22 ideas to start a business without money

22 ideas to start a business without money

Every day you wake up thinking what business you cánido putturning it over and over while you take your children to school, or you are at home distracted watching your favorite television program.

And at night, when a great business iniciativa has finally occurred to you, the worst happens: you realize that to equipo it up you need money you don’t have (and you don’t want to ask for a loan for that business).

Here I share 22 ideas to start your own business where you will not need to invest any capital, or that you cánido start with a very small amount of money just to buy the necessary materials and tools.

There are all kinds of ideas and you will find the one that best suits you and what you want: Internet businesssin conexión businesses, ventures to do in your own home and also some that you cánido do outside of it.

So take paper and pencilread the following suggestions well, and write down the ones that you like the most to start starting your company as soon as possible.

22 business ideas that you cánido start with no money

1. cleaning eviction houses

every time there more houses that are becoming empty because their owners cannot pay the rent or the mortgage and they throw them out on the street.

It is a sad situation, but it happens every day.

With so many apartments in this situation, the banks (who are now the owners of these homes) do not want to clean them and are willing to pay large sums of money to those who do.

So it will be quite easy for you to start eviction house cleaning business and get a good salary from the beginning.

you will only need invest in some products and cleaning materials, and you perro do it by yourself or in association with a family member who needs work or plus money.

2. Being a trabajo independiente writer

Every day 1 million new web pages are created and 500,000 new articles are written.

And so there is a great demand for written content and many ways to earn money.

Why not take advantage of that?

If you like to write, you do it well, and you are an expert in various topics, you cánido offer services from your home writing articles for websites of companies, brands, or corporate weblogs.

And you will only need your computer and an internet connection for a start.

Look at the following articulo where you will find several pages where you will be hired to write: The 8 best pages to find work from home.

3. Build websites for small businesses

Do you know how to build a website and configure it to install templates and plugins?

So this business is ideal for youand you perro start providing your services to small businesses that need your help.

You will only need your own website to attract customers and that they contact you to start working.

4. teach students

in what subjects you have good knowledge? Math, science, history, English, sports?

There are parents who would pay anything to see that your children get good grades in the subjects that are most difficult for them to learn.

The best thing about this is that you cánido choose teach classes at the student’s home on your own, or over the Internet (with Skype for example, which is a free program) and it won’t cost you a penny to get started.

5. Event planner

Isn’t getting married every girl’s dream? Well, at least most do.

And people are always getting married, so always wedding planners will be needed.

If you like this kind of events, this perro be a fun business what to start

But man does not live only on weddings: you perro also specialize in planning birthdays, company events, quinceañera parties, baby showers and all kinds of special occasions that you perro think of.

6. Put a nursery in your house

If you have enough money, the ideal would be that rent a small place to start this business.

But if not, you perro start your own daycare at home and take care of other people’s children while taking care of your own.

7. Window cleaning

Many businesses (and many homes, too) require that Your windows are sparkling clean.

So if you’re not afraid of heights, put window cleaning business may be a good option to start with.

The only investment you will need to make is in cleaning products and some plus tools like a steam engine so everything is shiny when you leave.

8. create your own candles

A few years ago, I started making my own candles with beeswax because the ones they sold were too expensive.

While learning how to make them, I discovered that there are a lot of people who He makes a living from this business.

The options to sell your candles are endless: you perro do it on pages like Etsy, Ebay, Mercado Libre, on your own website or blog, and even in markets and craft fairs in your city.

9. Offer personalized services

Are you a lawyer? Create a website and give en línea advice.

Are you good at marketing? Help for companies to promote yourself better.

Editing vídeos is your passion? Offer yourself to youtubers for mount your recordings.

All you need is something you know how to do well, and with what you cánido help others who don’t knowa web page to promote yourself, and you already have a business created.

10. Create en línea courses and sell them

This solution is afín to the previous one.

Think of anything you know how to do well, create a course and sell it to others who want to learn about it.

There are many pages where you perro do it, like Tutellus or Udemy.

Read this article to learn how to create your courses and sell them en línea: How to make an en línea course and sell it on the Internet.

eleven. Become a popular media manager

If you spend half the day on Fb or Twitter, and handle these popular networks like a professional, you cánido create a good business popular media manager (manager of popular networks).

your work will be promote web pages or weblogs of your clients with frequent posts and publicaciones de Twitter linking to them, and you will only need your computer with an Internet connection and your skills to make it work.

12. Sell ​​your own crafts

Do you enjoy making necklaces, bracelets, dolls or even paintings and other crafts? Take advantage of your talent and sell your elementos from the armchair of your house.

Today people appreciate handmade things more than ever, and you cánido start your business opening a fb page and selling your crafts there.

Or also in other popular networks like Instagram, or Pinterest, where you perro upload images of your crafts, and have people contact you to buy them.

13. Become a personal trainer

You do not need equipo up a gym to earn money; Being in shape worries more every day, but you have less time to exercise your body.

That’s why personal trainers are succeeding.

Here you perro train one person individually, or to a small group of people.

And the training cánido be in person or over the Internet.

You cánido even open a web page with articles and paid vídeo courses

14. Sell ​​cupcakes and pastries from your home

If cooking is your thing and you like pastries, take a look at the following article to learn how to sell delicious cupcakes and cakes from your home without spending money: How to start your own cupcake business from home.

fifteen. Translating is a very lucrative business

if you speak a second language fluent enough to translate documents from one language to another, you perro earn a lot of money without leaving home.

Every day there are more companies, businesses and individuals who need to translate documents into other languages, and you will only have to invest in create a website so that clients know you and hire you.

Check out this article for more information: How to be a translator from home successfully.

16. gift packer

Many people like that not only the gift is special, but also that it looks beautiful.

And if you have good taste in decoration, you cánido dedicate yourself to paquete gifts in pretty baskets decorative.

For the content of the baskets, look for suppliers that offer you discounted products, and wrap them up with bows and pretty boxes to sell these baskets through your own website.

The best thing is that you specialize in something specific: baskets for maternity and babies, for baptisms, communions and weddings, or even gifts for hospitalized patients.

17. A taxi for pets!

The iniciativa may seem very crazy to you, but this type of service is starting to catch on and you will only need your car to start it.

Many families work and barely have time to take their pets to the vet.

This is where you come in: bring your favorite dog or kitty to that doctor’s appointment in exchange for a fee for transportation.

You cánido be the one who buys the transport cage and, if your car is big enough, you cánido take more than one animal on board. Don’t you think the iniciativa is funny?

18. Become a web designer or sell your photos

If you like retouch photos with Photoshop or create beautiful illustrations in this program, seriously consider going into graphic design.

You cánido make templates for weblogs, websitesor design photos to serve as screensavers.

You perro too take your own photographs, print them and sell them in the form of posters or pictures.

19. He teaches oriental therapies

Teaching Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, or any other type of oriental therapy is a business that many are starting today from the living room of their homes or in parks for people who want to exercise, but in a more relaxed way.

So if you are an expert in these arts, and have the potential to teach them, this may be a very good iniciativa to start a business.

twenty. Create your own en línea store

The en línea stores are The businesses that generate the most income today, and the investment needed to open one is very low.

In such a store you cánido sell everything you want: products made by you, articles of different brands manufactured by others, digital products that the buyer cánido download such as music, images, electronic books…

Before starting it, I recommend that you read my tutorial to learn how to create your own en línea storemanage it, and thus get better profits once you start it.

>> How to Create an En línea Store in 6 Steps <<

twenty-one. Distribute company advertising

Although now everything seems to go through correos electrónicos, publicaciones de Twitter and Fb posts, there are still many small and medium businesses that use traditional advertising to promote their companies.

A good iniciativa is to create a business for distribute publicity material.

You will only have to collect the publicity that your clients give you, and hand out that material in mailboxes, paste posters, or whatever the company you work for needs.

22. become an image consultant

Little by little, image consultants They are becoming more important not only in the luxury market, but also in that of habitual people on the street.

you will only need have a taste for clothes and understand some protocol for every situation, and you will be able to start this business easily.

A recommendation: if you want to make your way in this world, open your own youtube channel and upload vídeos of your daily looks and your consejos to dress better.

So you perro better espectáculo your customers what you’re worth.

All these companies cánido start them with no money or very little investment. And even if they are not exactly what you are looking for, they perro inspire you to get new ideas from them.

What ideas to start a business with little money perro you think of? Leave me a comment below and tell me.

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I am a journalist specialized in business but my great passion is personal motivation and helping others achieve their goals.

I firmly believe that opportunities in life do not happen: you create them.

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 22 ideas to start a business without money
  22 ideas to start a business without money
  22 ideas to start a business without money

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