3 best banks in Spain that do not charge

3 best banks in Spain that do not charge

The bank commissions orinan a painful monthly expense For those who have a bank account. In addition, many entities have increased the price of their commissions due to the situation of interest rates at historic lows.

This has led many customers to look for other alternatives to their traditional bank. And they have found it in other entities that do not charge commissions to new clients.

So if you are thinking of opening an account in one of these banks, this comparison that is presented cánido be of great help.

Why do banks charge commissions?

The reason banks charge fees is to cover the costs of services they provide such as transactions, issuance of documents, contracts, maintenance and other operations.

These amounts They may be fixed or percentage and be charged after each operation or at the end of the month.

The 3 main banks in Spain that do not charge exaggerated commissions

Not all banks charge exaggerated commissions, some of them charge a very low amount or even do not charge at all commissions as we will see below:


The ING Payroll Account, which has 2.7 million customers in Spain.

  • Is commission free all types
  • It also offers free debit and credit card, that is, without issuance, maintenance and renewal costs. It even has 2 days of free overdraft.

In order to enjoy the advantages of the PAYROLL Account it will be necessary:

  • Have payroll, pension or unemployment benefit domiciled or
  • A monthly income of at least €700.


The largest Bank in Spain could not be out of this list.

  • His 100% en línea account without commissions or paperwork It is exclusively for new customers.
  • unlike others does not even ask you to pay your payroll or receipts, not even have minimum cómputo
  • offers you the Aqua card without commissions by issuance or maintenance
  • Possibility of withdrawing cash at more than 4,500 ATMs throughout the national territory.


He German bank 100% digital It has more than 7 million users. It allows you:

  • open a commission-free account and perform all basic operations
  • Withdraw free cash at Spanish ATMs and all over the eurozone
  • Includes the MasterCard virtual card associated with your account that has the attractiveness of being valid worldwide having discounts for purchases

Perro you avoid paying transaction fees to banks?

Having a bank account implies paying commissions, whether for maintenance, administration, transfers, use of cards, among others, which perro generate an expense of more than €200 per year.

Fortunately, Many banks have a zero commission program Therefore, the payment of these commissions cánido be avoided if you meet certain requirementsyes such as direct debit of income such as payroll, pension or unemployment benefit, direct debit of receipts; electricity, water, rent, Internet… etcétera.

They also give you the option of making payments with a debit or credit card and contracting additional products such as insurance, investment funds or loans.

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 3 best banks in Spain that do not charge
  3 best banks in Spain that do not charge
  3 best banks in Spain that do not charge

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