” or “fees” for using these products.

Many times we do not realize that the bank charges more commissions, that the service you used to use is no longer available, or any other change that impacts your finances in a hidden way, such as ant expenses.

Finally, review the status of your debts and the performance of your investments:

Has your investment increased or decreased? What is the cómputo of your debt? How many capital payments have you made?

This information will allow you to calculate your net worth and wealth indicator, which you should do every month as it is a good indicator of your progress.


Calculate how much you spent last month

Making a personal budget is very easy, the hard part is sticking to it and making it part of your routine.

So at the beginning of each month compare how much you spent compared to the previous month and see if you stuck to the budget you made or not.

Did you comply with the budget you made for meals in restoranes, with the one for the supermarket and the one for going out?

If you’re under budget, take the remainder and transfer it to the account where you save your money.

If not, review where you failed and avoid those situations in which you spend more.

If each month you are spending more than budgeted, it is possible that you are not being realistic with your calculations.

The recommended thing is that you adjust it, cutting back on other not so important categories and making sure that expenses are not greater than your income.


Equipo a goal regarding your money for this month

Finally, equipo a goal that makes you smarter about your money, that allows you to understand your finances and in this way, you cánido make better decisions in the future.

For example, you cánido take a course that makes you an expert in your personal finances, reverse finance books, learn to paint to later decorate your apartment, or attend a cooking class and thus prepare interesting meals at home. .

Your goal might be to save an plus $100 for 30 days.

The important thing is that you meet these objectives so that you feel the satisfaction of working for your finances.

Recommended books:

Remember that it is not only about thinking about money, but about building a lifestyle in which it becomes a tool to achieve your goals.

So get started today by making these three fácil decisions.

If you think about it, they don’t require a lot of time.

It is only a matter of sitting down to review your financial statements, evaluate your assets, debts, and establish a financial goal for the next 30 days.

If every month you worry about learning how your money works, and on top of that you force it to work hard for you, you are on the right path to financial independence.

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 3 fácil decisions that will improve your
  3 fácil decisions that will improve your
  3 fácil decisions that will improve your

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