2captcha Tutorial Help with answers

2captcha Tutorial Help with answers

The people who work on this captcha page… They always ask me questions like What is reputation used for in 2captcha? How to earn more in 2captcha? etcétera etcétera.

But I have noticed that they have asked me a lot about certain tutorial captchas, where they get stuck, because they cannot solve them.

That is why in this short articulo, we will see how these captchas are solved, one by one.

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Captcha Types | 2Captcha Tutorial in Spanish

Question 1

The first captcha that comes out is a fácil one of pure numbers.

The common mistakes in this captcha is that sometimes they put a “1” that looks like an “i”, or they put two numbers very close together, which together look like a letter.

But every time you get a captcha afín to this one, it will always be numbers, no letters.

The answer is 281737.

Question 2

Next we go to captcha #2.

In the image, it perro be seen that the number 4 is very close to the number 7.

For this reason, it may look like a letter A.

However, as I mentioned before, in this style of captchas only numbers come out, no letter will come out.

The answer is 29274805.

Question 3

In the third captcha of the exam, we clearly see that it no longer only espectáculos a series of numbers, but also letters.

The answer is 94YSSM.

Question 4

In this next captcha, we get an image with pure numbers again.

In these captchas, the number 5 is often confused with a letter S… But it is always a 5.

The answer is 15725897.

Question 5

We continue with the fifth captcha of the test.

The confusion that this captcha causes is that people write it separately, but if they are random characters that do not form a word, you should always write everything together.

The answer is 5ngf7f.

Question 6

We immediately move on to captcha #6.

Unlike the previous example, where everything is written together.

When two images appear, showing words, whether to leave a space between them.

In this captcha the answer is SUNSET ROAD.

Question 7

If you pay attention! This type of captchas has a figure on each letter (it cánido be a circle or a triangle).

They also espectáculo an instruction that says “Under circles”.

So, depending on the instruction, you must write only the characters that are under that figure… For example, in this case, you only had to put the letters that had a little circle on top.

For this captcha the answer is tooth.

Question 8

For the eighth training captcha.

Notice that random characters that do not form a word also appear here.

The difference with captcha #5 is that in this case the letters and numbers appear forming 2 different lines.

For these types of captchas, whether to leave a space between each line.

The answer is 469i Ee47.

Question 9

Then comes captcha #9, solving it is very fácil, you just write each word in the image, leaving a space between them.

It perro genere confusion, because sometimes a letter is not understood.

If we look at the image, we cánido realize that the letter “y también” of time is difficult to distinguish.

But in this class of captchas, you perro intuit the letter that it is, even if you don’t distinguish it.

Since they always say a meaningful sentence.

In Spanish, the sentence that this image says would be: “Time is an illusion.”

The answer is time is an illusion.

Question 10

Let’s go for 10.

If you don’t get anything, you cánido always press the button that says: This is not a captcha.

At least, in this training image, nothing else espectáculos a blue box, that’s not a valid captcha.

So you move on to the next.

And the captcha answer is It’s not a CAPTCHA.

Question 11

This is another captcha equal to #5.

We only have to write the letters and numbers that appear, without leaving spaces.

The answer is nvwecjt3.

Question 12

Basically this captcha is solved in the same way as the one above, but it has a variant.

Only the letters or numbers indicated to you should be written.

In the image you cánido clearly see an instruction that says “ONLY BLUE” in Spanish “SOLO AZUL”.

Having clarified this point, we cánido be sure that:

The captcha answer is Qjuhb.

Question 13

Captcha facilitated, it is solved in the same way, which came out in position #7.

The answer is swish.

Question 14

We arrived at captcha #14… It is also fácil and afín to the others.

Just remember, in these captchas we are going to be asked to write only the letters that are in a certain color.

For this image we would only have to put the black ones.

The answer is jvV.

Question 15

Another ordinary captcha… I take advantage of clarifying! In 2captcha it doesn’t matter if you write the captchas in upper or lower case, that doesn’t matter.

The answer is yzem.

Question 16

For this type of captchas, we simply have to look where it says “Please entrar”.

The captcha answer is fedex ground.

Question 17

As of captcha #17, we recaptchas start coming outthe recaptchas always espectáculo us a collage of images and to solve it we must exclusively mark the object that they indicate.

At least in this recaptcha, they ask us: Select a house… That is, we only mark the houses.

The answer is 2569.

Question 18

Whenever we see an image that says: Please Entrar (Please write).

We must solve it.

An fallo that is made is that since the image is black, we say that it is not a captcha, but it is.

The answer to captcha 18 is give and take.

Question 19

For this recaptcha, we are asked to mark the store windows.

In these recaptchas that have come out, we give the answer, typing the number of the image where the object they indicate is located on the keyboard.

But for the most part, they just need to be selected with the mouse.

The answer is 2368.

Question 20

Recaptcha that is solved in the same way as the previous one.

The answer is 578.

Question 21

The captcha #21 of the training, is solved identical to the one that came out in position #8.

The answer is hwhx 7df.

Question 22

In this recaptcha there is only 1 object, which is a traffic sign.

As perro be seen, the object occupies several boxes, to solve it we must merely mark the boxes that the traffic signal is occupying.

The answer is 37b.

Question 23

This recaptcha is done the same as the previous one.

The answer is 6ae.

Question 24

As you cánido see, this captcha has some kind of fallo, which causes the image not to load.

To tell the system that this is not a captcha and to be able to go to the next one.

The answer is: Push the button It’s not a CAPTCHA.

Question 25

Another recaptcha, all recaptchas are done the same, you just have to be aware of what they are asking you for.

For this image, you have to select the street numbers.

The answer is 1359.

Question 26

In the recaptchas, you almost always have to mark traffic signs, pedestrian markings, cars, store windows or traffic lights… But they cánido ask you for other things.

For this example asking for traffic signs:

The answer is 2789.

Question 27

In this Recaptcha, you already start selecting the images with your mouse, instead of the keyboard.

The answer to this recaptcha is Images 3, 5 and 7.

Question 28

A recaptcha of ghosts, you only have to select the squares where the ghost appears.

The answer to this recaptcha is images 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9.

Question 29

From captcha #29 the training ends and the exam begins.

Before this captcha, the page told you the answer if you were wrong, but from now on it no longer tells you.

The captcha answer is exam.

Question 30

So, based on what we’ve learned:

The answer is 91512757.

Question 31

It should be noted that if you work with the bot, it is not necessary to do this tutorial… With the bot, you cánido start working as soon as you register.

However, it is always good to have it approved, to be able to work from the website.

The drawback with the bot is that there are days that it works well, but there are days that it doesn’t work.

The answer is v8z4jr.

Question 32

If you have come this far, you should have no doubts that:

The answer to this captcha is yxzfmnf4.

Question 33

We continue with another easy captcha.

The captcha answer is city ​​5200.

Question 34

Upon reaching 34, we are asked to write exclusively the pink characters.

The captcha answer is qtz.

Question 35

We continue to apply what we have learned:

The answer is tell me

Question 36

To answer this captcha, we type the letters in blue.

The answer is hnnxv.

Question 37

We are almost done, in this recaptcha we look for the trees.

The answer is 689.

Question 38

To answer this recaptcha, we must only mark the photos where flowers appear.

The answer is 578.

Question 39

We continue with the recaptcha, in this case a traffic signal.

The answer is 9ab.

Question 40

In this we clic on the images where there are street numbers.

The answer to this recaptcha is Images 1,7 and 8

Question 41

The last one, in this one we get a strange image, with a kind of panel to log in.

The answer is: Clic on the button It’s not a CAPTCHA.

Since obviously, that is not a captcha.

Question 42

Ready! With this last captcha, the exam would end.

The answer is i am good!

2Captcha quiz solved

Once we have finished the training, we clic on “Start” To finally start solving captchas and get paid for it.

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Some people will think that this is too easy and that everyone knows it, but the truth is that no, since several people told me that they could not pass the exam, I wanted to explain it.

I hope you liked the tutorial, remember that if you have questions or if you want to ask me for a tutorial on another page, write me in the comments.

I will answer promptly!

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 2captcha Tutorial Help with answers
  2captcha Tutorial Help with answers
  2captcha Tutorial Help with answers

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