24 prayers and spells for fast money

24 prayers and spells for fast money

If a few months ago someone had told me about these ways of get money fastI would have laughed myself to death.

But 6 weeks ago I really needed get money fastand desperate, I tried to practice them: I could not have been more wrong!

I’m not talking about earn income through web pagesor find an plus job to increase your earnings, but rather rituals to get money. And yes, they work, I already believe that they work!

If you want to attract more money into your life, first you must train your mind to think about that money.

Money or wealth is a state of mindand that is why here I present all the rituals to get money that I have been practicing in these last 6 weeks and that have made me go from not having more than $300 in my account a month, to finding myself winning almost $1000 a month from home!

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6 spells for the quick money

When money starts to run out, it is necessary to trigger the mechanisms that make that money return to your pocket. If you trust the spells to get money fastmay be the key to open the way to find ways to get more wealth.

1. With a little sugar…

The sugar not only attracts flies, but also money to your life. Google plus this year’s lunar calendar, and the day there is a full moonput a bill in a container with sugar.

Another alternative (also sweet) is to have a glass, fill it with honey and water in equal parts, and place inside 3 coins.

The next day, take the bill that you put in the sugar or the 3 coins in the honey, wrap it in cellophane (or any other transparent one) and always carry that bill or coins in your wallet, close to your money.

2. A spell by candlelight

a spell to get money fast very effective is to take two black candles (the color black is the one that attracts all the colors and energy of the universe) and record on the sides your name and the words “money“, “wealth“, “rich” and other related power words.

Cánido carve these words with a knife (always be careful!) or with other tools of this type. Light the candles and hold them firmly in your hands Until your pulse races.

Visualize what you want and say out loud:

These candles bring me well-being and wealth. In no way will this spell bring me suffering or negative effects!

When you’re done, put out the flame with a spoon, a candle snuffer, or with your fingers – but never blow them outbecause it would change the meaning of the spell -.

Do this ritual to make money on Thursday, Friday or Sunday, the days in which the Sun, which is Jupiter, and Venus are honored.

light the candles every night until they are completely finished. The daily repetition of this ritual will make the spell is stronger and that your mind better attract wealth and the money.

3. A nut and your bag to attract a lot of money

Take a nut and crack it open carefully with a knife in half, making sure not to break any pieces of the shell.

eat the inside of the nutand put in it a little crushed bay leaf, ground nutmeg, cinnamon and a golden coin whatever fits well within the nutshell.

close the nut with all the ingredients inside, take glue, a tape or cellophane to glue the two halves of the walnut shell and that they do not separate, and always carry it with you in your bag as if it were An amulet near your purse.

This way you will attract money to you and you cánido get money fast. This ritual is quite effective, but if you want to increase the chances of it working better, do it. December 31st before they strike 12 at night.

4. Attract and get fast money if you have a business

If you distrust or think that someone is throwing bad energy about you and your business, do this ritual. take a clove of garlic and hide it on the floor of the entrance of your house or your business.

That way you won’t get those bad vibes and your business will prosper.

If what you want is for your company to go well, buy a lottery ticket, and give it to the person you most want. As you give it to him, say this phrase: “I want you to be rich with my gift, and I want to be rich too”.

Thus both the other person and you will receive wealth in business.

5. Tuesday is your lucky day!

This spell for get money fast It is somewhat more elaborate, but it works very well if you want more money to come into the house.

When arrive On Tuesday, buy a crystal glass white without any drawing, and when returning home soak it in salted water For 10 minutes.

Then dry it and fill it with water, and put the glass on a medium saucer (if possible to be white) and put coins around from the glass to the plate.

Place it near the entrance of your home or business. Thus you will attract progress and improve the way in which money comes into your life.

If ever water is spilled or something else on the plate, or the glass falls and empties, clean the plate, the coins, and the glass, and repeat the whole processbecause it is essential that this small altar is always clean and the full glass of water

6. Create a circle of prosperity

This is a voodoo amulet very effective that will help you urgently attract money into your life, and for which you only need a few sheets of paper.

Be sure to perform this amulet during the waxing moon so that its effect is even greater.

Get 3 sheets of foil: one in gold or gold, another in silver or aluminum, and another in copper. You cánido buy these types of sheets at stationery stores where they sell materials for children’s plastic work.

Next, take the golden blade and cut out a big circle; then take the silver leaf and cut out a smaller circle. And finally, take the copper one and cut out another smaller circle.

Then take a piece of cardboard or cardboard, and paste the golden circle there first, then the silver circle on top, and finally the copper circle, and in the center of the 3 circles paste a picture of yourself.

After, draw a 6 point star and write a 3 above and below, as shown in the following photo:

When you have finished it, keep this card in your wallet or in your bag near where you keep your money so that it acts as a magnet to attract more profit into your life.

This amulet is based on voodoo magic and on the power of the Triple Goddessand it is really effective when you need money urgently.

Yeah you want to do other voodoo rituals and fácil amulets like this one, download and read the next book in which you will learn step by step to perform them to attract fortune, love and money into your life:

18 sentences to get money

Not only the previous rituals are valuable, but there are phrases that act as magic to get money also.

These prayers work to make money and that your mind is filled with positive affirmations so that you have money as an ally and attract him into your life.

all these phrases you must repeat them daily: choose a time of the day that you like (for example, before breakfast, or in the afternoon) and repeat them a minimum of 3 times each.

You perro choose the 4 or 5 phrases that you like the mostand say them out loud.

Money comes and multiplies

Money is my friend and it is present in everything

If I visualize the money in my mind, I will have it here in my hand

I have the strength to earn money

With money I always earn more and it always increases

Money helps me make good investments always

When I visualize money, I materialize it in my life.

Money is my friend and it always comes to me

I always make a lot of money

Money came into my life to stay

With the money I buy the house of my dreams and I thank God for it

I enjoy receiving money from everywhere

I cánido attract the money I need easily

Money materializes in my life

I live in a rich universe, there is more than enough money for everyone

The universe always gives me money

I attract to my life all the wealth that I desire and deserve

As manage wisely the money you get

Doing these spells and prayers for money is a good way to improve your economy; but If you don’t know how to manage your earnings well, they won’t help you at all. because you will always need to get more and more money.

That is why I recommend that in addition to doing these rituals, you also take this vídeo course that I share here below in which you will learn how to control your expenses and better manage money that you generate with these spells.

In this course you will learn important things like activate your mind to earn more moneyimprove the management of your money, why your income is low and how to fix itequipo goals and reach them to generate more income in your life…

Clic here to go to the course and start to improve your economic life just as I have improved mine.

And you, do you use any of these prayers or spells to get money? I encourage you to try at least one of them, and I wish you with all my heart that prosperity comes to your life

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 24 prayers and spells for fast money
  24 prayers and spells for fast money
  24 prayers and spells for fast money

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