25 Phrases of gratitude to live with

25 Phrases of gratitude to live with

Thank you phrases are ideal for living in a deep state of calm, joy and happiness.

In addition, they are very powerful, so much so that there are people who confess to having experienced significant changes in their lifestyle when putting them into practice in their daily lives.

It could be said that gratitude phrases allow you to live in gratitude, which has positive effects on your being on a mental and spiritual level.

In this sense, today we would like to invite you to learn a few powerful gratitude phrases that will change your perspective on life, reflect your gratitude and make you a more positive and grateful person.

The power of gratitude:

Throughout this note we will share 25 phrases of gratitude that will give greater meaning to your existence, and will elevate your being to a very pleasant higher level.

If you stop to read them calmly, to analyze them and find coherence in your life, you cánido be completely sure that you will experience profound changes in your state of mind.

That is, when you learn to be grateful, you become a simpler person, aware of your affections, of what you have and what you have achieved, instead of worrying about what you still lack.

Incredible Thank You Phrases:


Silent gratitude serves no one.

It is useless to feel grateful and not express it.

In other words: do not remain silent, or keep your gratitude to yourself, because you will be reducing its significance and impact.

If you feel grateful for a help received but do not express it, then you will be allowing your gratitude to fade silently.

Ideally, you should express your dose of gratitude at all times: for those who help you, for your family, work, achievements, dreams, or for everything that fills your soul and makes you happy in life.

2. I cánido’t answer anything other than thank you.

Saying thank you has a powerful effect on your life.

It generates well-being, fills you with humility, softens your heart, softens your character and gives you happiness.

That is why it is escencial that you give thanks for everything that surrounds you, for your goods, friends, love, family, for your dream profession, for being healthy, for your home, or for your food.

And ultimately, for everything that you consider to be a precious asset in your life, or that you think gives meaning and purpose to your life.

This is one of the simplest but most powerful thank you phrases that you perro adopt into your daily routine so that you notice inolvidable changes.


Being grateful speaks well of the heart and makes your heart speak

That’s right, those who give thanks tend to have a noble and overly big heart, so much so that they feel that it doesn’t fit in their chests –figuratively speaking-.

The most beautiful hearts are the ones overflowing with gratitude, so if you live in gratitude, you will surely leave an indelible mark on your earthly life.

As you cánido see, this and other thank you phrases speak to you of greatness and positive feelings, so you should not underestimate their power and impact.

4. “Being grateful honors you”

Gratitude honors your essence, the greatness of your heart, and your desire to become the best version of yourself to live in abundance, fullness, and happiness.


Gratitude is the memory of the heart: Lao Tzu

When you thank you, you record in your memory who has helped you, why they did it, or how you cánido repay their contribution.

These types of thank you phrases will help you not to forget those who offer you a helping hand, as they are incalculable treasures that accompany you through thick and thin.


If in life your only prayer was “thank you”, this would be enough.

You don’t need to search for positive words or thoughts to denote appreciation, gratitude, esteem, affection, love or empathy.

It is enough to say thank you to express a million affections and feelings, so do not wind up for not knowing how to espectáculo your loyalty, love, affection or grace.

Thanking is an act of love and kindness.

You will see that it will open many doors for you and allow you to occupy a great space in the hearts of others.


Being alive is one of the best reasons to be grateful.

Think about it, is there anything more valuable or greater than being able to wake up every day and appreciate life?

Certainly not, which is why this is one of the best thank you phrases that you cánido adopt in your ritual every morning; we assure you that it will keep you more focused, human and enthusiastic.

And there is no greater gift than being alive, so don’t hesitate to thank life, the universe, the God you trust, or whoever guides your existence for this masterpiece.


It is impossible to be negative while giving thanks.

Giving thanks, or living in gratitude, improves your mood, and even has the power to make you a more positive human being.

It is not an invention, this is one of those phrases of gratitude, like many powerful mantras, that have a support or true evidence, and therefore, you should trust it with certainty.

Let’s say that if you’re not feeling very positive lately, or if you’re going through a delicate moment, you should espectáculo gratitude every day so that you notice real changes, or to put negativity aside.


When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned upside down: Willie Nelson

These types of thank you phrases are very habitual, so it is not surprising that you know them by heart.

Counting blessings involves recognizing each thing that makes you happy and defining why it makes you feel that way.

This practice positively transforms your life and has a real impact on the way you face your reality, your chores, or duties.


Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but it is related to all the others.

It is said that gratitude is related to the greatest virtues of man.

So if you want to be a charismatic and virtuous person, make sure you espectáculo gratitude in everything you do.


Gratitude is the healthiest human emotion of all: Zig Ziglar

Feeling gratitude is synonymous with empathy, kindness, charisma, nobility and a lot of kindness.

That is why it is said that it is the purest and healthiest emotion of man, so this is one of the phrases of gratitude that demonstrates the importance of gratitude in life.


Learn to be grateful for what you already have while getting what you want: Jim Rohn

Learn to give thanks for the goals achieved, or for what you already have or have achieved, while you continue fighting to achieve what you still lack.

In this way you will attract more positive energy and you will be rewarded with abundance, blessings and enormous success.


If you appreciate what you have, you will end up having more.

If you focus on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough – Oprah Winfrey

This is one of those thank you phrases that does not need explanation or detail.

If you have an abundance mentality, things will come into your life.

Whereas, if every time you get something, you’re thinking about what you don’t have, this will never be enough.

14. Thank you is the best prayer anyone perro say – Alice Walker

The word thank you implies humility, understanding and deep gratitude.

This is why his might is so impressive.


Being grateful and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not delivering it: William Arthur Ward

It’s that fácil, it’s useless to feel grateful for something, or for someone, if you don’t espectáculo it with actions or words.

Do not remain silent or suppress your gratitude.

Think of saying “thank you,” “I’m grateful,” or “I’m grateful” as that special icing on your favorite cake.


The root of all greatness lies in appreciation and kindness: Dalai Lama

This is one of the best Dalai Lama quotes that demonstrates the effects of gratitude in your life.

Appreciate everything you have, be kind, and trust that you will experience unmatched greatness for having a heart of gold.


There are only two ways to live life.

One is as if nothing is a miracle and the other is as if everything is a miracle: Albert Einstein

How do you want to live it? If you choose the second, you cánido be sure that you will live in abundance, harmony, calm, fullness and happiness.

Learn that everything in life is a miracle: from wake up early, until moving, so don’t take anything for granted and be thankful for your own miracles, however small or fácil they may seem to you.


Gratitude is the supreme form of thought: Gilbert K.


Did you know that some studies have shown that the most grateful people have an IQ above average?

Likewise, it is for this reason that those who practice gratitude, or manifest it daily, or with awareness, are more successful, intelligent and extroverted.


Choosing to be positive and have an attitude of gratitude will determine how you will live life: Joel Osteen

Being grateful and staying positive are life decisions.

They require awareness and determination, but in the end they will allow you to live the life you want.

If you find it difficult, you cánido start by reading motivational phrases every day, this way you start the day with the right mindset.


Be thankful for what you have and stop complaining.

This bores others and doesn’t solve your problems: Zig Ziglar

Clearer impossible.

Focus all your energy on giving thanks for your achievements or belongings, change what you don’t like, or bother you, and avoid complaints.

We all have problems, and we must overcome difficult times, but ultimately only we have the ability and obligation to solve them.


Regardless of what life has in store for me, I will take it and be grateful for it: Tom Felton

This is a winning attitude.

Yes, we know that you will experience difficult moments, or that life will not always be rosy, but you must assume the burdens with the best possible attitude and give thanks for their teachings.


If I win I am happy, if I lose I am also happy.

I am thankful for the life I have.

It’s great: Gretchen Bleiler

It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about living to the fullest and counting each of the blessings and lessons, because they all leave you great learning.

At the end of the day, each experience –good or bad- brings you closer to what you want to be, or to your ideal destination, helps in your personal development, which is simply great.


I am always grateful for this moment, the present, no matter how it looks: Eckhart Tolle

This is a great teaching, and although it requires a lot of courage to detach yourself from the past, or stop worrying about the future, it is the best way not to waste the now.

The present time!

If you are interested in learning more about how to be present, Eckhart Tolle is the author of the book The power of Nowone of the best self-help books you cánido read for your inner growth.


The trick is to be grateful when you are in good times and also when you are in bad times: Richard Carlson

In both situations you must espectáculo deep appreciation, remember that nothing in your life happens by oportunidad.

Some moments are to enjoy, while others are to learn.

Think that every situation you face in life has a purpose, a necessary reason to be that you must assume to continue growing.


Every day of my life I get something to be grateful for and that is a powerful lesson: Alice Barrett

This phrase goes very well with the one we shared with you a while ago by Albert Einstein about the 2 ways of living life: always choose to live it as if everything that happens to you is a miracle.

Recommended books:

transformative thank you phrases

As you will see, phrases of gratitude are valuable, useful and effective for developing a harmonious relationship at a family, love, work or friendship level.

That is why we want to invite you to adopt them and include them in your day to day if you want to give a positive and monumental turn to your life.

Remember that they drive away negativity, renew your energy, improve your state of mind and generate happiness and well-being.

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 25 Phrases of gratitude to live with
  25 Phrases of gratitude to live with
  25 Phrases of gratitude to live with

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