3 best foreign banks that give

3 best foreign banks that give

Taking out a loan is usually the best alternative to be able to make an investment or get out of a bad financial situation. Therefore, when deciding to order one, it is important compare the various offers offered by different financial institutions.

In this sense, there are many who choose to do it with a foreign bank that operates in national territory and there are several reasons for doing so. In this article, you will know what are the foreign banks that give loans in Spain.

Why should you request a loan from a foreign bank in Spain?

There are many reasons that could favor a foreign bank when requesting a loan:

  • Lack of offers by Spanish banks. Many times national banks do not offer you what you need, and instead, you find better offers in entities of foreign originwith lower interest rates.
  • The Spanish banks do not grant you the loan. The latest economic crises in Spain have made banks increasingly strict when it comes to granting credit, regardless of your solvency, something that does not happen in other countries.
  • You are a constant traveler. Even though you officially radica in Spain, you may be living between two countries, whether you are Spanish or a foreigner. Therefore, it is more convenient to ask for money from a bank in a foreign country for a question of currency exchange or because it also operates in the other country you frequent.

What does a foreign bank ask for in Spain to grant a loan?

When it comes to the requirements to be met in order to receive a loan from a foreign bank, there is not much difference with respect to Spanish banks, although, in general, tend to have fewer demands.

they will ask you personal documentation, information about other loans and a sample of income real that you have month to month. They will analyze your situation and in a few days they will give you an answer. As fácil as that.

The three best banks of foreign nationality that operate in Spain

In Spain they operate around 10 banks of foreign origin. Among them, these 3 are the ones that stand out the most for their track record, experience and reliability.

Deutsche Bank

This German bank arrived in Spain in 1889 and is one of the Spanish favorites. Its number of branches amounts to 230distributed throughout the national territory and has about 250 of its own ATMs.

  • Deutsche Bank’s head office in Spain is at Recorrido de la Castellana, 18, La capital de españa.


This bank, born in the Netherlands, has offices all over the world. In Spain it began to operate in 1982, although it was not until 1999 that it began to offer services to individuals. Currently has more than 3.8 million customersa network of more than 250 ATMs and 29 branches in the country.

  • Its Spanish headquarters are located in La capital de españa, C/Severo Ochoa n.º 2, Las Rozas.


Barclays is an American bank dedicated to consumer, corporate and investment banking. It offers a wide range of products and services to large Spanish companies and institutions through its Investment banking and Corporate banking units that operate in the country.

  • Its headquarters are located in La capital española at Plaza Colón 2.

Benefits obtained by requesting a loan from a foreign bank

Foreign financial institutions offer loans without any problem. However, even if the bank in question has a foreign origin, the fact of operating in Spain for many years puts them under the regulation of the Bank of Spain.

  • Foreign banks usually have a lower interest rate that the national banks
  • In addition to the fact that the requirements to access the loan are more maleable.

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 3 best foreign banks that give
  3 best foreign banks that give
  3 best foreign banks that give

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