25 green business ideas to get started

25 green business ideas to get started

If you are ready to start your business, and Are you worried about taking care of Mother Earth?Now is a great time to be part of the growing community of ecological entrepreneurs that exists today.

Taking care of the planet is a matter that matters to more people every day; that’s why, create your own organic business It is the best decision you cánido make.

In doing so, not only your products or services will be helping to your customers: you will also be contributing to making the world a better place!

Perhaps now you cánido’t think of many ideas to start setting up a company of this type.

That’s why I want to share here 25 green business ideas which, in addition, will be very profitable for you.

Some of these ventures need seed capital to get them started.

But most of them you perro start with hardly any money invested, and from the comfort of your home.

You just need a few sales consejos like these.

25 profitable green businesses for take care of the planet

1. IT waste collection

The parts that make up a computer or a móvil inteligente they are very polluting for places where they are simply thrown away with habitual garbage.

But you perro fix this creating a computer waste collection company in the city where you live.

Open a place for people to take the devices there or the pieces that you no longer use, or if you want to save the rent of the premises, find a small room or a warehouse, and take the objects that you collect of this type there.

Then you will only need sell those parts to companies that recycle these computer waste to give them a new life by manufacturing other new household appliances with them.

Also there are universities and learning centers who buy them so that their students cánido learn how they work or how they are installed.

2. organic food store

Every day there are more people refuse to eat foods full of chemicals and pesticides who are harmful to health, and who prefer to buy organic ingredients that are healthy to cook their recipes at home.

So if you like the food market and sales, start an organic food store It is a great choice for you.

The best thing about this business is that, in addition to taking care of the planet, you will be helping to support farmers in your area buying organic products from them to sell in your business.

3. Ecological garden

If instead of selling organic cooking products, you prefer to be the one who produces those foods, Create your own organic garden!

Here you will need a good dirt plot in which to plant your fruits and vegetables, and if you also escoge to sell meat, have a good space in which to raise the animals so that they grow naturally healthy.

Remember that You will not be able to use any type of non-ecological product on them, such as pesticides or chemical substances, and for that reason the growth and maturation process will be slower.

So until this business gives you a profit, it may take a few months; but the satisfaction of be selling healthy products It will be a great reward for you.

Once you have your food ready to sell from your garden, look for stores or even factories who want to buy them to create their products, and sell them wholesale.

Of course: remember that you must ask the necessary permissions of health so that they pass an adequate quality control, and be able to sell them to the public.

4. Manufacture of biodegradable bags

The manufacture of ecological bags is a global trend to which both supermarkets and companies that sell products that are not for food have signed up.

For this reason, this business, in addition to being ecological, cánido also be very profitable for you.

Here one of the options you have is make biodegradable bags.

These bags are made of bioplastic, a material that is extracted from natural raw materials such as cereals, potatoes, vegetable rubber, soybean oil…

Thanks to this, its decomposition is more ecological than that of habitual plastic since the destruction process is carried out by microorganisms such as algae, fungi, or bacteria.

You cánido create bags of this type to carry the purchase in themand sell them both to private customers, as well as to stores or markets where they offer them to their buyers.

The other option is create tote bags that are also respectful with the environment, and where people perro take both their purchases and use them for example as a bag or for other kinds of things.

5. Sale of electric cars

This may be the green business for which you need more capital to start; but it is also true that it is one of the endeavors that will generate the most income for you.

In many cities around the world they are taking very seriously the issue of pollution.

And they are already creating laws by which in a couple of years only those vehicles that have hybrid engines (which run on gasoline and electricity at the same time) or electrical.

That’s the reason why the sale of hybrid and electric cars has increased so much in these last two years.

So take the oportunidad, and equipo up a dealership in your city in which you sell cars of this type from different brands that offer models with this type of engine such as Toyota or Tesla.

If you do not have all the necessary capital to do it, but you like this venture, you cánido start with a small station so that electric cars cánido refuel charging their motors with electricity.

6. environmental consulting

This is a service that you cánido offer mostly to companies, and which consists of you analyze and give them as much data as possible about the pollution they genera with their activities.

Many companies need this type of consultancy because they want to become more “green” both to give a better image to society, and to avoid sanctions from governments for failing to comply with environmental regulations.

Here you perro start without investing anything, accommodating a room in your house that you do not use (and where nobody perro disturb you) to turn it into your office, and receiving your clients there.

It is also a good iniciativa to do a website for your companybecause that way you will make yourself known to more clients, and you will have a better oportunidad of being hired.

7. Sale of organic products

In this ámbito there are countless organic products that you cánido sell: from cleaning and personal hygiene products, handmade soaps, notebooks made with recycled papermeals with organic ingredients, furniture, clothing accessories…

These objects you perro create them yourself if you are good at crafts, or buy them from companies or artists who are dedicated to making this type of product.

If you don’t have much capital, you cánido start creating an en línea store in which your customers place their orders and send them by articulo.

8. Organization of ecological events

If you like parties, and you are an organized person, Here you have the perfect venture for you.

What it is about is plan events in which the majority of materials used are ecologicalsuch as recycled dishes, decorations made with used objects, meals made with organic ingredients…

Here you perro organize all kinds of parties you cánido think of: from weddings, banquets, birthdays, or quinceañera parties, to lunches, dinners, or events for companies.

The best thing is that this is another of the ecological businesses for which You won’t need capital to start with, since all your activities will be done in the place where the special occasion that you have to plan will be held.

9. book writing

There are more and more nature-conscious people who would like to contribute your help so that the world is cleaner.

If you have a great passion for this topic, and you know all the strategies that cánido be put into practice to take care of the environment, a good way to teach others is writing books on ecology.

In each of your works you perro deal with different themes, such as What state is the planet in now? to educate others, a complete book with consejos to save energy and help nature…

The best thing is that you publish these books in digital format through platforms like Amazonor on recycled paper, because that way your readers will see that you are really committed to this genere.

10. Installation of del sol panels

Del sol energy is a great alternative to the traditional energies that are used today; In addition to being cleaner, it is also cheaper than, for example, electricity.

Therefore, many people are starting to use it installing del sol panels in their houses.

And this is where you come in: create your own green business selling those customers these panels and installing them in their homes.

You will need to contact a dealer to buy them, and also take a course to learn how to mount the panels and install them if you do not have training in this.

But it is without a doubt a business with a bright future and that will give you a good return while taking care of the planet.

eleven. wind power installation

As with del sol energy, here you perro create your own business selling and installing a small windmill in the houses of your clients so that they disminuye their electricity bill, and use the wind as another source of energy.

12. Sale of recycled products

There are many things that cánido be created from recycled materials: furniture (learn in this guide how to paint them to get the most out of them)Necklaces, bracelets, decorative objects such as lamps…

If you’re good at crafts, and you are passionate about the world of recycling, here is an ideal ecological business for you.

You cánido too buy products made with recycled objects from artists that are environmentally conscious, and then sell them through your en línea store or a physical store.

13. Manufacture of cloth diapers

The world of babies is a big market in which new products appear constantly.

The latest trend is sell ecological cloth diapers that take care of children’s skinand that cánido be reused over and over again to save in the long term, and take care of the planet at the same time.

The best thing about these products is that the natural fabrics used to make the diapers, such as cotton, flannel or bamboo, do not ocasione allergies on the baby’s skin and avoid irritation.

If you’re good at sewing, you perro create them yourself with a sewing machine that you have at home, or look for distributors that sell them already made to you, and put them on sale in your en línea store or in your physical business.

14. Sale of organic beauty products

Another great market niche in which you cánido create a profitable venture is the world of ecological beauty.

The public in this campo are mostly women who are concerned about using personal care products with too many harmful chemicals, or who have allergies to different ingredients that are not natural.

Here you cánido take two directions: do it yourself products with ecological materials, or buy them to companies or people who are dedicated to making them themselves.

then you perro sell them through your en línea storeof a physical store that you put on a street, or distribute them to shops and herbalists Where do they sell these elementos?

fifteen. Ink cartridge reuse

When our printer’s ink runs out, the usual thing is that we throw away the old cartridges, and buy new ones.

The problem is that with this waste is created that is very polluting.

And this is where you come in to help the environment: create a business where you sell ink cartridges that cánido be refilled over and over again so they don’t get thrown away.

This will make your customers save a lot of money because they won’t have to buy the whole cartridge every time they run out, and they’ll prefer to buy them from you making generate good income with that.

You cánido too talk to big companies to provide this service in their offices, and thus double your profits even more.

16. Blog about ecology and recycling

make people aware the state the planet is in, and what they perro do to take care of it a little better is very important.

And to get it, nothing better than creating a blog in which you talk about all these topics.

This perro be turned into a very lucrative business. selling books written by you on your page or by other people about ecology, contacting companies to get paid to espectáculo their products on your blog, or making yourself known so that they call you to give talks.

In the following article you have many ways to earn money with your blog: How to monetize your blog to generate income (13 methods).

17. Sale of organic cooking recipes

Here you cánido do anything you cánido think of: you cánido sell meals prepared by you with organic ingredients for people who want to eat healthy.

Cánido create books with organic recipes for people to cook at home.

Or also do en línea courses where you teach other people to cook.

18. recycling company

A materials recycling company like cardboard, plastic or glass It’s a great way to create income while taking care of the planet.

I recommend you read my article How to start your own recycling company in which you have all the information you need to start this business successfully.

19. bicycle business

Bicycles are one of the cleanest means of transport and better to help the environment.

Many people are using them more and more to go to work or to commute for the cities where they live without polluting.

That’s why, This is a good time to start this type of business if you know a little about this market.

In the following article you have all the steps and advice you must follow to start it with success: How to start your bicycle business (8 steps).

twenty. Organic dry cleaning and laundry

With increasingly long working hours, few people have time to wash, iron or fix their clothes at home.

That’s the reason why dry cleaners have more and more customers.

A good eco-friendly solution is to start a dry cleaning and laundry where you use machinery that minimizes the use of water and biodegradable detergents.

It is also a good iniciativa that these machines have low electricity consumption; this way you will save money, and your business will be completely ecological.

twenty-one. Biodegradable Pet Products

Use products that do not harm the health of petsand avoiding bad odors at home, are the two main concerns of owners who have cats and dogs in their care.

you cánido help them selling products for his best friends that meet these needs.

The catalog that you perro create is infinite: from soaps, shampoo and odor eliminareven repellents, bags to collect your stoolsand aromatherapy products to disminuye stress in animals.

All of them created with organic ingredientsof course, such as essential oils, natural butters, etcétera.

You perro sell these products in your own en línea store, in your physical store at street level, or distribute them in pet stores, veterinary clinics, or businesses of organic articles.

22. electric taxi service

Another of the great ecological businesses that you cánido start to avoid polluting the planet is Create your own electric taxi service.

You cánido start by buying an electric car – if you don’t already have one – and offer your services to drive people through platforms like Uber.

Or, if you have more capital to invest, buy some cars of this type for form your own fleet of taxis.

23. organic cleaning products

Although there are cleaning products on the market that claim to be respectful of the environment, the truth is that contain several ingredients that are still harmful for nature.

You perro create a real alternative to these articles manufacturing detergents and cleaners that are truly ecological.

You cánido use, for example, ingredients such as essential oils, lemon, white vinegar, coconut oil etcétera

Once created, you perro market in your en línea storeor by selling them to companies or stores that offer these products to their customers.

24. ecological clothing

The garments that are now manufactured are usually made with cheap materials and dyes that cánido be harmful for people, especially for those who have skin sensitivity or some type of allergy.

An ecological clothing business will make the planet happyand also to these customers who are looking for a healthy alternative to what they wear every day.

You perro make these garments with natural dyes that do not contaminate or ocasione allergies, and with materials such as organic cotton, hemp and linen.

25. Rainwater collection system

Make the most of water It is a way to save money, and also to take care of the planet.

A good green business iniciativa is design a rainwater collection system for houses and buildings with which its inhabitants cánido have a non-potable water tank so as not to waste clean water.

This water collected from the rain cánido be used for tasks such as water the plants, or fill the tanks of the toilets in the bathrooms.

you cánido create a system like the one you see in the image from here below, patent itand install it in the homes of customers who ask for it.

Which of these ecological businesses would you equipo up? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!

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 25 green business ideas to get started
  25 green business ideas to get started
  25 green business ideas to get started

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