27 ways to make money fast in the Cup

27 ways to make money fast in the Cup

Forget about the golden balls and boots, the World Cup is a unique opportunity for you to earn money with the world cup.

The World Cup is not just about football, but it has become the biggest platform in the world to promote a business.

That’s why global brands like Adidas, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonald’s and Electronic Arts pay a lot of money to be official partners, sponsors or supporters of FIFA.

But even small businesses cánido benefit from the media hype and national sense of well-being that a World Cup tournament produces.

Just remember these three golden rules:

  • Be careful with the wording and images in your marketing campaigns: do not viola any trademarks or copyrights of FIFA, its affiliated marketing companies or the footballers themselves.
  • Thoroughly promote all your World Cup marketing initiatives in as many places as possible: flyers, posters, stickers, banners, shop windows, newsletters, advertisements, popular media like Twitter and Fb, weblogs, correos electrónicos, phone calls and face-to-face conversations.
  • A World Cup is really habitual in the least soccer-friendly countries while their teams continue in the competition.

    Once they retire, you have to come up with a non-football plan B, literally overnight.

Ways for you and your business to earn money during the World Cup – [no estando presente en la sede del mundial]

Access these helpful guides on other types of businesses you cánido start.


Buy one get one free offers, limited discounts, free delivery and other special offers may coincide with the entire duration of the World Cup, or only with specific matches.

This year, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar is celebrated between November 20 and December 18.

For example, if your store is located in the United States or México, you perro do a 10% discount on everything that is red and white and blue or green, white and red during the duration of the world cup.

Or maybe do a quick sale of 25% off for a few hours after the victory of the Mexican team [o norteamericano].


You cánido take advantage of the feelings of solidarity of tourists who are soccer fanes who are visiting your country, whose teams have scheduled matches during the World Cup, organizing nights or thematic events around the teams that face each other.

For example, if you are in a city like La capital española, you perro hold a thematic event when the teams from France, Germany or England play, in order to take advantage of the football fanaticism of those tourists who are visiting your country.


In addition to showing all the games on the big screen, bars perro offer a free hot dog at half-time during England games.

Add a little hot mustard or chili sauce to these hot dogs and soon there will be plenty of thirsty customers lining up at the bar.


Face painting or body painting is an especially good service if your business is located in a large and diverse city like México City or La capital de españa.

Visiting soccer entusiastas from around the world will want to don their country flags and team colors on game day.

This also appeals to children, and you should never underestimate the results that perro be obtained by harnessing its power to annoy.

Like many of the ideas and consejos here, face painting perro also be used as a gift to attract people to your venue.


As shown below, restoranes and takeaways cánido create new dishes based on each team’s national flag.

These dishes cánido be eaten or used to attract new customers by designing an eye-catching and appetizing window display or feature on your website.

Bakeries, pastry chefs and cupcake specialists perro also create delicious snacks in the colors of the national team.

[si se encuentra clasificada al mundial].

The same perro be true of florists who get creative with flowers in the colors of the selections.


T-shirt designers, gift shops and many other businesses perro quickly profit from any World Cup event, craze or wacky phrase.

whatDo you remember those loud plastic Vuvuzela horns during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa?? No one predicted the huge impact these Vuvuzelas would have on the entire tournament before the first match was played in Johannesburg.


The best thing about this World Cup is that your company perro also take advantage of the exciting gastronomy culture of Qatar.

Best of all, promotional ideas and materials not used now cánido always be saved for later use.

Greengrocers cánido try selling common Qatari fruits in specially themed displays for the World Cup.

Or offer daily deals on the favorite fruits and vegetables from each country playing a game that afternoon or evening.

whatWhy not make some alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail recipes using the mentioned fruits as ingredients, give the cocktails football-inspired names, and print them on flyers to hand out to customers and passers-by.?

Also, cafeterias cánido sell “homemade” ice creams and popsicles with these habitual fruits from each country.


Street performers such as acrobats, magicians, dancers, musicians, and clowns cánido incorporate a soccer segment into their act during the World Cup.


If a hairdresser or tattoo artist cánido convince a friend or relative to get a World Cup haircut or tattoo at their business, they perro use it as a publicity stunt to get some free editorial coverage in newspapers, radio , televisión news and local weblogs.

And, who knows, maybe some football-crazy customers will be willing to pay for this kind of fashion statement, too.

Ways for you and your business to earn money during the World Cup – [Estando presente en la sede del mundial]


Uber and taxi service

Holidays and big events are an opportunity for Uber and taxi drivers to transport people.

There will always be tourists who will need to be taken from the airport to their hotels and accommodation or from their residence to the venue of the football matches.

Also sporting events like the World Cup go hand in hand with excessive alcohol consumption and therefore these people will need someone to drive them from one place to another.

2. Autonomous delivery service

On the days of big sporting events, orders for pizza, cakes and fast food skyrocket and therefore food companies may not be able to manage the delivery of their products.

You perro contact fast food companies and restoranes that offer home delivery to make use of your trabajo independiente service in case they are overwhelmed with orders.

3. Pet care

This is somewhat afín to babysitting, but for pets.

During the World Cup, many pet owners who are also soccer fanes will want to travel to other cities where the soccer game is played and will need the service of a pet sitter to help keep an eye on them.

This job is quite easy and not too stressful.

4. Sell team memorabilia

If you have memorabilia signed by members of a national team, you perro sell them to earn money.

The more habitual the player, the higher the price of their memories.

You perro put the souvenirs in any en línea store to get offers and customers from all over the world.

5. Local food and snacks

There will be plenty of football entusiastas in Qatar who will also want to try the country’s local cuisine.

If you have culinary knowledge, you cánido start a mini lugar de comidas or a bakery that caters to World Cup fanes during this period.

You perro also buy snacks in bulk and then sell them to fanes before and after games.

6. Take Depósito Photos

The World Cup features a lot of interesting scenes that you cánido not only photograph for posterity, but also to earn money.

From jubilant entusiastas, people dressed in the colors of their favorite team, funny mascots and entusiastas with their faces painted, there are countless moments to capture.

These images cánido be sold en línea through marketing sites.

depósito photos for a fee or sin conexión to newspapers and magazines.

Even with a fácil móvil inteligente, you perro also take advantage of this opportunity.

You perro sell your photos through móvil aplicaciones like Foap.

7. Tour guide

Qatar is packed with tourist attractions that foreigners will love to see.

Among these places are the carvings of Al Jass Asiya, the Al Wakra museum, the Corniche, the Al-Zuba rah, among others.

You cánido use your unique knowledge and insight into these places to earn money during that period.

All you need is to get a van to start your business.

8. Place bets

Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry and cánido provide almost anyone with an avenue to make a quick buck.

You perro bet on the result of a match and in about 90 minutes you could win some money.

Sports betting cánido be done both en línea and sin conexión.

Of course, sports betting is not the most ideal method of making money, so you should always bet only the amount of money that you perro afford to lose.

9. Affiliate Marketing

If you are into affiliate marketing, you will realize that its basic essence is to drive as much traffic as possible to your website through as many channels as possible.

You cánido go to sites like Clickbank or Amazon where you perro become an affiliate marketer.

They will give you a backlink that you will have to promote to get sales.

You cánido get anywhere from 10 to 76 percent commission on any sale that goes through your backlink, and you perro promote the product through your Instagram page.

You cánido market high-end electronic devices that will be used to watch the matches, World Cup paraphernalia and other elementos related to it that will surely be sold during that period.

10. Become a seller

If you have access to a lot of money, you should consider this option.

Authorized World Cup sellers are those who genera branded clothing and equipment that entusiastas buy and wear at every World Cup.

Becoming a Certified FIFA World Cup Vendor it is really a very rigorous process, however if you manage to succeed and get the opportunity, it is a very profitable venture.

11. Sell a aparcamiento space

If you are lucky enough to live in a property that is located near one of the stadiums where the World Cup matches are held, you perro sell aparcamiento spaces to people who need them.

You perro also offer this service in other places that are not near the stadiums.

This is because during the World Cup, bars and restoranes will fill up with customers who will also need aparcamiento spaces.

12. Billboard in the car

You perro find a local bar or lugar de comidas that wants to get more customers during the World Cup period and then offer to put a sticker of their business on your car for a stipulated fee.


Offer catering services to soccer teams

When the jugadores of the different national teams arrive in Qatar, they will not be fed individually.

If you are a caterer, you perro partner with the various national teams to cook for them during that period.


Sports betting company: The World Cup attracts the attention of people from all over the world who want to earn fresh money by betting on the results of the matches.

Customers perro choose to place their bets by visiting your store or betting en línea.

In this way, you will be able to attract customers who are located in Qatar and other parts of the world.


Production of sports vídeos or computer games.

If you are a programmer, you perro start producing vídeos and games related to the World Cup.

By creating soccer games with habitual stars in them, you will get a lot of sponsorship during the world cup period.


Starting a laundry business for soccer teams: We all know soccer jugadores don’t wash their suéters themselves.

It is common for sports clubs and national teams to outsource all their laundry work to laundromats.

You perro equipo up a laundry specialized in washing clothes for footballers and their teams and get in touch with FIFA so that they cánido hire you to wash their shirts.

17. Custom Soccer Suéters

The demand for custom soccer suéters is sure to skyrocket during the World Cup.

Entusiastas will always appreciate and ask for a shirt from their country bearing their name.

To start this business you will need to have good graphic design skills and a business network that will help you access quality t-shirts at an affordable price.


Start a sportswear and consignment business

There are soccer fanes who cannot afford quality but expensive suéters from their favorite countries.

If you know how to find secondhand sportswear, you cánido make a lot of money by opening your own consignment business.

To end

Hopefully some of the ideas listed here get you thinking about what your small business or SME could do to take advantage of the many World Cup promotional opportunities.

It could be as fácil a gesture as showing your support for your country’s team by giving your website or popular media pages a wash in your national colours, with a message ‘Let’s go! [inserte el nombre del país aquí]» and a backlink to your specially themed World Cup products or services.

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 27 ways to make money fast in the Cup
  27 ways to make money fast in the Cup
  27 ways to make money fast in the Cup

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