3 Alternatives to Visión Boards That

3 Alternatives to Visión Boards That

The visión boards They are a habitual practice, derived from the Law of Attraction, but misunderstood, since they are believed to be a magical tool that allows effortless achievement of goals.

In reality, they are just a tool to trigger an emotional response and guide your decisions, habits and behaviors towards the desired goals.

In this Gigonway guide, the limitations of visión boards are explained and three alternatives are offered to get you out of a creative impasse.

It is recommended to use visión boards as part of an active strategy to achieve the objectives, instead of waiting for results without doing anything.

What is a visión board?

A visión board or display board, also known as a “visión board” either “dream board«, is a motivation and visualization tool that consists of a series of images, words and phrases that represent the goals, dreams and desires of a person.

It is created with the intention of helping a person focus on what he wants to achieve and attract those things into his life through the law of attraction.

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Limitations of a visión board

It is often misinterpreted as a magic bullet to manifest desires without any effort, which perro lead to inaction and unrealistic expectations.

Although a visión board it perro help trigger emotions associated with specific results and guide decision making, it is not a guarantee of success without intentional action and effort to achieve the objectives.

The key is to use a visión board as a tool to genera an energetic backlink to the desired results, rather than as a shortcut to success.

Alternatives to Visión Boards

Check out these three alternatives to visión boards that I think do the job better.


Mind Movies

If a picture is worth a thousand words,imagine what a movie must be worth! In fact, there has been a lot of talk about the dangers of popular media algorithms because of how they perro negatively affect our minds.

Mind movies offer you the opportunity to create your own effective version of a popular media feed, allowing you to feed your subconscious with positive affirmations about living the lifestyle you consciously want.

This works better than a visión board because a movie offers moving visuals and sound.

It perro also speak to you more specifically than an image, requiring less imagination and less reliance on your mood.


Keep a “50 things” list

This is fácil and extremely convenient (assuming you have a móvil).

Make a list of 50 or more things you would like to experience in your life.

Then find images or vídeos that represent that and save them to an album on your phone.

You cánido then refer to them at certain times of the day, wherever you are.

I recommend just before bed and after you wake up.

This is because your brain is still in its state of theta wave and is much more open to non-judgmental suggestions of limiting beliefs.


Direct visualization

This is even simpler!

It’s about putting yourself in a relaxed state, somewhere without external distractions, and mentally rehearsing your ideal life.

While you’re at it, imagine going through a habitual day.

  • What is the first thing you do in the morning?
  • What car do you drive to work (if you go to work)?
  • Where are you going to lunch?
  • What school do your children go to?
  • Etcétera…

As you do this, notice the physical sensations that your emotional state evokes.

This will allow you to call the energy of your dream life into your present moment, helping your subconscious to accept signs that it is coming true.

In summarywhat is intended with this guide is that you need a holistic approach to achieve your goals in life.

No practice or strategy will get you there on its own.

A combination tailored to your specific needs and inclinations is likely to be needed.

So start working on understanding yourself and what you need as an individual.

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 3 Alternatives to Visión Boards That
  3 Alternatives to Visión Boards That
  3 Alternatives to Visión Boards That

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